The Gulag Was More Murderous Than Hitler’s Camps

Eric Margolis – Lew Feb 8, 2020

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Four Jewish gulag commanders make a masonic sign

Seventy-five years after the end of World War II, we remain fixated on some of its worst crimes.  But only some.  The incessant use of Holocaust remembrance has been cynically used by some on the hard right to justify Israel’s repression of the Palestinian people and the expansion of the Jewish state.

For example, Israel’s rightist government waited until the 75th anniversary celebrations of the liberation of the Auschwitz camp by the Red Army to announce it planned to annex 30% more of the Palestinian West Bank.  Few outside the Mideast took notice.

We rightfully remember the horrors of the Nazi system.  But what about a far larger, more murderous system that has faded from our memory, the Soviet Gulag?  Who remembers Kolyma, Magadan, the White Sea Canal, the frigid winter steppes of Kazakhstan, the BAM railroad, and Vorkuta?  Or the Soviet arctic mines where prisoners had to dig lethal uranium with their bare hands.

An estimated 10 million political prisoners were murdered in the Soviet Gulag during Trotsky and Stalin’s regimes. Some leading Russians historians say up to 20 million died in the Gulag.  That’s well double the number claimed to have died or been killed in Nazi camps.

This campaign of mass murder and deportation began in the 1920’s and peaked in the 1930’s, though it continued until Stalin’s death in 1953.  Entire peoples like Chechen and Ingush were massacred.  An estimated four million Soviet Muslim citizens died.  The Baltic States were decimated. Prisoners in the Gulag were worked to death and starved. An estimated 6 million Ukrainian farmers were starved to death by Stalin’s NKVD secret police and gangs of Red thugs.

The arch criminal who directed genocide in Ukraine, Lazar Kaganovich, was presented a Soviet medal for heroism. Stalin, speaking to Roosevelt, even called him ‘my Eichmann’ after the notorious Nazi killer of Jews.  At that time, according to the late KGB general Pavel Sudoplatov, whose wife was Jewish and related to Kaganovich, Soviet Jews made up a large percentage of the Secret police and the officials who ran the Gulag.

None of the major Russian criminals who ran the security services ever faced legal charges for their role in the Cheka’s terrible crimes.  Some, like Yagoda, Yezhov,  Abakumov and Beria, were executed, but for reasons of murderous internal politics.  Kaganovich, the murderer of six million Ukrainian farmers, lived into ripe old age in Moscow.

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The Gulag camps were gradually shut down after Stalin’s death.  But the draconian Soviet prison system remains down to our day.  An important Russian organization, Memorial, still tries to keep alive the frightful history of the Gulag, as have many Russian writers, notably the great Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

But few in today’s Russia look back.  Unlike westerners who see nightly programs about Nazi atrocities, Russians don’t see much of their past except for heroic programs on World War II.  At least Russians know that their nation defeated Nazi Germany.  Westerners still are falsely told that the Allies won the war at Normandy.

Equally important, the war propaganda keeps on flowing.  At war’s end, British propagandists began a major campaign to emphasize the horrors of the German camps in order to divert attention from the horrors of the Gulag.  Now, 75 years later, very few remember the Gulag, but everyone knows what Hitler had for breakfast.

The Allies were ashamed of having been allied to a regime far more murderous and cruel than the Third Reich.  So Stalin’s crimes were played down while Hitler’s were accentuated and endlessly repeated.

In fact, we still have much to learn about the 1930’s and 1940’s as they are still obscured by veils of propaganda and half-truths.  Franklin Roosevelt was fond of calling Stalin ‘Uncle Joe’.  What a fool.

Unlike Roosevelt, Stalin was no fool but a sharp-eyed realist.  He rightly noted that the death of a single person is called a tragedy while that of millions is merely a statistic.  This is precisely what the Gulag and Stalinism remain: statistics.

How about a moment of silence to remember the victims of Vorkuta and Magadan or Chechnya?

An inmate, or ‘zek’ sentenced to the Gulag for ten years, was asked what his crime was.  ‘Nothing,’ he replied.  ‘That’s a lie’ replied another zek.  ‘The sentence for nothing is twenty years.’



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  1. Hitlers camps were not murderous at all, they all had Hospitals, and a recent book by a Jewish woman who claims she hid out the war hiding in the Auschwitz laundry.
    Hospitals and laundries in death camps ?
    Look all German men were conscripted into the services, those with criminal records or opposed to National Socialism like jews were put into the work camps for the war effort
    these people were too valuable to mistreat, they were part of the war effort.
    There was no murders

  2. This is a very important article, thank you Rixon. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses from Ukraine were also sent to Siberia, they consoled themselves with promises of a better world from the Bible and also helped others to gain this hope. In an otherwise hopeless situation, this must have been a notable achievement. Now the Witnesses are banned in Russia, hopefully held in less harsh conditions but no doubt displaying the same hope for a better world as they did back then.

  3. Lying scumbag.

    “Memorial” is a Jewish propaganda outlet in Moscow. They lie about history, hide Jewish crimes.

    GULAG was completely Jewish business from the very beginnig.

    „Draconian Soviet prison system” – isn’t he joking? What is incarnation rate in Russia and US? What is the standard of prisons in the US?

    This scumbag is lying also about Russian history. First Putin’s terms in office were devoted to discussion about the history: Bolshevik revolution, Bolshevik crimes in the 20ies, Great Patriotic War, Stalin’s policy, etc. There is amazing freedom of speech in Russia uncomparable to terror of political correctness in the West. The West still hides their criminal history, inlcuding East India Companies (London and Amsterdam), genocide of Australians and North Americans, genocide in Ireland and in Congo, etc.
    People in the West are brainwashed with fake history of their nations with evaporated criminal elements. This fake history was prepared by Jews, Jews are always interested in genocide of indigenous people.

    There is a famous Jew in Poland:

    Once he said:


    Lew Rockwell website is an ugly Trockist propaganda outlet.

  4. Gulag under the carpet, but also the largely unknown fact that 28 millions of Soviet people – mainly Belorussians, Russians and Ukrainians were murdered, e.g. one mio civilians in Leningrade (remember the diary of that girl, who recorded the deaths of her grandpa, grandma, mother and siblings, finishing it with „Now there‘s only Tania left“ – Tania was the girl‘s name) + 1 mio soldiers there.
    Jurnos are disgusting, almost as disgusting as the politicians.

  5. Putin is making as much as possible of “The Great Patriot War.” deliberately obscuring the monstrous crimes of the Bolshevicks – and the Jewish domination of it all, especially the Holodomor and the Gulag. The deliberate starving of the peasant farmers of the Ukraine was on orders from Stalin (his wives or misstresses were all Jewesses – or so they say) to a Jew called Kaganovich. The commanders of the camps were all said to be rabbis! I have not verified that!Stalin was inspired to murder the Kulaks of the Ukraine by a Jewess called Ann Louise, cousin to Maurice Strong.
    After inspiring Stalin to murder between 7 – 12 million Kulaks in the Ukraine Ann Louise went on to live in Beijing and inspire Mao to murder several more – by starvation.
    Her cousin Maurice Strong died in Beeijing two or three years ago.

  6. @ Astraea

    Have you ever watched Russian TV? Have you ever heard President Putin talking about Joseph Stalin?

    Plenty of materials available even on YT:

    Nobody hides monstrous crimes of Bolsheviks in Russia. For sure President VVP is not involved in such conspiracy.

    I have reasons to believe that Judeoanglosaxons are language ignorant and depend on lies promoted by Jews in this field. You have never such an honest duscussion about Judeoanglosaxon crimes committed worldwide.

  7. The camps were an intermediate place between jail and civilian life. There were so many bolsheviks and wanna be “international” communists, that the political concentration camps were a reasonable solution to the infiltration/problem that Germany was facing. Later, during the war, “concentration camps” morphed and became work camps to produce military goods. Even before the war, “Work makes you free,” was used as a method for camp denizens to earn their way back to civilian life.

    Why would the camps have “camp money” if they were murder factories?

    This whole Jewish head fake about German’s and Germany is annoying as hell, and one can see why Jews were over-represented as a people group who needed to go to the camps. Jews may have felt guilty about working to produce weaponry for the German’s. Who knows what goes on in their heads? Jews are world class liars, we do know that.

  8. It was international finance capital that funded Bolshevism into existence. It was international finance capital that was at odds with Germany’s “industrial capitalism” of Frederick List.

    NDSAP resurrected List’s methods, and combined them with national socialism.

    This “third way” of economy and national organization was a threat to international capital. (Both Bolshevism and Finance Capitalism are one and the same – including today’s Zionism. )

    Germany did not start the wars… Germany was continually prodded and pushed and provoked by the “democracies,” which in turn are controlled by plutocratic string pullers from behind the scenes.

    Democracies are the worst form of government, they are two wolves and sheep voting on what is for dinner. The wolves in our democracies are hidden, and politicians are puppets on a string. It is especially bad, actually fatal to our future, if the puppeteers are money powered Jews. Jews have no fealty to the nations they reside in. They want to hold dual passports, they constantly maneuver to make money international, so they can escape with their ill gotten gains.

    There is always Israel to go to…. I say go. Go now. Get out.

    When Jews were ejected from countries some 106 times, it was Kings that were protecting their population from usury and predatory behavior of Jews.

    No democracy can eject its parasites, it is too weak a form of government.

  9. On the weekend, I spoke to a woman who was a little girl in Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Russian troops had invaded and she and her family fled on a train with others rom Budapest. The Russians were everywhere. Their train pulled into a station in a town and when it stopped there was a Hungarian priest walking down the platform. He was and without moving his head to the side and attracting any undue attention, he was repeating as loud and he could to the people through the open windows, Get off of the train. Get off of the train.” She and her family heeding the warning and did so. Others did not. Later they learned that at the next town along the line that when the train come to a stop the refugees were taken off and shot by Russians troops – “in order to set an example”.

  10. The truth about the 20th century is gradually being revealed. The media and historians have been hiding the fact that the Bolshevik Commissariat was 90% Jewish, that 1920s Weimar Germany was under the thumb of a Jews, who bouht the country for pennies on the dollar during the hyperinflation.

    Sir Arthur Bryant and AJP Taylor were honest historians, especially Taylor, in his book “The origins of the second world war” Bryant called the 1920s Jews in Germany “Beggars on horseback”, a memorable phrase.

    If as much media attention was given to 1920s Germany as is given to the (doubtful) holocaust then Jewish Power would not be what it is today.

  11. We must stand up to this overwhelming Jewish Power. I am old enough to not care about my future so I will say what I think, but that is career suicide for younger people. Have courage, because the jewish Lobby in the USA controls the country. You must resist, and eventually break that grip on throat of the Great Republic..

    AIPC demands a pledge from all prospective Members of Congress to support Israel, and if it is not forthcoming they will finance your oponent. Yet AIPAC is not required to register as as an agent of a foreign country.

  12. @ John Kirby

    You say you are old enough. But this is not enough. They take revenge on family members (Book of Esther).

    Do you know why saint Joseph Goebbels had to kill his wife and kids? As a Jew he knew the mechanism.

  13. This is an important article and commentary on the “JEWISH SOVIET GULAGS”. Just take a look at the”FOUR JEWISH THUGS ” (God’S CHOSEN PEOPLE) their God of course, in the photo above (Masonic Hand Sign)? Yep, or are they checking if their hearts are still beating? These historical Jewish Crimes against Humanity are ongoing today, see PALESTINE. I am sure the 4 Jewish Golems (above) would be volunteering their services to resolve the Israeli/Palestine issue today. A certain Mr. Putin (Full-time self-appointed DICTATOR for Life in RUSSIA) seems to have selective memory loss concerning Stalinist Soviet (Jewish Crimes) against Humanity but he somehow seems to recall or remember that POLAND started WW2. The onset of Dementia or is that how Stalinist Clones like V. Putin understand history?
    I notice “Patrick Feb 10, 2020 “getting somewhat hot under the collar as he tells me/us? that Putin does not have Dementia and has his History correct. But has Patrick noticed that V. Putin never mentions The Jewish leadership of the Soviet Jewish Union and their crimes against the Russian People and their neighboring countries? I find Patrick’s comments on Jewish historical behavior correct but his choice of “there is an (in) famous Jew in Poland sort of cute as he rolls out the “URBAN Mr. Urban” whom I can only describe as that CUTE GOBLIN (POLISH JEWISH) former politician. Although I do like Urban’s body shape and BIG EARS and I would like to give him a big hug and a gentle tug to those ears for telling the TRUTH that “I want to say clearly: the Concentration Camps were neither Polish nor German, they were ours, JEWISH”.

  14. This information has always been around, hell as kids when my parents sent us to bed without dinner we called it gulag time and that was in the early 70s. My brother at 8 could tell anybody the insignia on uniforms from Russia to Germany to Britain to the US, Canada Australia. Crikey he even knew the Chinese insignia. He never got it wrong thanks to my dad sourcing the right books from around the world as my brother could tell you that officer or unit could not have been in that action he was somewhere else when we watched the movies.
    It used to freak people out.
    One story I’ll never forget was a Russian Catholic who got sent to the gulags and survived. Everything they say about them is true and he swears the only reason he survived was because he was short and wirery. His body took little to feed as he watched the big men die off quickly.
    I won’t ramble on but the things they made the prisoners do would make the devil blush.
    Jew Jew and all Jew nothing but the jew so help me God. Communism was born out of the Jew Ban an aspiration of Judaism if people can’t see that good luck keeping your head straight and on. May as well be blunt and say it. The west is one giant gulag smart barsteds, all they got to do is start turning the dimmer switch down and that’s already happening. How do know when Mr jew is having a really good time? When people start disappearing and by all accounts I’m watching people die prematurely for no valid reasons other than poisons installed by them now.

  15. ” The Allies were ashamed of having been allied to a regime far more murderous ”

    The allies wanted to hide what was happening in their own POW camps where the Germans, exposed to the elements, and with no food and water died in their millions. If there was cruelty in war it certainly was not restricted to one side.
    The Bolsheviks did succeed in decimating the Orthodox Christian Rus, and Russia remains grossly underpopulated to this very day. The deaths far exceed those carried out by the Western European nations in the Americas.

  16. “The Gulag Was More Murderous Than Hitler’s Camps”

    No shit, Sherlock, but I see you’re still floating the jew lie that German work camps were “death camps”.

  17. @ ADAM
    I notice “Patrick Feb 10, 2020 “getting somewhat hot under the collar as he tells me/us? that Putin does not have Dementia and has his History correct. But has Patrick noticed that V. Putin never mentions The Jewish leadership of the Soviet Jewish Union and their crimes against the Russian People and their neighboring countries? I find Patrick’s comments on Jewish historical behavior correct but his choice of “there is an (in) famous Jew in Poland sort of cute as he rolls out the “URBAN Mr. Urban” whom I can only describe as that CUTE GOBLIN (POLISH JEWISH) former politician. Although I do like Urban’s body shape and BIG EARS and I would like to give him a big hug and a gentle tug to those ears for telling the TRUTH that “I want to say clearly: the Concentration Camps were neither Polish nor German, they were ours, JEWISH”.

    This is my understanding:

    1. Adam says that „Putin never mentions the Jewish leadership”. Well, this statement is false. Maybe he doesn’t mention in often enough?

    President VVP was talking about ethnic origin of Bolshevik leadersahip many times, example:

    Does Adam remember that VVP also celebrated coming back of Alexander Solzhenitsyn to Russia? This arrival was related to famous book „200 years together”. Solzhenitsyn was a Jew (patrimonium Isakevich, Isak = Isaac) and made some stupid mistakes in the past. This book was a form of rehabilitation. Successful.

    2. President VVP is not on war with world Jewry. It is impossible for a modern country to survive a war with world Jewry.

    Soviet Union was on war with world Jewry in the 1980ies. Soviet Union experienced:
    – Chernobyl (sabotage of Jewish managers, they cut off liquid cooling from a nuclear reactor, escaped to Palestine),
    – Ufa gas pipeline explosion ( caused by a virus in a US program managing pomps in a gas pipeline,
    – several unexplainable plane catastrophes (eg:,
    – promotion of alcoholism in mass media resulting in destructrion of a nation (,
    – genocide of the nation during Yeltsin era (no welfare for over two years),
    – Islamic maniacs (KSA trained) invasion in Chechenya, etc.

    Do you remember ten Egyptian plagues? Soviet Union and Russia experienced modern version of such plauges few decades ago. We know whom to blame.

    Russian experience in the Soviet and post-Soviet era was: no chance to win a war with world Jewry.

    One must understand: RUSSIA IS NOT ON WAR WITH JEWS.

    Russia may be preparing for such war (independent Internet, war on Internet porn, war on alcoholism) but there is no war with global Jewry at this moment. This is kind of alliance, I would call it a friendship (with a snake).

    3. There is a phenomenon of Jews loyal to Soviet/Russian state. I have no competence to elaborate on loyalty of Russian Jews to Russia, but there are Jews believing that Russia is their homeland, there are many disillusioned Russian Jews (and Russians) living in Israel. Many oligarchs were disillusioned in the 90ies, they expected to get a position similar to Rockefellers in the world hierarchy but were offered chairs for surfs. They realised that Russia is their best option at this moment. Solzhenitsyn was also a Jew.

    I believe this is a problem with Judaism. They have common interest during a war with Goyim and are united, but they fiercely fight with each other. Jewish oligarchs in Russia are loyal to Putin because they were offered low positions in the West. This is an explanation I have heard. Putin also gave them an offer they count not refuse. Khodorkovsky set the example.

    One may have contact with Jewish media RT or Sputnik. These businesses are more or less loyal to President VVP. Mayority of Jewish oligarchs are loyal to President VVP. They may change their opinion in the future and stab Russia in the back (surprise!) but at this moment they do not fight with President.

    4. President VVP promotes certain version of history, common victim consciousness for Jews and other Soviet People. The Saker, an American politruk (, presents it here:

    This is a lie and Saker is a lying sc**bag. He is not even Russian, he is an ignorant Orthodox Christian with Russian roots, with no Soviet or modern Russian experience. He has no life in Russia, he worked for Great Satan in the 80ies. Pure betrayal. But he presents the story, a fundamental for Russian alliance with Jews.

    5. I find Russian alliance with the Jews disguisting. This is a friendship with a snake. But this alliance may be necessary for the state.

    Even saint Joseph Stalin pretended frindship with Jews during WW2 until 1948. Soviet Union was the first country to recognise Israel. Jews supported Soviet Union during war (lend lease) and gave the country nuclear bomb plans. Without Soviet nuclear bomb the future of the country would be in danger. We know that Judeoanglosaxon death maniacs were planning a war on Soviet Union.

    President VVP has the best vintage point. Maybe this alliance with a snake is necessary?

    6. Mr Urban was right. Few people know that Auschwitz was a prison camp until 1950ies. There were several such camps in Poland and neighboring countries. This gentleman was running one of them:
    Escaped to Palestine. This is what they do.

  18. Sorry Patrick, Solzhenitsyn was not Jewish. Despite his name which may have some biblical reference by some authorities, that is no evidence as to any genetic background. Both of his parents had Cossack origins. His father died just before he was born. In his histories of the Gulags he did state that the Jewish inmates generally had it “softer”. He was not among any of them. During his time in the camps he became a devout Orthodox Christian and anti-communist. His historical accounts of the Jews regarding their support for communism was very moderate with respect to any criticism, but as a result some sensitive Jewish organizations did label him as anti-Semitic.