Jewish NGO Director on Norway Being Too White: “There is a Job to be Done.”

Renegade Tribune – Feb 6, 2020

Ervin Kohn is Jewish and the Deputy Director of the Norwegian Centre Against Racism, an anti-racism NGO based in Norway. Kohn describes Norwegian society as ethnically homogeneous meaning it’s mainly white. He says that Norway has not yet been ethnically diversified on a large scale saying “They’re is a job to be done,” referring to what he regards as the necessary ethnic dilution and replacement of the indigenous white Norwegian people. He describes his organization is “well funded” and “funded nicely”. He expresses dissatisfaction that the Norwegians are not yet educated on the ways of Islam and Judaism. Kohn’s organization receives millions of euro in funding to fulfill white genocide in Norway and intimidate any Norwegian who speaks out against it. His organization was embroiled in the dispute regarding Norway’s ban on male circumcision.

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Comment – Feb 9, 2020

To put this into context, imagine that Ervin Cohn had said that some African country “was too Black” and “something must be done”. There would be an absolute outcry. The media would be going into overdrive over Cohn’s racism.
Cohn’s statement would be denounced for what it is, effectively a call for genocide.
However, because Cohn says the same thing about Norway and whites the media lets this pass without comment. Why the media hypocrisy? Or are they working to the same monstrous double standards as Ervin Cohn?

12 responses to “Jewish NGO Director on Norway Being Too White: “There is a Job to be Done.””

  1. This is easy to answer…the Norwegian media is controlled by Jews/freemasons.The jews will be in crypto mode….just like Britain and NZ and and and.

    The Jews in the NZ media are still keeping a low profile…they obviously dont feel secure enough as in the USA…..
    Dont worry though….once Norway has been ethnically destroyed via the Jews immigration programme….they’ll suddenly appear as if from nowhere…..then the holocau$t scam will go into overdrive.
    A multimillionaire Jewish crook in NZ Sir Bob Jones has a court case going against a Maori woman right now…..Jones throws his money around in the courts to intimidate NZers.
    Jones is of a diabolical horrid appearance almost matching Adelson.He is a hunched over figure full of bile and venom….he actually looks evil.He has lost mom and pop kiwi investors millions of dollars via his crooked companies.
    He used to go on sex tours to places like Ethiopia and Cuba before the advent of AIDS.

  2. On this basis Israel is too jewish
    why does.nt the law of racism apply here ?

  3. So Norway must meet the same fate as Sweden, can this be stopped?

  4. Well, Norway is too white, but Mr Cohn not:

  5. There are too many Jews on planet earth. There’s a job to be done. This jerk would want you arrested, if you said something like that!

  6. it sounds like Norway is too k*ke!
    Come on Scandis…Wake Up and smell the coffee!

  7. Time for the Viking Norway to stand up and clean up their country before it is too late and multiculti is invading Norway and start throwing granades and blowing up housing blocks like happening in Viking Sweden.

    The Viking Danes are more clever. They are the real Vikings, I believe.
    They closed their borders and started border controls.

  8. The Norwegian “government” recently awarded something like 1.4 million euros of Norwegians` oil fund to an “artist” who spray paints with his butt, and the minister for fisheries does nothing about toxic salmon from fish farms, as she is too busy lining her own pockets, and has part shares in a fish farm..

  9. Sweden is where it will happen. The people have had enough.

  10. Who is Ervin Kohn to decide for the Norwegian people ? Looks like we have a big problem here. Of course anyone with at least 1 brain cell ( or those that are not brain washed by the controlled media ) between there ears can see what is happening across the world. It is the New World Satanic Order attempting to destroy national boundaries by the forced flooding of internationals into sovereign nations whose people have not called for this nonsense. of course the leaders of these countries are either handcuffed , threatened or bought out by the NWO or are NWO stooges to start with. Expect intense violent response by the sovereign peoples of these countries. Hey try this with Israel and you would immediately see an Israeli uprising. Of course Israel is immune to such actions for obvious reasons.

  11. Kick out their banks and all of the hucksters with them. Just kick them out and take back control of your own nation.

    Better to be poor and to own your home and control who walks in the door, than to be renting it from some grasping foreign landlords engaged in land clearances in the Middle East and shoving in your door all of those they have displaced.

  12. Again here we are not necessarily dealing with the Jews in general but with the Jewish elitist structure forming a part of the Masonic New World Order campaign along with many Gentiles to destroy national boundaries, Christianity and the White Race leading to the NWO global plantation. Unfortunately most Jews blindly follow their leaders through strong religious fervor as well as through overwhelming hubris. This also includes many End Times Christians.