Evangelist Franklin Graham has been dropped by all seven of his UK tour venues.

CUZZ BLUE — Feb 7, 2020

The Rev. Franklin Graham, a popular evangelist and son of the late Rev. Billy Graham, is planning a four-month gospel-preaching tour through the United Kingdom this summer.But now, all seven of his scheduled venues have dropped him, citing his views on homosexuality and Islam.

What are they saying?

CNN reported that on Wednesday an arena in Newcastle became the seventh and final venue to cancel Graham’s scheduled appearance, following similar cancellations by venues in cities across the U.K., including Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Glasgow.

The cancellation came after the regional LGBT groups joined with Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes to oppose the visit.

Forbes, who claims that Graham “peddles controversial, repulsive views about LGBT people” said he was “delighted” to hear the news.

“Instead of focusing on such divisions, we can now come together and look forward to hosting U.K. Pride here this summer,” he added.

More than 5,000 people had signed a petition put on by Northern Pride calling for the event to be canceled. The petition argued that Graham has “publicly promoted homophobia.”

Similar protests have erupted in other U.K. cities over recent weeks. In Liverpool, a local gay pride foundation penned a letter to authorities, saying, the evangelist preacher “is well known” for “promoting hate of LGBT+ people” and “openly supporting conversion therapy.”

CNN noted that Graham has “fueled anger for his past comments and stances” such as maintaining the Bible’s view that “homosexuality is a sin” and calling Islam a “wicked and evil” religion.

The tour will go on

Graham has responded to the cancellations with resilience, vowing the tour will go on.

“We are still finalising where the Graham Tour will be held, but we want to be clear that the initiative and all associated training courses will take place on the same dates as originally planned,” a statement on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website says.

Graham had previously noted on the website that opposition in the cities came from “a small but vocal minority,” and assured that such opposition would not derail the tour.

Last week, after the Liverpool venue cancelled, Franklin Graham took to Facebook to articulate his views and send a message to the LGBTQ community in the U.K.

“The rub, I think, comes in whether God defines homosexuality as sin. The answer is yes,” he acknowledged. “But God goes even further than that, to say that we are all sinners — myself included. The Bible says that every human being is guilty of sin and in need of forgiveness and cleansing. The penalty of sin is spiritual death — separation from God for eternity.”

Graham then went on to offer his detractors the Gospel, saying that he plans to come to the U.K. not out of hate, but out of love.

“The Gospel is inclusive. I’m not coming out of hate, I’m coming out of love,” he wrote. “I invite everyone in the LGBTQ community to come and hear for yourselves the Gospel.”



11 responses to “Evangelist Franklin Graham has been dropped by all seven of his UK tour venues.”

  1. Avoid the devoid, Frankie. Trying to convince those against their will makes them of the same opinion still. Use your means and energies for the receptive.

  2. These virtue signalling council leaders would do well to look up what the Torah and Koran say about homosexuals. I think it states in Leviticus what should happen to anyone who practices it. So the very people who are pushing this agenda wouldn’t tolerate it amongst their own and neither would the Muslims who Nick Forbes is so keen to defend. Its funny though as the gay Nick Forbes is very quiet on the subject of grooming gangs in the West End of Newcastle Upon Tyne a lot of whom have been granted taxi licenses by his council.

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  4. 33 Degree Freemasons are not Christians.
    They have sworn allegiance to Satan, and run their evangelical business.

  5. If the LGBTQ community are offended they can boycott the event.

    But come on LGBTQs don’t try to ban him from speaking

  6. The question must be asked , who stands to gain the most from the destruction of Christianity. If we turn our backs on the teachings of our christian faith we are left with nothing of any true value. We have over the last half century seen the rise of groups who have been sponsored and manipulated into front line positions by the various media programmes in order to undermine the Christian standards and beliefs. We have seen the promotion of groups conducting such things as sexual abuse of children under the religious banners of others and we failed to combat any thing which has brought about the destruction of the christian church and its teachings.WE have seen the laws of this country flouted beyond belief and done nothing, our police have been operating under a cover of deceit and allowed things to go on unhindered because they themselves are controlled and manipulated by the very same people who seek the destruction of the Christian faith, we now witness bans imposed on those who wish to speak in the defence of the official religion of this country.

  7. Franklin Graham is wrong in saying “we are all sinners–myself included” because when a sinner accepts the blood atonement for his sins and accepts Christ as his Savior, the sinner is no longer a sinner, but is a new creature in Christ. A former sinner, yes, but not a sinner any longer if he is now keeping the commandments and abiding in Christ.
    God is not a soft-sell on homosexuality. HE calls it an abomination. It is forbidden in several places in the New and Old Testaments. If a homosexual accepts Christ as his Savior, he is then forgiven and must cease the sin of homosexuality. The Lord in-dwelling a human being is what makes it possible for a person to cease doing his former sins. And eternal punishment is not only separation from God for eternity, but it is also suffering in Hell and then the Lake of Fire, a place of torments and burning. Either believe that Christ warned us of this horrible place or don’t believe it, but don’t be a false teacher. Tell the truth about what Jesus said.

    “The rub, I think, comes in whether God defines homosexuality as sin. The answer is yes,” he acknowledged. “But God goes even further than that, to say that we are all sinners — myself included. The Bible says that every human being is guilty of sin and in need of forgiveness and cleansing. The penalty of sin is spiritual death — separation from God for eternity.”

  8. The end of the world is near.
    The onsequences for the world if one is criticizing his oppressor.
    Am not saying I am a fan of Mr Graham but freedom of speech is over in UK due to LGBTXYZABC – terror.

    What a mess we are living in with that kind of controllers.

  9. L.G.B.T.Q.H.I.V.S.T.D!

  10. Don’t be discouraged Franklin. No doubt there are people all throughout the UK who will travel hundreds of miles to hear you speak God’s word. The way all of the establishment run churches are going, your ministry may be the last chance for many to convert their lives to God.

    Notice how the secular humanest establishment has managed to bring all of their proclivities out of the closet in the name of personal freedom, and then when their subjects worm their way into all the key places of power they want to disparage Christians and people living according to traditional family values and put them in a closet instead.

    The population-reduction cabal is equally religious in their own way, with their people constantly spouting in your face there is no God or afterlife, and humans must stop reproducing because there is no more room. They run on saying that people are better off being LGBT than having more children. Where do they get this from?

    They get it from the establishment media and their political and government stooges constantly imposing on everyone what is acceptable and the norm, mainly through the media. None of it comes from nature or who we really are. But notice. They never want to engage in real debate or look at the facts under the gun of reason, and all they do is either shout you down or accuse you of racism and hate.

    Judge Kennedy of the US Supreme Court seems to think people have a right to behave in whatever manner their imaginations dictate, like the law and human relations are based on some kind of Nietzschean will to power, or that reality is just a figment of our imaginations. If reincarnation were true many white people would like to come back as a black or an oriental sometime if they could, but for the time being, their genes tell them what their racial characteristics really are You cannot just go and get your eye slots changed, and dye your skin and be truly oriental. You may fool people, but every oriental would have a right to say you are still a Caucasian and not really of their race.

    The fact is that even for homosexuality, there is no homo gene. Something has diverted their desires and behavior from their actual organic natures. it is their minds which are out of sync with reality, and it is not only a sign of the times with respect to moral relativism and subjectivity, but when accepted by the people as normal, it signals that our civilization has gone a long way from home, with our desires and imaginations no longer having any moral foundations based on our true natures.

    Also, what makes the entire LGBT imposition so insidious is that it is not organic or part of our evolutionary development but in fact has been orchestrated and promoted just as the so-called “sexual revolution” of the 1960’s was orchestrated and promoted by the same establishment cabal. These secular power brokers and oligarchic members who are promoting the LGBT takeover, are essentially interested in radically reducing world population. That is their mission and it comes right from their nefarious beliefs.

  11. Pure comedy cheers. Darbyist millenarian sectarians learning(loose term) noahide is boss.
    Since they put noahide in its position(the last apostasy) they can reap the whirlwind with the rest of us and take some responsibility for it from the rest of us.
    Evangelicalism is part of the problem never the solution and will always keep the cycle going that’s its job, grow up. I really cannot understand the Freds who do not recognize who the establishment is to begin with. It isn’t the cloak of Zionism be assured of that. I have as much hate for evangelist hypocrisy than I do the establishments hypocrisy. Fred talks of traditional family values but cannot recognize that same tradition in Muslims and others but he thinks himself exceptional dunno y. Fred cannot recognize he justifies the fear of the communitarians(more millenarian sectarians) nazi rhetoric and it’s a classic to observe the same old circles of history as the evangelists like the communitarians never seem to move forward in meaningful progress in any real way. You cannot use God as a threat Fred, God isn’t interested in your lawless nature’s to begin with. You cannot judge in God’s name that is going against the very nature of God you are man you’re not immortal and you sir will never know if reincarnation happens we can only speculate and that is wasted energy and a form of retardation when God is about growth.
    Best wishes you are powerless, God never shows up to an evangelist church noahide and Abraham do, the sooner you recognize this the better chance you’ll have to escape the Buffalo jump.
    Pissant apocalyptics are pissant apocalyptics what ever rhetoric they lull themselves into.