This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

The video “Le Prix à Payer” by French artist Maître Gims depicts him signing a contract by blood and giving the occult secret society that rules the music industry. It vividly depicts nearly everything that was discussed on this site for years.

The woman indicates Gims to follow her. He’s been chosen. Click to enlarge

Vigilant Citizen – Feb 6, 2020

Although Maître Gims is barely known in the U.S., he is kind of a big deal in Europe. His last two albums reached number one in France and in Belgium and peaked at the top 40 of various European countries such as Denmark, Italy, and Switzerland. In 2018, his hit single La Même made him the most played artist on French radio and television while becoming the 7th most played artist worldwide on Deezer. This notoriety allowed Gims to work with several international artists such as Sia, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, J Balvin, Maluma, Sting, Stromae, and others. Gims now owns his own record label (named MMC), which is affiliated with Universal Music France.
So did all of this success come at a cost? According to his video Le Prix à Payer (which stands for The Pice to Pay): Yes, big time. Indeed, the video depicts, in a highly symbolic manner, the price to pay to become successful in the music industry. And it is all about shutting up and obeying the occult forces that rule it.
Here’s a look at the video.

The Price to Pay

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