Birmingham dad who opposed LGBT lessons faces jail

Press TV – Feb 5, 2020

Concerned parents and their children held protests outside Parkfield Community School (Birmingham) for months. Click to enlarge

A Birmingham dad who refused to submit to a school’s controversial and insensitive sexual equality policy is facing jail over his non-compliance.

Jabar Hussain, 51, refused to let his son attend school because of a protracted dispute at Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock (Birmingham) over compulsory lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) lessons.

Hussain, like many other Muslim parents, refused to allow his child to attend the lessons on religious grounds.

The school suspended the so-called equality lessons in March 2019 (officially called the No Outsiders programme) only to re-introduce them in June, a move which infuriated concerned parents.

Concerned parents, most of whom are Muslim, have long argued that the programme is a cover for promoting homosexuality and transgenderism.

The concerned parents have argued that young children should not be exposed to such contentious issues at a tender age.

Mr Hussein faces a hefty fine (to the tune of £2,500) and a potential three-month jail sentence for refusing to let his nine-year-old son attend school, where he would have been exposed to the controversial No Outsiders programme.

Mr Hussain is reportedly seeking a judicial review on the grounds that the controversial programme is “incompatible” with his rights and Muslim faith.

The judicial review has been proposed on “safeguarding risk” grounds in so far as it allegedly promotes distorted notions of gender identity.

The legal case, in addition to broader issues related to the controversial No Outsiders programme, is widely seen as an example of deep communal divisions and religious tensions in Britain.

In addition, the school’s and Birmingham City Council’s insistence on implementing the controversial programme against the wishes of concerned parents has given rise to fears that the British establishment is determined to impose its norms and values on ethnic and religious minorities.

Protesting parents were further dismayed in March 2019, when the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted – the government department responsible for inspecting schools) ruled that the No Outsiders programme is “age-appropriate”.


15 responses to “Birmingham dad who opposed LGBT lessons faces jail”

  1. A brave man, fighting for his beliefs. Where’s the rest of British parents? Where is your Christian zeal in this issue? I suspect totally gone as this rubbish wouldn’t be in our classrooms in the first place. We are doomed, pedo lessons coming soon, i bet!!

  2. Jabar Hussain is protesting against this brainwashing campaign. What about English Aboriginals, do they accept this barbarity? Do they believe in “sexual orientations”?

  3. Soon after the LGBT bull dust even the pedophilia will be legalized . What happens to the
    freedom to have a dissenting opinion ? and the freedom of free speech ? Should the freedom of the individual be subservient to the LGBT mambo Jambo ? Now only the LGBT bull s….. is the only opinion permissible and this beg this question about the Judges with who are aligned the members of ” Judicial reviews ” ? Should this group be dismantled because no longer serves the needs of the wider community ?

  4. Why did the people ever allow or agree to the State taking charge of their children’s education? Why do people agree to it now? Why are the Christians and others allowing this incredible abuse of their own children?

  5. If this muslim gent and his family can, they should return to their country of origin or a coyntey that does nor mandate this madness as education”. It is better to suffer poverty than to be brought to ones knees obeying the commands of this Satanic ruling cult that insist on corrupting their precious children. As Malcom X said “Only a fool would let his enemy educate his children”

  6. It is not christians or muslims This is all satanic and why we allow …

  7. It is a file and repulsive programme which should be stamped out at its roots,any respectable parent would and should take the same attitude as this man and if necessary mass demonstrations to support their actions against this practice.

  8. million Getaneh: You are correct. People in the West have been given a constant dose of secularism. The same way that you can poison someone, by administrating a slow dose of poison without the persons knowledge, will ultimately lead to dead. That “poison” of secularism was administrated in the educational system, entertainment, media and publishing and ultimately into the political realm. Even organized Religion has fallen victim to this diabolical scheme, by providing only “lip service”, but there hearts are far from it. If a Nation turns its against the Creator, He will turn against that Nation.

  9. Divide and conquer lol where is the people power? Thing is it is still here but we are blinded the pit us against each other then they bend us over and lbgt us very hard. Get together over me dumb dumb dumb dumb. Let’s first get our people as one white, black, Asian, Indian, arab, and all other cultures and creeds that’s the only way we can win. Let’s be as one and stop this his black his white his muslim his so and so and work as one unit. If we don’t we have no hope what so ever.

  10. The photo above indicates that the only really decent people left in our nations who tend to have children and protect family values are non-whites and mostly Muslim. As a white person in Canada I can see even our separate schools overrun with the LGBT nonsense without a peep from the white parents with 1.2 children per family, and who really do not give a shit about anything but material prosperity and social status. When I look around for stable and straight families I only see a smattering of white Christian ones, in a sea of Sikh, Muslim, and Chinese ethnic communities which are thriving with family normalcy, children and prosperity – unless they are second and third generation types who have been brainwashed by the secular social engineering through our corrupt media and educational systems.

  11. Party politics is the tool to devide specially if the parties are all United under one banner.

  12. Henry h ..Where’s the rest of British parents?
    The answer is, they are part of the LGBTQRXYZ association ….

  13. Believe it or not, our masters tested the water with the smoking ban. It was about control and public reaction. They were testing how the public would behave when you took away a basic right of them, by banning smoking in public places and of course, backed up your views with health scares. They found that overall, the public weren’t that bothered, especially after being brainwashed with the ‘passive smoking causes cancer’ BS.

    And voila, 20+ years later and they’re enforcing sodomy to be taught into schools and no one’s really complaining. After all, they’ve all got used to the sodomite brigade on the TV, from the Liberaches, to the John Inmans, the Larry Graysons to the Kenny Everets, the Freddie Mercurys to the Boy Georges and literally every second individual, on the TV and radio being a raging queen. So, obviously they accept the globohomo reality that now is. Just like Juden, the homosexuals, a tiny minority now have the upper hand, essentially now first class citizens, above everyone else who now are second class, the heterosexuals I believe they’re called.

    Next step, arresting fathers who beat up paedophiles, who’ve been trying to nonse their children. The psychologists are already promoting the “they were born that way” just as they did with the homosexuals.

    I stated when I started blogging the simple truth – “when you allow one taboo into society, you have no moral high ground into condemning the others”. Pandora’s box was opened and now we have the hell that’s coming to face because of it.
    It takes a Muslim, an immigrant to speak out against wrong in western society. This shows how pathetic it now is.
    However, that stated, the Muslims will get the last laugh. The homosexuals may currently be laughing but not in the future. Roll on 2030 and the Muslim population, completely anti indigenous and homosexual will be forcing their way of life on the rest. Roll on 2040 and it will have grown even more. Roll on 2050 and 2060 and they’ll be winning lots of local elections, voting as a tribal block. And in will come an Islamic, Sharia party, instantly disbanding the House of Lords, the monarchy (good riddance I say) and ending all democracy every again (not that there ever was) and implementing the Muslim state, under the will of Allah. The homosexual men will be hanged. The homosexual women will be given a choice – pump out babies or join their male counterparts.

    Islamisation of the UK will certainly happen by 2060, very probably before. You won’t see any sodomites laughing then, I can assure you of that.
    This article shows one thing really and one thing only – the indigenous of the UK, don’t deserve survival. Any country that allows sodomy, to be promoted in schools and to young children as natural, normal and moral behaviour, doesn’t deserve to exist sadly.

  14. They hate and demonize islam because it is against everything they do or believe in. For example isis, al Qaeda, and daesh they are not muslim they kill muslims every day, they bomb mosques these are the enemies who pretend to be muslim but are in fact an army put there to demonize and kill muslims. We believe that every human being is born muslim first. Born innocent islam will be the last stand against these people they fear it. Christianity has been hijacked I mean they have made a film in the film jesus is gay why do the Christian’s allow this? Wheres the love?

  15. indigenous, ie, white and / or Christian brits are charged with ‘hate crime’ laws whenever they object to novel indoctrination methods. The only reason this protest got as far as it did was because of the large concentration of muslims in the area. In other regions, individual parents complaining have been reported to the local social services department for ‘abusing’ their children by teaching them to be hateful, and they have had to suffer the threat or reality of losing custody of their children to the state.

    In Germany home schooling has effectively been criminalised.

    Our courts do not approve of us anymore when it comes to ‘hate crimes’; we are all guilty until we can complete the impossible task of disproving a null hypothesis, with the harshest punishments considered just reward. Hate laws do not care for the intent of the accused, only the ‘feelings’ of those crying “I am offended by your hatefulness”. In some opinions, we have a two-tier justice system where the more traditional brits are automatically fascist, racist Nazis who are presumed highly likely to become violent or incite violence in others.

    This is (was) the globalist plan for the world – no more straight whites or Christians: everyone else gets a free pass.