W.H.O. demands all nations drop travel restrictions and allow (infected) Chinese to enter every country

Mike Adams – Natural News Feb 5, 2020

It now increasingly appears that the World Health Organization, Big Tech and the mainstream media are actively trying to ensure the coronavirus pandemic spreads, and they are accomplishing this through a variety of malicious strategies that rely on deception. The latest effort, emerging just last night, has the WHO now demanding that all travel restrictions against mainland Chinese travelers be dropped, allowing infected Chinese to freely enter all nations of the world, where they can further spread the coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO, in other words, which is heavily influenced by China, wants other countries of the world to suffer the same consequences of China. “You can’t really believe anything the WHO is telling you about this, either they’re up to their eyeballs in it, in my opinion,” warned Francis Boyle in a bombshell interview (see full transcript here). He later added, “Can’t trust anything the WHO says because they’re all bought and paid for by Big Pharma and when they work in cahoots with the CDC, which is the United States government, they work in cahoots with Fort Detrick, so you can’t trust any of it.”

As reported by Liberty Times Net, A new WHO Executive Committee report that was reportedly just released calls on the international community to avoid restricting Chinese travelers and Chinese products in order to avoid causing global economic disruptions. Four days ago, WHO representative Gauden Galea told CCTV that, essentially, China was doing a great job and no one should ban travelers from China.

“In addition to calling on the international community not to restrict tourism and trade due to the epidemic, the Secretary-General also praised China for taking major measures,” reports LTN (translated from Chinese).

“The World Health Organization did not find enough evidence to impose restrictions on China’s travel and trade,” reports CGTN.com. In a stunning contradiction on the part of the WHO, CGTN also reports:

Galea’s remarks came after WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, designated 2019-nCoV, has become a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), in other words, a global health emergency.

However, the UN health body stressed that it does not recommend restrictions on trade and travel.

Is the WHO actively trying to help the pandemic SPREAD globally?

In other words, the same WHO that declared a global pandemic emergency now says there should be no travel restrictions to stop the spread of that pandemic. “China said it is confident in and capable of effectively containing the novel coronavirus epidemic,” reports CGTN, even as China is obviously failing to contain the virus since the numbers of both infected and dead victims are exploding daily, often by 20% per day.

Doesn’t it strike any journalist as strange that the WHO is now encouraging travelers from China to have full access to enter any nation in the world and spread the pandemic? It’s almost as if the WHO wants this pandemic to succeed.

Given that isolation is the only thing that works, why would the WHO demand that nations stop isolating themselves from infected Chinese travelers from Wuhan and other pandemic outbreak regions? Either the WHO has gone insane, or it actively wants this pandemic to spread.

There’s no question the mainstream media and “Left Cult” tech giants are rooting for the pandemic, censoring or attacking anyone who attempts to warn the public about the severity of this outbreak (and take steps to halt its spread).

Increasingly, more evidence is emerging that the global establishment — media, governments, the WHO, etc. — are rooting against humanity and actively trying to help this pandemic spread.

Depopulation, anyone?




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  1. FEAR PORN. Adams is a Jew and disinfo agent.

  2. Never trust anyone who doesn’t pass the Hitler Test, and l don’ t think Adams does.

  3. This is absolute proof that the coronavirus production and release is just one more giant scam of the globalists. We cannot use our borders to protect our own health. Foreigners have every right we do even before they enter our nations.

  4. Not that I agree morally with these/ my comments BUT, My country spends 25% of its budget on social services on the unemployed, disabled and aged care. This 25% is overwhelming the health, education and legal systems. In an environment where the economy is contracting while governments promise the world a little virus could solve all their problems.
    Secondly, 600 people out of 7 billion, more people probably die of bee stings.

  5. The 34 year old Doctor who first recognized the disease has just died of it. This is serious.

  6. Both Europe and the United States have been letting diseased third world illegals enter through their borders for years. What makes anyone think this situation would be any different?