Merkeba II

Why does mankind have amnesia about his past and the glory of his ancient heritage and knowledge? Why for the past 10,000 years have we been lurking in universal darkness? I have a theory that we have lost everything because during the last pole shift the magnetic field collapsed taking with it the DNA memory storage of our magnetic brain systems making the right hemisphere of the brain inactive. What must we do to regain it? Can the alignment of the ancient world grid again bring our minds and thought processes back on line, so to speak, and make us remember who we are and where we came from?

Did the Atlanteans purposely set up storage crystals because they were aware of the coming pole shift and magnetic field collapse so future generations can have access to the past? Are the light workers now in the process of realigning the grid for the next pole shift? There are many questions but very few answers. But, in what follows, I will try to solve some of these puzzles and bring out the truth about the Hall of Records for what it really is and it’s connection to the worldwide grid set up by the ancients.

Since the lines of magnetic force are connected from pole to pole and make up the very structure of the earth’s magnetic field it would be logical to say that when the field collapses these lines of power shift and align in other places around the globe. So if the grid lines were once aligned with Giza and other stone monuments around the globe before the last pole shift, we can say that they no longer presently aligned with these places. Could this be the reason why the pyramids at Giza and other sacred sites around the world are currently inactive? Could this be the reason why the Hall of Records has not yet made itself known to our consciousness?

Once this ancient world grid has aligned again and becomes rebuilt, what mysteries will unfold? What will happen to planet earth, our thought processes and the ancient complexes that were once set up on these power areas? Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see by reading these opening words I hope that your memories are starting to sizzle. I hope and pray that these words bring truth to your hearts and minds. The Hall of Records is much more then a physical chamber under the Sphinx that can be dug up to find a few scrolls or books. It is MUCH MORE!

Its very foundations are reflected on Atlantean crystal and storage technology. Why did the ancients worship the Sun? Why did they feel that the morning hours are holy compared to other times of the day? Did you know that when the Sun slowly rises in the east it sheds forth the solar winds upon our planet which activates the lines of magnetic force? Could those few hours in the morning create a portal to other dimensions? Could it be a time when the Solar winds open up the energy vortex centres of our planet making us closer to all other planes of existence? Long ago, the guru’s in ancient Tibet said that the best time to meditate was at dawn. I visualize in my mind’s eye the Initiates at Giza once going through their spiritual training in the morning hours and learning Astral projection within the Great pyramid and becoming like a sail in the wind during the solar wind activation. Does not this explain RA and Osiris and bring these symbolic deities in a true light? What sounds were used during these spiritual classes? Does the Solar wind bring on an electrical sound of OM during the morning hours? Was Giza once part of an ocean metropolis that had Dolphins and Whales within it’s harbour walls with their morning cries heard throughout the complex?? Is there a highly advanced spiritual language that remains to be seen or understood that within it’s vowel sounds lie harmonic keys?

Why is there a cobra coming out of the forehead of most Ancient Egyptian headdresses? Does it symbolize the Third Eye and what modern scientists now call the Pineal Gland of the brain? What connections are there to the human Chakra and Endocrine systems and the ancient complexes around the world? Am I making sense here or am I the only one who see’s this? Has the Secret Gov’t and masonic organizations been trying to unravel the science of this grid with the Montauk project and the Philadelphia experiment? Have they done more harm then good because of their lack of inner spiritual knowledge? Is there an all out effort by secret forces and negative beings to stop the ascension process and prevent the rebuilding of the grid? What have they been doing setting off nuclear explosions near sacred sites around the world? Does Pakistan ring a bell?

One quick note before you continue . . .

The back wall of the Sphinx enclosure
If any of you decide to go to Egypt in the future can you do me a favor? Take a look at the back wall of the Sphinx enclosure, the wall directly behind the rump of the Sphinx. I have spent hours looking at this part of the enclosure and have meditated upon it’s structural set up. I have noticed that the rear wall is stepped. 3 layers are clearly visible, sort of like the King Zoser pyramid and Mayan pyramids.

I remembered once when I went to a shopping mall in my hometown and the major fountain that lies in the centre was being drained. I noticed that the fountain walls were stepped in the same fashion as the rear Sphinx enclosure wall. I then started to take notice of all modern fountains and their stepped walls whenever I came across one.

I then started to look for natural waterfalls that had dried up or just had a trickle of water left because of no rain. I noticed that the rock wall where the water was falling had the same erosion pattern as the Sphinx enclosure.

Are we dealing with long ancient rains such as Robert Schoch has theorized? Water erosion yes, but not rain in my opinion. Could the Sphinx enclosure have been a pool fountain with a man made waterfall? Could the Sphinx have been the decorative centrepiece in the middle of this fountain pool? If water rushed down the incline of the plateau and fell off the side of the rear enclosure for lets say 200 hundred years, could water erosion have occurred in the soft limestone?

Are we looking at an ancient fountain here? Was this pool fountain built for looks and aesthetics or did it have another purpose? The pyramids also have an enclosure around them. Could they have been filled with water and for what purpose? Herodutus, said that when he visited Egypt, the pyramids were surrounded by pools of water. Why not the Sphinx?? After all it is also surrounded by an enclosure. I have met with Dr. Schoch when I was at Giza and told him about my theory and he was impressed. He did not just laugh it off like I thought he would. A once Aquatic Giza? Why not? It is said that under the plateau lies a lot of water and canals.

It was said by Plato that Atlanteans were obsessed with fountains and hot springs. Cayce said the same. If Giza was an Atlantean colony I am sure that they built the same things and in the same way as their home land.

It seems that all living things have an electromagnetic sense. All life on this planet is regulated and controlled by the Earth’s magnetic field. Have you ever seen flocks of migrating birds flying in the sky. Did you ever notice the strange patterns they fly in? Have you noticed the symmetry? It has been proven that birds, as well as Whales and Dolphins have a mineral called magnetite located in their brain, primarily in the Pineal Gland tissue and around the area’s known as Pons. They use this mineral as an internal compass to navigate around the earth using the magnetic lines of force crisscrossing our globe.

I believe very strongly that the flight patterns you see of birds in the sky are a direct reflection of alternating electromagnetic current occurring in nature and around the ancient grid of our planet. If you ever want to see how the ancient grid looks like, all you have to do is look at the flight patterns and formations the birds make in the sky. All plants and animals alike use the planets magnetic forces to live and survive. What about us?? Are we not also living things on planet earth? Are we the only living organisms on this planet who ignore the connection we have with mother earth? Have we lost the ancient knowledge of our ancestors? And if we are the highest form of life on this planet then can you imagine what kind of electromagnetic senses we have as compared to the birds?

The ancients were well aware of this magnetic sense and were experts in mapping out and harnessing the earth’s magnetic field. The pyramids and megalithic sites all around the world are staring at us right in the face but we fail to see the correllation!