New York to ban cashless stores

Finextra – Jan 27, 2020

New York City Council has voted to ban cashless stores and restaurants, arguing that they discriminate against the unbanked.

The council voted to pass a bill requiring brick and mortar outlets in the city to accept US bills and coins or face fines of up to $1000 for a first violation and $1500 for further incidents.

Mayor Bill De Blasio is expected to sign the bill, his office told CNN.

Cash usage is on the wane in many areas as Americans increasingly use cards and mobile payment options such as Apple Pay at the point-of-sale. This has prompted some businesses to ban cash, which is expensive to handle, outright.

However, there has been a pushback against the trend, with opponents arguing that it discriminate against the unbanked, poorer members of society that do not have access to credit cards or bank accounts.

New York is following in the footsteps of Philadelphia and San Francisco, while moves are also underway to outlaw cashless stores in Washington and Chicago.

New York City Council member Ritchie Torres, says: “No longer in NYC will brick-and-mortar businesses have the right to refuse cash and effectively discriminate against customers who lack access to credit and debit.

“The City of New York cannot allow the digital economy to leave behind the 25 percent of New Yorkers who are chronically unbanked and underbanked. The marketplace of the future must accommodate the needs of vulnerable New Yorkers.”



9 responses to “New York to ban cashless stores”

  1. When physical slavery was finally outlawed in GB, it was replaced by the City of London with monetary slavery system by the Rothschild banks and has today become advanced to a wireless slavery system.

  2. Well, it’s certainly a step in the right direction, albeit that pretty much 99.9% of the money in circulation doesn’t actually exist and isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. However, this situation can easily be rectified. Expect to see a rise in burglaries and theft of cash, along with more street muggings. This is what the bankers will use to bring in a cashless system stating that “you can’t steal money from people, if it’s a cashless society.”

    Of course, this will then result in banks calling for the removal of pin numbers on ATM’s and installing of finger print/face scanning. Again, this can easily be countered. You simply mug someone and either drag them to an ATM, requiring them to put their finger or face for authorisation into their account and if they don’t come willingly, well, a simple case of removing fingers or worse, head would be what would happen.

    The ‘elites’ (((bankers))) will never be able to create a 100% full proof system. However, China is going that way. Truthstream media did an excellent video on the fall of China into the world of authoritarian technocracy and social credit scores.

    Watch it and download it before YT shuts them down which is inevitable.

  3. Well, I am glad that NY is bringing back cash in some places. However, my source tells me that there will be a cashless world in the not too distant future. Everyone will be required to take a “mark” if he/she wishes to buy or sell. The bad news is that whosoever takes this mark will be lost forever in Hell. So, know that it is coming and will soon be a requirement. The good news is that the true Believers in the Word of God will never take it, even if it means they will have to die at the hands of the evil global world government.
    My source is the Bible. I have seen this particular prophecy develop to this point in my life time. It is Revelation 13:16-17 which states, “And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save [except] he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

  4. As in, “that none may buy or sell unless they bear the mark of the Beast”

    Implications of what is going down if this is fulfillment of Revelation.

    1. New York City is one of the centers of the beast system.

    2. New York City is a Jewish banking hub, thus Jews are behind the cashless society.

    3. Amerika is part of the beast system that enforces the will of the Jewish banks.

    4. Since Amerika is the most Christianized nation that supports the system of usury and military dominance, Amerikan Christians live inside the belly of the beast.

    5. Thus “end-times” books by Timothy Lahaye, Pat Robertson, and Hal Lindsey which name the EU as the seat of the antichrist are wrong. The seat of the antichrist is 666 Fifth Ave NYC property owned by President Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner.

    Hal Lindsey Killed America

  5. No cash = no gardeners, no window cleaners, no jumble/boot sales and no loose change to help the homeless.

    Many despise beggars, but they’re Human Beings who both need and deserve to eat. They’re not parasites (with some exceptions). They’re victims of an unfair society. They’re not going to be issued with card readers connected to non-existent bank accounts, so without our loose change they’ll die.

    A cashless society certainly would be “of the beast”, with every transaction fully trackable, which is what (((they))) really want.

  6. @Harbinger

    Sadly while you make sense, in reality, there would be no ATM’s to mug people at anymore, if the society becomes cashless, ATM’s become obsolete.

    Also even if there was a limited amount of ATM’s that dispensed cash for those without access to banking (how that works is beyond me lol, you need a bank account to use an ATM duh), cash will be so rare that anyone trying to spend it will be a potential suspect.
    Add in new technology to ATM’s to track bank note serial numbers to the individual who withdraws it, would make it impossible to spend stolen cash.

    For example I withdraw £200 per week in cash.
    Someone robs me after four or five days, whatever money I had left would have been recorded from the start at the ATM, so when that note is scanned into a cash register somehwere in the city, CCTV can be brought up to identify the number one suspect for stealing my cash…
    If not the actual perpetrator, someone connected who would give the thief up vs going to jail over a crime they never committed.
    If anyone mugs me at the ATM, I happily give them my daily withdrawal limit, knowing the notes will be cancelled by the bank and anyone attempting to spend them are going to jail over mugging me.

    Even if anyone finds a way to hack others accounts, digital money will be even easier to track just like bitcoin works to verify the transactions in the network, someone all of the sudden coming into big cash would not be able to spoof the history of verification for this new hacked money, if they hack someone elses cash, it would be traced in minutes to the account trying to steal and ban that person from spending etc.
    I mean my credit card gives instantr notification of any spend on my phone with an app notification.
    When cashless is fully perfected, not one penny will leave an account without some form of notification and details of the spend, so fraud will be stampped out over night (asides from the banks actual made up money fraud of course).

    As for the cahless stores being banned, they will still be majority cashless, but eventually they will lobby to be allowed to charge processing fees for cash transactions, that eventually, it will not make sense to spend a few dollars per hundred spent just to use cash over fee free cashless transactions.
    It will become cheaper to spend cash via card than actual cold, hard money.

  7. For the love of god, how stupid are people??? Slavery have never in history been more rampant then today, with the social benefits system, as introduced inthe thirties, came the Marge’s fraud in history: the ESTATE/PERSON/LEGAL FICTION and people are still to dumb to see what is going on. YOUR NAME,IN ALL CAPS, WRITTEN BACKWARDS: LAST, FIRST, MIDDLE NAME, IS NOT YOU. IT IS AN ESTATE CREATED FOR YOUR BENEFIT BUT YOU DON’T CLAIM IT.

    Fuck, how retarded are people…

  8. Mojo Jojo,

    You are, of course, completely correct. You’ve got me there. Yes, I made sense, in showing how people would beat the ATM finger and face scanners, but then, like you correctly state, no cash, no ATM’s to dispense of them.
    I was really trying to emphasise the problem, reaction, solution of the elites in how to get a cashless society, in that they’ll create situations (mugging, robberies etc) in order to get people begging for a cashless society. They always come at society with wanting to protect them from harm, when we all know they just want to enslave them and rip them off.

    Well pointed out. It’s not like me to make a blunder but I fully concede to not spotting that simple reality you correctly pointed out. Thank you.

  9. What it says is the opposite.
    Mr Rothschild demands bankdistrict America to turn into a cashless servant for his central banks.

    It will be easier for him to control everything by the top of his finger.

    His next worry is, how to get bankdistrict America free from guns.