Just Don’t Call It Global Warming!

James Corbett – The Corbett Report #Propaganda Watch Feb 4, 2020

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  1. If there hasta be rebranding, I vote for climate fraud every time!
    It’s gotta really nice ring to it, tells the truth, and it’s prolly good for a long time…
    at least another 12 years!

  2. The real emergency is the political climate where skeptics are banned and this results in social groupthink where the vast majority (of non-thinkers) are believing something that is wholly untrue. By keeping out the naysayers the group ends up in wrongthink space, or what Mark Passio calls “negative knowledge” which puts the person branded by media spin in a informational deficit.

    In other words knowing nothing is better than being a believer and this holds true for not just climate alarmists but religious believers. And once branded it becomes near impossible for the believer to change their mind as they have their ego involved thinking they are right. Very few people can escape a belief system because it means they have to admit they are wrong.

    Believers don’t understand the game that is going on. They are defending egos. For instance let us say you believe without reservation that Jesus is real and is God. Then what difference does it make to you if I write some countervailing arguments showing you that belief is not true? If Jesus was true then the truth can not be threatened.

    If the premise is absolute truth then my arguments can not alter reality. I can disbelieve in gravity but since gravity is real and I drop a bowling ball on my foot my disbelief in reality makes no difference. See? If Jesus was a real thing then my disbelief should not upset the believer at all. But it does big time.

    The same is true for the Climate Change believers. They also get very upset at my arguments. But they can’t use the god meme to curse me, they want to shut me up by taking down my blog – which they did. How can some obscure global warming blogger skeptic be a threat?

    But I was and they shut down my blog because the truth if even held by one person is a threat – and if my viewpoint and arguments are available on the web my skepticism could spread. Just one skeptic with a good argument is a threat – and it is a big time threat especially when you are running a climate scam or you are Elon Musk running and electric car subsidy mining Ponzi scheme that turns it’s occupants into crispy critters.

    That is why I say we bomb Israel off the map. The Jews are really harming the world and because they are a real terrorist threat we should bomb them off the map, and to make sure Judaism and all it’s variants never come back to life I say we nuke Jersusalem where the 3 primary Abrahamic religions call home.

    We should totally obliterate the Dome of the Rock and turn the entire mount into a crater of glass to make sure Judeo vampire hell religions stay dead. That is what I say and my logic is sound and I know my idea will eventually come around when the evil Bible spell that possesses men’s minds wears off. But I digress.

    Over 10 years ago I had a flash insight that Global Warming was a hoax – I also had fallen for the media spin – but one day I realized that water vapor carried most earth’s atmospheric heat. But no one was talking about it and that meant I was being worked over. This was back in 2008, before we knew for a fact that all mainstream news is 100% fake news. Now we know never to believe anything on the Jewtube Talmudvision.

    So I investigated the heat carrying capacity of air molecules. Water is the primary thermal heat holder and absorber of energy, not Nitrogen, not Oxygen, not Carbon Dioxide. Not talking about H2O is completely dishonest and scientifically wrong. So I went on the comment section of a pro-Global Warming article on Time Magazine and tried to explain a chemical engineer viewpoint and they would have none of it.

    My comments were 100% non-inflammatory and scientifically correct, they started withholding my replies when I was defending my position – they gaslighted me (this same thing happened over at Darkmoon with the Christian-Buddhist believers when I asserted that Buddha’s first insight was the greatest condemnation of the Creator God. My point was that if all life was suffering (Buddha’s first insight) then that is very damning indictment of God who created all life.) They wanted none of my reasoning so I left never to return. Same for Time magazine, I lost all respect for that mag as it was obvious they were pushing state propaganda.

    I am not worried by the so-called “cimate emergency” because it is fake news. We are in an ice age at the end of an interglacial and it is getting colder. It is so god damn cold where I live in southern Oregon at 42 degrees North Latitude that I froze my fingers this morning riding my bicycle and I was wearing thick gloves. I think of where I am on Ice Ball Earth over halfway down the globe and all the real estate north of me to the North Pole is even more f-cking cold.

    Global Warming uh huh sure buddy.

  3. Thanks Truthseeker website for allowing my view. Just to prove I am not making shit up and blowing chunks out my ass here is what remains of my ‘Global Freezing Your Ass Off’ Blog that Goolag Blogger shuttered:

    This is one surviving essay:


    I will turn all this info into an essay so it is documentated for all times sake.


  4. Time Magazine….sensible people never had any respect for this comic in the first place…..think of it as a sophisticated version of Pravda.
    Check the masthead….ALMOST ALL the “journalists” are Jews….as are the owners of this pathetic rag.
    It is the print version of “60 minutes” on television…..the hilarious thing about this garbage is the multimillionaire octogenarian zio-crone STAHL…she is reported to be worth 40 million dollars….as if she’ll report accurately…..the very idea is laughable…..she’s too old to make a decent cake of soap and would make a hopeless lampshade as her skin is almost translucent……her head has shrunk with age so she would make a poor shrunken head mantelpiece ornament.
    The fate of Helen Thomas tells you what happens if you cross these fiends from hell.

  5. @ Yukon Jack
    I have a feeling that I am lumped into the ” Religious believers” even though I am not religious. I am a Faithful follower of the given Word. I certainly am not upset that you choose to believe a lie or not believe the truth. Fact and evidence is what matters and if you cannot be honest with yourself … well … that’s on you.

    Gravity is a theory, it is not fact, it is not “real”. That is a scientific fallacy. A theory is not provable because it is an educated guess at best and a blatant lie at worst.
    Ever hear of buoyancy ? Heavier it sinks lighter it rises. You can prove that by using the scientific method, unlike the “gravity” claim.

    ie. airplane wings provide lift or buoyancy, with wind speed, not anti-gravity.

    You have many delusions Jack, as many people do. Some of yours are homicidal and destructive. The antidote is to seek the truth, diligently. I do agree with most of what you posted about the Climate hoax.

  6. P.S. Newtons apple was heavier than air just like your bowling ball. Simple.

  7. @ Truthy1

    quote: ” I am a Faithful follower of the given Word. I certainly am not upset that you choose to believe a lie or not believe the truth. ”

    I’ve written hundreds of essays about the word, which is the text of the Holy Bible. I consider it telepathically inspired from agents in heaven above as do most believers and where I differ this word is meant to control and deceive us.

    John 1:1 NIV
    “In the beginning was the Word,
    and the Word was with God,
    and the Word was God.”

    Clearly stated is that the word is god. The Bible word is a hex on the human mind, says it right there in John 1:1. Over the years I have pointed this out but the believer can’t seem to grasp they are under the spell of the “given” word.

    For some reason I am not inspired by the given word, I am repulsed by it. You seem to think I am delusional that Israel should be bombed off the map and all Bibles burned:

    quote: “You have many delusions Jack, as many people do. Some of yours are homicidal and destructive.”

    I am sure that is how you feel. Because you are under the spell of the given word you can not go against Israel. How dare I say bomb Israel off the map. This feeling runs through the entire Evangelical community especially but most Christians I dare say also feel the way you do.

    As a result of the spell caused by the (given) word Israel will continue to cause trouble and many nations will fall. Already the Jews have caused WW1 and WW2, which is well documented on this site. Since 1947, Israel has done many false flags notably the attack on the USS Liberty and 911-2001 WTC attack which was used to manuever the United States into the Middle East wars which caused millions to die, many more millions to suffer loss of property and tens of millions fleeing in terror.

    So it is obvious as a heart attack that the spell caused by the given word is immensely harming the world. Quite literally Jews are allied with Christians making hell on the world, and as far as I can tell this will keep going on until things get so bad that some rebellious airmen will get a bomber and put some B-61s on Israel to break the spell and free humanity from the black magic of the Holy Bible.

    So I am not delusional as you claim, I am rock solid rational about the situation on earth and the reason is because I can reason clearly because my mind is not infected by the “holy” words of the Jews. Israel must be completely destroy along with all the books of the given word before we wipe ourselves out with a nuclear holocaust. This is not likely because the spell is so strong.

    An excellent post apocalypse movie is “The Book of Eli” where Denzel Washington has the last Bible.


  8. @ Yukon Jack
    I will pray for your soul.

  9. You’re a hoot Jack. The I am has always been here in truth(reality which you see) no matter how the Jews or anyone try to shadow it with their dark clouds, it is always there and always will be. So it is never about truth it’s about awakening to the lies.
    Come on and join my religion it’s better than the rest, I’ll guarantee you a spot in heaven and treat you like a guest. Just give me a bit of Gold and I’ll assure you that your sold.
    I’m not baptised Jack are you? I do not aspire to religion I find it disgusting as you do but you cannot dismiss the way and that’s all Jesus was.
    If you can’t understand the way then you can’t understand unconditional truth and although I am a witness to your works on self de-conditioning that process is never over until we are dead.
    Jesus never mentioned holy that is the conditioning of men and you cannot lay that weight on the man he was.
    Heart attacks aren’t obvious mate I know it took me four days to figure out was happening to me I suppose I have a strong threshold to pain but when the artery fully blocked it was game over and that pain I assure you no mossad agent could ever replicate while compared to a heart attack God’s work, the mossad are pissants. 8 shots of fentanyl one after the other over 25minutes in the ambulance and all that, couldn’t even touch the sides of it. Imagine Alien trying to punch through your chest but it can’t because your chest is wrapped in iron slowly compressing on itself, if you can imagine that you’re getting warm.
    One thing was very obvious Jack I had all faith I was going to be alright from the second I rang the Ambulance to the time relief came with the stent. I took their drugs for a week then discarded them had the Einstein effect then balanced out and feel better than I have in 10yrs.
    That assurance of faith didn’t come from God it came from my understanding of the way which I can thank Jesus for and I have always thought that way since about four when I figured out the system we live under was bullshit and a lie, before I even knew Jesus and religion existed. So it doesn’t take Jesus or religion to know the way but for a two legged labrat it does help escape the maze if they are prepared to drop conditioning even that of the religion.
    Let’s be clear the bible is written in Ge,ez the original, everything after that is a version an interpretation of the original which no person on earth can read except one perhaps 3 at the most. I actually use a Zionist bible because hell it is actually the less tampered version believe it or not although it contains revelations, the miracles,and the son which even the Mt Sinai version does not.
    I agree, waste Israel, but that’s already being planned more than we know and by people far more determined than you or I, get rid of the old testament it is in death, and spit on any supposed Christian and jew who goes on with it. But the true words of Jesus must remain and something to strive for in remembrance. It is a default setting that’s all.
    Man o man of Enki, when man first looked across the plains got bored of his animal and earthly stories he looked into the night sky and that was the birth of religion, the reality is it’s always going to be here whether we like it or not and while the night sky exists. However make it accountable as everything should be to responsibility and obligation and finally truth. Book of Eli was a crap movie “The Road” was far better come on and who cares after the fact anyway when you’re gone, “Rollorball” “Logan’s Run” etcetera even the “Running man” serve a far better purpose into the insight of our times.
    Anyway it’s raining for the next two weeks where I live not far from the Australian fires and I’m wondering already how they’ll juice it up for global warming(THE CHANGE they may as well call it) sake like you Jack it should be a hoot. Cheers bloke thanks for being you which I do enjoy reading whether you like it or not, and for being here, Truthy too who has never taken a ride on gravitron artificial gravity machine or taken a ride down an elevator without the elevator. Gravity hurts that’s God telling you don’t f with it.

  10. Perhaps Jack reality might see you instead of you seeing it. Maybe both as the way is always a two way street.

  11. P.P.S. Why Was Jesus Called the Word of God?

    One of the titles of Jesus was the Word of God. In John’s gospel we read.

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1).

    John also wrote.

    The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

    In the Book of Revelation it says.

    He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God (Revelation 19:13).

    Jesus is called, “the Word of God.”

    Although Scripture does not define what is meant by that term it could refer to the fact that He is the personification of the written and spoken word. The testimony that God revealed through the prophets during the Old Testament period was now made human with the coming of Christ. Hence the Word became flesh.