Mike Stone- I Married a Feminist

henrymakow.com – Feb 3, 2020

I Married a Feminist by Mike Stone

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The wedding was great, all that I’d dreamed.
I had no way of knowing how bad I’d get reamed.
I loved her, yes, that much is true.
How was I to know she’d dye her hair blue?
A nose ring came next, followed by tattoos.
Where was my wife? What did I lose?
“You’re married,” I told her, “You look like a joke.”
“The reason you think that,” she said, “is because you’re not woke.”
“My hair and my nose ring and all that you see,
Are a break from the past, they show the new me.
I don’t like this marriage, I feel tied down.
And from your face, wipe off that frown.”
“I want a career, I want so much more
Raising our children is, oh, such a bore.”
“That’s your job,” I told her, “it’s what mothers do.”
“I knew it was a mistake,” she said, “to get married to you.”
Her new career was spending hours on the web
Posting pictures of herself, half naked in bed.
When I saw what she was doing, we had a big fight.
It lasted all day and into the night.
“You’re a mother,” I told her, “how can you do this?”
“Incels pay money,” she said, “so I blow them a kiss.”
She drowned me out singing, “I’m a woman, hear me roar,
Men sending me money, doesn’t make me a whore.”

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3 responses to “Mike Stone- I Married a Feminist”

  1. Probably wouldn’t have run across this delightful poem if not for you Henry – thank you, had a good laugh, in between the parts that are literally true.

  2. Yes mount pussy, very beautiful. On mount pussy, you will see the pussy temple also very beautiful but I wouldn’t want to live there.
    Never married, never had kids and the only dramas I’ve had in life I’ve created for myself until I learned better.
    How blokes my age 52, couldn’t see this coming down the pipeline when we were younger I’ll never understand fully as not one relationship out of many mates has stood the test of time of feminism and debt, but I thank God everyday I was able to witness the fast changing attitudes in the bitches of the breed when I did while I escaped any trap they could set. One golden rule, do not stick your dick in something that has one microgram of ugliness in it. Do not say to yourself yes I see that microgram but I can overlook it for the sake of sake. Better yet just give it up, you have your memories be that your treasure and be thankful you have them.
    Funny how the right talks of saving the race by having kids kids kids who’ll be ward’s of the state anyway giving carte Blanche to root anything that keeps this shitty cycle going in favour of the powerful.
    Good luck y`all why give power to something that will use that power against you and us men have the power to give, women are only the receivers. You only know if you have found that one after a lifetime of having her anything else is a self entitled con job.