‘Mini Ice Age’ warnings for next 30 years with -50C temperatures in coldest areas

Ryan Merrifield – The Sun Feb 3, 2020

Cold snaps so severe they could threaten food shortages and plummeting temperatures are a very real possibility over the next 30 years, an expert claims.

With the Sun entering a natural “hibernation period” or solar minimum in which it projects less heat at the Earth there could be frostier weather and heavy snow storms.

Scientist Valentina Zharkova, of Northumbria University, said average temperatures could drop by 1C in 2020 and last up to a year – while resulting in wet and cold summers.

And the minimum was the cause for Canada’s recent -50C, she claims.

While normal solar minimums are a natural occurrence in the sun’s life cycle every 11 years or so, next year’s could be especially chilly as it marks the beginning of a much bigger drop in energy, reports the Sun Online.

A Grand Solar Minimum only comes around every 400 years and Professor Zharkova warns icy spells and wetter summers could be a mainstay until 2053.

She claims the dramatic cold snap in Canada, which saw temperatures plummet to -50C, are thanks to the minimum.

“The Sun is approaching a hibernation period,” Professor Zharkova, who has published multiple scientific papers on solar minimums, said.

“Less sunspots will be formed on the solar surface and thus less energy and radiation will be emitted towards the planets and the Earth.”

“The reduction in temperature will result in cold weathers on Earth, wet and cold summers, cold and wet winters.”

“We will possibly get big frosts as is happening now in Canada where they see [temperatures] of -50C.

“But this is only the start of GSM, there is more to come in the next 33 years.”

The Maunder Minimum was the last GSM to hit Earth, lasting between 1645 and 1715, resulting in duller sunshine and a drop in temperatures across the world.

The Thames last froze over in the 17th century when fairs were held on the frozen river. Click to enlarge

The Thames and Amsterdam’s canals, as well as other waterways, regularly froze over, and Nasa readings suggest similar freezes could be striking by 2025.

Professor Zharkova said: “We can only hope that the mini ice age will not be as severe as it was during the Maunder Minimum.

“This would dramatically affect food harvests in middle latitudes, because the vegetables and fruits will not have enough time for harvesting.

“So it could lead to a food deficit for people and animals, as we seen in the past couple of years when the snow in Spain and Greece in April and May demolished they veggie fields, and the UK had a deficit of broccoli, and other fruits and veggies.”

However, other experts have downplayed the likely impact of such minimums while arguing global warming will increase temperatures and counter any effects.

Solar scientist Mathew Owens said human activity, including O2 in the atmosphere, will “vastly offset” any reduction in the Sun’s energy output.

“Thus there will probably be no detectable effect on global climate,” he added.


10 responses to “‘Mini Ice Age’ warnings for next 30 years with -50C temperatures in coldest areas”

  1. The eco-extremists are immune to arthmetic:-

    0.04% CO2 is 1 part in 2,500, and only 1 part in 25 of atmospheric CO2 is manmade, the other 24 parts are from rotting vegetation, wildfires and volcanoes.

    So Manmade CO2 is 1 in 2,55 X 25 or 1 part in 63,500, which d insignificant.

  2. My impression then was it must have been a fundraiser-program for the communist globalists cultural marxist Democratic party. The fundraiser himself is now an established multimillionaire. Just go in the Climate Business. Success assured with such a big sheeple market.

  3. Bottom line? The sun controls earth’s weather, not CO2. A trace gas does not control temperatures on earth. There are other theories like this one:


    I blog on this topic and I notice most people do not understand that we are in an ice age.

    We are in the ice age right now, we never left the ice age, we are in the interglacial part of the ice age. It is not like we magically departed the ice age for a new era of global warming or something.

    It took 50 million years for the earth to cool into our present climate. The purported cause was the asteroid impact 65 million years ago that left an Iridium layer in the rock called the K-T boundary. It would be nice to end ice age earth but we can not do that.

    That huge change in earth’s orbital dynamics when the asteroid hit can not be undone by our activities, it is the height of ego and arrogance to think the ants on the surface of a planet are going to change the earth back to a hothouse dinosaur planet which would be preferable to living in Minneapolis or Siberia. We can’t change the planet to the better which is warmer even if we wanted to.

    The sun’s input of energy is 9400 times larger than our current consumption of fossil fuels. That is a big ratio, so even though it seems like humans are changing things the BTU’s don’t add up. Climate change is an illusion of city dwellers. If you live in Los Angeles which is wall to wall cars and pollution it seems logical that humans are changing things – they are polluting the air they breath in large congested cities but they are not changing the planet’s thermodynamics.

    If you fly from Kansas City to LA to Hawaii to Guam to the Phillipines less than .1% is occupied, it is mostly farms, deserts, mountains, and water. The idea of anthropocentric caused warming is a media illusion fed to the masses through the television. Sickos like Bill Gates are using the global warming meme as an excuse to kill us off.

    The latest models show CO2 going up forms an “S” curve where CO2 gets to 2x or 3x of preindustrial levels then levels off. We are talking 600 or 700 ppm on CO2 levels leveling off which matches optimum plant growth. Nothing to worry about, the real threat is if we shut down the modern economy based on green myths of CO2 being a pollutant.

  4. Wait until the lying globalist pick up on this one. As the global warming scam winds down because of formidable evidence to the contrary, the globalist started transitioning in order to keep the crisis alive, calling whatever was happening in the weather man-made “climate change”. Probably, some time this year they will redub the problem “climate cooling” leading to a foreseeable crisis of food shortages, and a further reason why we “need” a globalist government – to ensure their is a fair distribution of the food resources of the world.

  5. Slightly off topic: what happened to “Peak Oil”? Remember that 10 or 15 years ago ?
    Is it that rather than going for a phony shortage of oil they are now doing the Greta garbage instead ? Why has the establishment abandoned the “Peak Oil” narrative ?

    (I was watching the Mike Ruppert “Collapse” DVD on the subject. Was he a legit journalist but wrong, or just a wrong un ?)

  6. @Simon Smith

    It is good you brought up Mike Ruppert and Peak Oil. Was he legit? That is a question many of us wonder because peak oil turned out to be untrue. His theory was used as cover for the reason for the Gulf War. We were led to believe the West invaded the oil fields to save its oil based economy. But that turned out to be untrue.

    The reason why the United States invaded Iraq was for Greater Israel. That theory replaced the peak oil reason. We never got Iraq oil to pay for the war as promised. The United States does NOT seem very interested in ME oil except to keep it from the Russians and off the market since the USA is big oil exporter.


    Since Rupert’s death you have to wonder if his entire spiel was a ruse to throw us off. I think he underestimated of the oil companies to find new oil.


    Michael Ruppert was born on February 3, 1951 in Washington, D.C. His father, Ernest Charles Edward Ruppert III, had been a pilot in the US Air Force during World War II and later worked for Martin Marietta, functioning as a liaison between the company, the CIA, and the Air Force.[1] His mother, Madelyn, was a cryptanalyst at the National Security Agency, working in a unit that cracked Soviet codes in order to track their nuclear physicists.[8]

    The family moved fourteen times, living in seven different states, eventually settling in Los Angeles where Ruppert attended Venice High School, graduating in 1969.[8] He then attended UCLA,[1] earning a B.A. in Political Science in 1973.[8] During his senior year, he applied and interviewed for a position with the CIA but ended up turning down the subsequent offer, instead accepting a position with the Los Angeles Police Department.[1]

    If you look at who used to export oil, #1 was Saudi, Iraq 2, Iran 3. Now it is 1Saudi , 2Russia, 3Iraq, 4USA, 5 Canada

    If the USA is forced out of Iraq then you can bet Iraq oil will be bombed or sanctioned off the market – because the plan for Iraq oil was to go to Israel making Israel #2 oil exporter. Thus as you can see Iran and Soleimani are big problem for Zionists.

  7. @ Simon Smith

    Oil is not a “fossil” fuel it is abiotic, naturally occurring from pressure and heat.
    This paper reviews the historical development of both biogenic and non-biogenic petroleum formation. It also examines the recent claim that the so-called ―abiotic‖oil formation theory undermines the concept of ―peak oil,‖ https://uu.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:338107/FULLTEXT01.pdf

    Some of the first wells drilled in Pennsylvania that had “dried” up are oil producers today. There is a boom in drilling there. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/23/business/energy-environment/oil-makes-a-comeback-in-pennsylvania.html

    Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find
    But there have always been those who claim that oil is a natural substance that forms automatically in the Earth’s mantle. They say that it is virtually everywhere, if you can drill deep enough to tap it.

    Fossil fuel is just another deception that many people are deluded by

    Proponents of so-called “abiotic oil” claim that the proof is found in the fact that many capped wells, which were formerly dry of oil, are found to be plentiful again after many years, They claim that the replenished oil is manufactured by natural forces in the Earth’s mantle. http://www.viewzone.com/abioticoilx.html

  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Yes I was aware of abiotic oil. Nevertheless, glad the subject was brought up.(I have to say many of you regular posters on here are superb.)

  9. Typo correction, should have been

    1 part in 2,500 X 25 or 1 part in 62,500 which is insignificant

  10. The CDC admits hypothermia kills more people than global warming.
    CO2 can only kill you if you are a saturated by it at 40-60% That means it would take over 400,000ppm-600,000ppm to kill off the human race and seeing as thou we are at 0.4%, climate crisis Inc could be in for an eternal wait. So it is just not a concern and never will be.
    Now we have to ask at what point will the establishment declare they have fixed it. When everybody starts realising global warming is just not happening and blokes like Mathew Owens write the GSM off as just equilibrium. Pathetic, and how will his privilege position ever allow him to jump the cues at the supermarket. Silly boy doesn’t realise he is just another two legged labrat.