Daniel Sandford’s Report on Streatham High Street Terror

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Feb 2, 2020

Terror visited London again yesterday, this time on Streatham High Street “just after 2 pm” on 02/02/2020.
The report above, from BBC reporter Daniel Sandford, appeared at about 9.09 pm on the News Channel last night.
Sandford’s description of multiple incidents leading up to the shooting of ‘the terrorist’ in Streatham High Street is so different to all other reports that we should take careful note of his request to police to explain if the three incidents described “are connected”.
The three reported events are:
1) ” … a very dramatic scene near Streatham Common where an unmarked police car pulled across in front of a small blue car … essentially a hard stop on that car … and lots of armed officers arriving … that seems to be the first thing that happened …”
2) ” … a bit later we spoke to a man who witnessed somebody rushing up to somebody and fighting somebody about 300 yards further down the road and leaving somebody apparently bleeding from stab wounds …”
3) ” … and then a bit after that we have spoken to people who have seen somebody being followed by three men who suddenly pull hand guns and shoot him and after they’ve shot him they then put on some police caps and it becomes clear that they were actually undercover police officers …”
Sandford’s report goes on, ” We’re thinking at the moment that those three things are maybe all linked … that somehow somebody was stopped, escaped, was then being followed by undercover officers, had maybe done some attacking and was then shot but obviously we have not yet got to the point where police have confirmed that all those three things are linked. We’re hoping that we will hear from Scotland Yard later this evening.”
… a “hard stop”, “lots of armed officers” and the guy escapes? An  unlikely narrative. I’ll be surprised if there is any coherent follow-up to these three reported incidents from police. We’ll see.
Well done, Daniel.
Proper journalism.
So rare it comes as rather a shock.
Thank you.
Daniel Sanford’s report can also be viewed here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/FEV7qIBRL0U3/



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  1. 02/02/2020 would-be a very special date for numerologically inclined sinisterly cabalists.

  2. According to the perps family, he was radicalized in prison..

  3. Don’t ya love DIVERSITY ???

  4. 2pm 2/2/2020……..that’s not random
    9/11 (with 11 always in peoples minds as representing the twin towers to fall that day)
    this stuff is loaded with occult significance
    u may not believe but that’s how they want it
    your ignorance gives them power