Officials were warned in DECEMBER against freeing terrorist Sudesh Amman

  • Sudesh Amman, 20, was shot dead by police on Sunday after a knife rampage in Streatham, South London
  • He was jailed for more than 3 years for terror offences in December 2018 and released a week before attack
  • Detectives searching two residential addresses – one in South London and the other in Bishop’s Stortford
  • Attack raises questions over supervision of freed terrorists and whether they should face tougher sentences

Police shoot dead machette weilding terrorist in Streatham, South London. Click to enlarge

Danyal Hussein – Mail Online Feb 3, 2020

A think tank warned two months ago that terrorist Sudesh Amman was up for early release, before he was eventually freed last week and launched a bloody knife rampage in London yesterday.

The 20-year-old extremist was shot dead by officers in Streatham, South London – a mile from his bail hostel – on Sunday afternoon at about 2pm after he went on a horrific rampage, stabbing two people.

Sudesh Amman. Click to enlarge

Amman had been jailed for three years and four months in December 2018, when he pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing terrorist documents including bomb making manuals and knife fighting guides. But he was released automatically just days ago, despite fears he still held extremist views, paving the way for his attack.

Metropolitan Police officers were seen overnight combing through a bail hostel in Streatham, where Amman is believed to have lived following his automatic early release from prison.

Detectives from the Counter Terrorism Command said they were searching two residential addresses – one in South London and the other nearly 40 miles away in the Hertfordshire market town of Bishop’s Stortford.

No arrests have been made. Amman’s terrifying attack has raised disturbing questions about the supervision of freed terrorists and whether they should face tougher sentences and more stringent monitoring.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a review in December into the licence conditions of 74 terrorists who had been let out of jail early, following the London Bridge atrocity by convicted terrorist Usman Khan on November 29.

The Henry Jackson Society has now revealed that it identified Amman in December as an extremist close to automatic early release, warning he was still too dangerous to be freed.

The think tank included Amman as part of a ‘new wave of released terrorists’ in the wake of the London Bridge attack where Khan stabbed Cambridge University graduates Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones to death.

A Whitehall source claimed he was released despite concerns because the law didn’t give them the power to keep him in jail.

Residents at the bail hostel where he was believed to have been staying claim he had previously tried to take his life and had been asking for medication.

Speaking after Amman was named as the attacker, Henry Jackson Society fellow Dr Paul Stott said: ‘We need an immediate moratorium on the release of terrorist prisoners, whilst the government reviews each individual case.’

Yesterday, while being under active police surveillance and ‘very stringent licencing conditions’, he launched a horrific knife rampage in Streatham, leaving one man in a life-threatening condition, though he later recovered.

Wearing a fake suicide vest, Amman stole a 10-inch, £3.99 blade from a convenience store and stabbed the man, in his 40s, in the stomach before knifing a female cyclist, in her 50s, in the back as he ran down the street.

Armed police were on the scene within minutes, having been following him because they suspected he was going to launch a terrorist attack imminently. After he failed to stop, Amman was shot dead outside a Boots chemist.

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2 responses to “Officials were warned in DECEMBER against freeing terrorist Sudesh Amman”

  1. The politicians who aided and abetted all these foreign criminals
    by importing them all into the country against the wishes of the people
    bear a big responsibility.
    We should have special court sessions where these crooked and racist politicians
    spent time in prison.
    People trafficking is a hate crime against the electorate

  2. I agree, Jonathan. Even where “the government” doesn’t plan the attacks themselves, which happens far more often than most people realise, they’re guilty of facilitating terrorist offences by bringing known terrorists into the country against the will of the people.

    They are ALL guilty of TREASON against the British People, both those directly responsible and those who fail to speak out about the crimes of their colleagues.

    ALL politicians, of ALL political parties, are not merely out-of-control, but completely insane. They have to go if our country is to survive.