The Assassins Are Back!

Israel Shamir – The Unz Review Feb 3, 2020

Ron Unz, the fearless disturber of established dogma, has published a long essay connecting together some of his earlier texts under the title Mossad Assassinations. I like his natural style, his lack of pathos and drama. He does not lecture you, but shares his progress with you; what did he discover today, and how did he discover that. Reading him is like talking to a pleasant knowledgeable neighbour. In a biopic he could be played by a Henry Fonda. For me, the length of his essays (this one has 27,000 words) is not a fault but an advantage, but here is a brief summary. It is basically a reading-together-with-Unz of the huge (750 pages) volume of Rise and Kill First by Ronen Bergman, the recent well-researched book on Mossad killings. Unz sifted that mountain and found it wanting for one excellent reason: Bergman willingly submitted his study of Mossad assassinations to … Mossad censorship. While this prudence saved Bergman’s neck from the fury of the Kidon, as the Mossad assassination unit is called, it certainly had made his mammoth book much less useful. A book on assassins censored by an assassin committee is an exercise in hagiography, not a critical appreciation of history. Unz goes for the lacunae in Bergman’s book, for the Dog that Didn’t Bark cases, like a medieval glossarist adding his valuable understanding to the otherwise obscure (or intentionally obscured) text.
Why should we be interested in the subject, at all? Unz gives a short sharp answer. Mossad assassinated more people than all the special services of other states – more than dreadful KGB, unbridled CIA and MI6 of James Bond together. “The body-count [of Mossad] exceeded the combined total for that of all other major countries in the world. I think all the lurid revelations of lethal CIA or KGB Cold War assassination plots that I have seen discussed in newspaper stories might fit comfortably into just a chapter or two of Bergman’s extremely long book”.
Such a state did exist in the past, the Assassins of Alamut that once controlled the Middle East. The Assassins drew their power from their ability and preparedness to assassinate the dynamic leaders of Crusaders and Saracens, while leaving alive only weak and passive rulers who would obey their commands. By threatening (and occasionally killing) European and American leaders, the Jews, these new Assassins, ushered us into the world of weak and corrupt politicians, who fawn to them instead of caring for voters.
What is equally important, if the WASP-ruled USA avoided assassination of opponents altogether; with the Jewish ascendancy, the tactics of the small Jewish state of Israel had been adopted by the bigger Jewish state, the US of A. “The Bush Administration had conducted 47 of these assassinations-by-another-name, while his successor Barack Obama, a constitutional scholar and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, had raised his own total to 542”, while Donald Trump upped the ante by assassinating the Iranian general. That’s why this study of Mossad assassinations has urgency, and we should follow Unz critically reading Bergman.
There are practically no new revelations in Bergman’s book – this is the first revelation of Unz. So many cases, so much detail, and not even one big case previously unknown. The suspected hits remain hidden and unmentioned. He could but he didn’t discuss the (suspected) murder of Yasser Arafat, done by the same rare radioactive isotope that killed a Russian KGB defector Litvinenko (this murder had been assigned to the Russians, though they insistently rejected the accusation), and a Brazilian Air Force officer who was assassinated in the same way by Mossad to prevent Brazil from becoming a nuclear nation. (Radioactive poisoning seems to be a Mossad’s trademark). “Bergman simply reports the categorical Israeli denials … then emphasizes that even if he knew the truth, he couldn’t publish it since his entire book was written under strict Israeli censorship”.
Bergman does his best to obscure By Way of Deception, the scary book by Victor Ostrovsky, a Mossad defector who miraculously avoided the Kidon to tell us of its memorable hits. The book is hardly mentioned (once in a footnote), while his second book, even more scary and revealing, The Other Side of Deception, is not mentioned at all, and his revelations are given a wide berth by prudent Mr Bergman. While Ostrovsky explains some Mossad’s successes by its prolific use of sayanim, that is local Jews eager to extend all the help needed, be it a safe house, a car, a loan, a transfer – the word sayan does not even appear in the index of Bergman’s book.
He does not mention the very sophisticated assassination of the Pakistan President, General Zia ul-Hak, who was killed by injecting lethal gas into the cabin of an airliner, causing its crash, though this technique could clear many mysterious air disasters. General Zia created the Muslim Nuclear Bomb, something Israel wanted to stop at any price.
Bergman does not tell of Mossad’s killing of Israeli and Palestinian politicians they considered too ‘soft’ and pro-peace. They didn’t stop on the red light at all. There are strong suspicions they assassinated Yitzhak Rabin, the (relatively) peace-seeking Israeli Prime Minister; they did not hesitate to kill even the Mossad head designate, the war hero General Yekutiel Adam, Israel’s Deputy Chief of Staff, as they considered he wouldn’t tolerate their wanton killings. Ostrovsky tells of murder-disguised-as-suicide of the British press tycoon Robert Maxwell who, after many years of serving Mossad, had temerity to ask them for a loan. Bergman does not even mention it.
It appears the Mossad killers weren’t stopped by the dignity of the US President Office. They planned to kill President Bush Sr. in 1991 when he tried to force Israel to behave. (Unz verified and confirmed that the US Secret Service indeed received the warning from Mr Ostrovsky and took it very seriously.) This plan was derailed, but Bush had not been re-elected, just like President Jimmy Carter who was considered ‘anti-Israeli’ by Jewish hardliners. Even before the state of Israel had been properly established, the Mossad predecessors tried to kill President Harry S. Truman. At the same time they succeeded to assassinate Lord Moyne of Britain, so the US Presidents had and still have very strong reasons to pay heed to Jewish requests.
Ron Unz goes into great detail into assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Following the seminal investigation of late Michael Collins Piper, he thinks Kennedy was killed because he demanded from Israel to let inspectors into Dimona Nuclear Centre and pushed for denuclearisation of Israel. This ground had been covered by Unz previously, but now he adds a very important detail.
Robert Kennedy had been assassinated when he was very close to be elected the US President, in order to prevent his brother’s killing being investigated. A young Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan had fired a pistol at the scene and was quickly arrested and convicted for the murder. Some researchers have long argued that he was merely a convenient patsy in the plot, perhaps acting under some form of hypnosis or conditioning. Fantasy? Ron Unz had noticed a telltale item in Bergman’s book: at the same time, another young Palestinian was undergoing intensive rounds of hypnotic conditioning at the hands of Mossad in Israel, being programmed to assassinate PLO leader Yasser Arafat.
It clicked. Mossad learned more than somewhat from its predecessor, the Old Man of the Mountain who created the assassin brand. Hypnotic conditioning explains the mystery of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, and perhaps of a few others. Ronen Bergman didn’t make the connection, but he allowed Ron Unz to make it.
Bergman tells a scary story of Mossad going for big-scale terror, of
A huge wave of false-flag terrorist attacks unleashed in 1981 by Israeli Defence Minister Ariel Sharon… Under Israeli direction, large car bombs began exploding in the Palestinian neighbourhoods of Beirut and other Lebanese cities, killing or injuring enormous numbers of civilians. A single attack in October inflicted nearly 400 casualties, and by December, there were eighteen bombings per month, with their effectiveness greatly enhanced by the use of innovative new Israeli drone technology. Official responsibility for all the attacks was claimed by a previously unknown Lebanese organization, but the intent was to provoke the PLO into military retaliation against Israel, thereby justifying Sharon’s planned invasion of the neighbouring country. Since the PLO stubbornly refused to take the bait, plans were put into motion for the huge bombing of an entire Beirut sports stadium during a January 1st political ceremony using tons of explosives, with the death and destruction expected to be “of unprecedented proportions, even in terms of Lebanon.”
This plan had been aborted by the then PM Begin. For Unz this story served as a trigger to reconsider 9/11. He wrote about the Twin Towers before, rejecting both versions, the government one of 19 Arabs with cutters, and the alternative of the “inside job”, for nobody in Bush administration would dare to do it. Now, with the new item of Bergman, it clicked. Ariel Sharon had been prevented by his PM from killing a hundred thousand stadium visitors in Beirut in 1981; but he was already a PM himself in 2001, when nothing would stop him killing three thousand New Yorkers. It was risky, but the risk paid off. In 2001, the US was a peaceful and prosperous state, while Israel was on the verge of collapse. Twenty years later, Israel is prospering, while the US is collapsing, as the result of 9/11.
However, neither Unz, nor Bergman had tried to place the Mossad assassinations within the continuity of Jewish history. The Jewish assassinations didn’t begin with Mossad, or even with Zionists. It is a part of Jewish DNA, at least since late 19th century. A Jewish woman took part in assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881. The Russian Prime Minister Peter Stolypin, the man who almost had prevented the Revolution, had been assassinated in 1911 by a Jewish killer Dmitry Bogrov. Between these two terrorist acts, many thousands of officials had been assassinated in the Russian Empire, and the assassins had been directed by two Jewish terrorists, Grigori Gershuni and Eugene Azef.
Zionists, then a small movement, and a Jewish socialist party, the Bund, also dabbed in terror. Some terrorists who participated in non-Jewish organisations, eventually chose to go the nascent Jewish state, to Palestine. Pinchas Rutenberg, a terrorist and assassin, became a Zionist and a prominent businessman; he established electric company and there are streets named after him in many Israeli cities.
The Russian Revolution didn’t put an end to Jewish terrorism: in 1919, an attempt to assassinate Vladimir Lenin was made by the Jewish woman Fanny Kaplan. Lenin survived the attempt but had been incapacitated and died in 1924 after a long illness. In 1953, Joseph Stalin died in suspicious circumstances, after he had antagonised the Jews. And the Jewish terror continued elsewhere: the Ukrainian president-in-exile Simon Petliura had been killed by a vengeful Jew, and so was the German diplomat vom Rath.
Years ago, I’ve met in Israel an old terrorist who participated in many killings in pre-revolutionary Russia; then he had escaped to Palestine. He told me: for success of terrorism, you need dynamite and a newspaper. Dynamite without media support does not work, and vice versa. Without media, you will create a martyr. Without a real lethal option, strong-minded people won’t care what you write.
We often hear that Jewish influence is based on finances and media. It’s not the whole truth. Fear of death is the third support of Jewish ascendancy.
An enemy could be dealt
(a) by media. At first, they blot every reference to his name; if it does not help, they attack him ad hominem.
(b) by money. Henry Ford tried to combat Jewish influence, but he received an offer he could not refuse; he apologised, burned his books, and repented rather than see his car production bankrupted.
(c) Assassination proper, for those who do not care for adverse publicity or money.
While Jews were at it for a long while, the State of Israel has turned assassination into mass production. There are thousands of names, thousands of killed, defamed, ruined people all over the world. And this is an inherent problem with a Jewish state: it can’t be different. “The Jewish tradition is rampantly ethnocentric and dehumanises outsiders with a gusto that could hardly be exceeded”, – wrote Ed Herman in his Triumph of the Market.
This is the problem with Trump’s Deal of the Century: not that it is unfair to Palestinians (it is unfair, but life is unfair), but that it would preserve a separate Jewish state. Even a smaller Jewish state would be the seat of Mossad and its assassination unit, Kidon, threatening presidents and politicians. Even a smaller Jewish state would possess nuclear weapons and threaten the world. Even a smaller Jewish state will be poisoned by its deeply rooted and extremely xenophobic ideology, and will remain a source of ideological contamination for descendants of Jews and Gentiles alike.
The old Assassin State of Alamut was conquered by Mongols and these ruthless warriors flushed the Assassins out of their mountain retreats and utterly destroyed their conspiracy. Their harmless descendants are Ismailis, who live peacefully and do not disturb peace anymore. If we can’t solve the problem, some new Mongols will dismantle the State of Israel and render descendants of Jews as harmless as Ismailis.
However, the problem can be solved peacefully by merging Israel and Palestine into one democratic state as South Africa had been merged – not split into Bantustans, as Trump and Kushner suggest. It won’t be exclusively Jewish, but there are no ethnically/religiously pure states nowadays. That would put an end to the State of Jewish Assassins and Israel will be peacefully absorbed in the region, and the descendants of Jews in their present nations.
You can also read Shamir’s pieces dealing with the subject:
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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli writer. He has written extensively and translated Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa, is a Christian, and an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism.

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  1. The world is going to regret not NUKING izraHELL !

  2. Well Adam, I have good news, to counter your bad! Readers access One For Israel, and be heartened. The true Messiah, of ultimate beauty, wisdom and peace ( amongst other attributes that The Torah Prophets outlined! ) is being accepted in numbers by Jews and Arabs in Israel and the greater Middle East. It is sad, that the evil you have outlined above, could even be seen to be of any benefit. How long do these power merchants think they have on this Earth? What can they truly gain? One for Israel is the perfect antidote and solution.

  3. McLer,
    The world is already bitterly regretting that fatidic year of 1948. Israel is a place where the monsters can gather in comfort, their comfort zone.

    Is payback time in the horizon? I’m holding my breath…

    P.S. Shamir’s proposed solution to the Jewish Question is just a joke.

  4. Unz is very picky about who comments on his site. He is just another sophisticated control freak as far as I am concerned. Adam Green is likely Mossad tagging people who pour on their hate in their comments and as some predict they are on a list for hits in the future. These days it is difficult to know whom to trust on the internet. However, in not being Jewish I care not to subordinate all that is going on in the world to the issue of Jewish power and money against the rest of us. Obviously, there are other much greater abuses of power and sources of evil in the world than Zionism and some writings in the Talmud.

    Most Brits are unwilling to admit their nation has a history of exploitation and ruthless conquest. Americans are the same. The Rothschild’s who credit themselves as the creators of Israel, paint a very favorable picture of themselves, unwilling to be subjected to our lowly moral standards of right and wrong which in any case they can afford to ignore being so high above all of our laws. It is when individuals or groups become really effective in rocking the plans and interests of powerful nations, cartels, cults and families that they are removed.

    These days we only have to look at what nation or group is the most powerful to find the most corrupt means used to achieve their ends. When any group has unlimited funds and has plans for their own world domination, they will follow the path of other empire builders, and likely will exercise their powers to snuff out any exposure and criticism of the means they employ in gaining their ends by manning both sides of the barricades.

    To remain clean in all of this and without hating anyone because of the sides they choose, the truth will do for starters. But truth is never really totally objective, and especially in anything political which is mainly subject to human interests. If there is to be any trust with people like Unz, Madow and Shamir in exposing the truth, it can only be on the basis of universal standards of right and wrong, which apply not only to the ends but also the means utilized to achieve those ends.

  5. Les Croisés et les Assassins
    Vers l’an 1090, Hassan Al-Sabbah, un chef de secte chiite ismaélienne, les Nizârites, crée une organisation terroriste à l’échelle du Moyen Orient : les Assassins, et invente les attentats-suicides ou kamikazes. Pendant près de deux siècles, cette secte se donne pour “mission officielle” de lutter contre l’invasion du Moyen Orient par les Turcs seldjoukides, mais l’objectif réel est la régénération du califat fatimide (chiite) décadent. Mille ans plus tard, Oussama Ben Laden, un chef de secte islamiste, d’obédience sunnite wahhabite, crée, avec l’aide de la CIA, une organisation terroriste similaire : Al-Qaïda. Son objectif ? Rétablir le califat sunnite sur le monde arabe, puis sur le monde islamique puis sur le reste du monde.
    Read more :
    Many Israel Shamir’s posts are translated into French on this Blog (forbidden on Facebook)

  6. @Fred

    “Adam Green is likely Mossad tagging people who pour on their hate in their comments and as some predict they are on a list for hits in the future.”

    I don’t believe that. Even if true, I take my stand in Eternity. Those bastards that did 9/11 and much else have far worse to come in terms of karma accumulated/judgement coming.

  7. Most Brits and euranglolanders cannot accept their nation’s and countries aren’t theirs anymore and never bloody have been at least since the mid 1700s some say we can go further back in time as well. So Fred imagine the shock and horror when you discover you supported all that destruction for your country when you never had any claim to that country to begin with. There are also people who subordinately use the term Jewish as there is no such thing, they are not a race and not a nationality they are sect(we don’t say christianish Fred or Buddhish) that can be found to the lowest common denominator to the egregious troubles the world is facing. It is denial not accept this and nothing is more bigger than the sustainable development program the Ban that can be directly traced to them. (Adam does not connect those dots which is odd, he is pathological). Despite the propaganda there is no such thing as the Jew gene same as with Christians, Muslims etc. You have been subverted if you think so.
    Knowledge supplements the virtues it isn’t a virtue on its own. I don’t care were I get the validated information from but I will not support cult of personality and after spending 6 mths on Adams channel last year to give him a fair go I cannot watch him anymore however if he wasn’t so into video presentation and wrote articles I could read and study, I’d have more regard for him. Yes I find him lazy and a one trick pony I couldn’t give a shit if he is an operative or not he doesn’t subvert my mind, my conscience is clear.
    Of course they will monitor the comments on YouTube that’s one aspect of a gauge to determine how successful the social engineering programs are.
    They take note of individual people yes, but come on, unless you are gaining a little power in your local physical community they have nothing to fear. Once they start making a few deadly examples out of us locally, at the very least the rest cannot say they weren’t told.
    Universal standards would suggest dealing with the corruption and subversion not the moral high ground as that is God’s judgment only. But it has been far more difficult dealing with corruption and subversion when the courts are possessed by them and this is easily traceable.
    Another thing of note please don’t enter into the division game, they set up these groups to clash and feed of each other and will murder people on both sides as they did in Ireland. It is how they herd people into the dystopian enclaves.
    Independence is fed into the psyche use it for advantage not for wrapping yourself in chains.

  8. krystallnacht in the UK..their supermarkets etc
    posters put up everywhere outlining their crimes. play them at their game

  9. The British and the Americans are getting from the Jews what the deserve for supporting and pampering them for centuries . They are paying for their stupidity.