Makow–Satanism Explained — Feb 2, 2020

Progressives are witting & unwitting Satanists. Click to enlarge

Smoke and mirrors surround Satanism. Many Satanists don’t understand the poison they have imbibed.
Satanism is war against God, i.e. the Moral and natural order. It is anti-life. It is Death.
Revelation 12:9 “….that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world.”
“When we introduced into the State organism the poison of liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness–blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony.” (Protocols of Zion, 9)
“In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the goyim before the proper time, we shall mask it under the alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes…”   (Protocols of Zion, 6)

by Henry Makow PhD 

1. They call themselves “progressives.”  Satanists invert everything. They champion inverts and everything sick and dysfunctional. They are actually “regressives.”
Despite their moral pretensions,”progress” is the degradation and destruction of their fellow man.
God is Perfection in all things. They invert all things: Sickness is health; ugly is beautiful, false is true, injustice is justice, hate is love, misery is bliss, and vice versa.
2. Man is connected to God through his soul. Take away God and man flounders about like a fish out of water. Looking to fill the void, he idealizes anything because his God connection has been severed. Take away God, and man will create false Gods, Carl Jung said.
See the absurd idealization of women, sex and romance; literature and art; great men,” politicians, celebrities, etc.
Because of his hunger for God, you can sell him anything as a substitute.


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4 responses to “Makow–Satanism Explained”

  1. There is nothing in this entire universe, or any other universe, stronger, greater, more powerful than TRUTH…except LOVE: the MOTHER of TRUTH!

  2. Reality is a state of mind, and a state of mind is reality. And what can be more real than reality?

  3. Truth is Treason in an inverted world.
    We have been programmed, educated and nudged into accepting an alternate of the truth in all areas of reality. Due to the constant editing, changing and purging of information it has been possible to sell a lie and profit from the confusion and lack of comprehension of the masses of almost anything moral, ethical or Spiritual. The deception is so complete that religions that venerate the Deceiver are so completely masked from practitioners and non-practitioners through false doctrines that an enormous number of people are duped without knowing it. For most people it is easier to fall back on preconceived ideas or implied opinions than to search for the real truth. It is too painful to realize that you have been believing lies to be the truth your entire life.

    We have been conditioned to accept a distorted reality with many tricks and deceptions that disguised diabolical plans that sabotage the natural order of things. We have been expertly corralled into a cesspool of lies and distortions and distractions. Our language is changed with definitions and uses of words that are used against us to trap us into a certain way of cognitive thinking and acting and to voluntarily follow a false path.

    Unfortunately, for most, there is no determined effort to search out the truth. There is no diligent questioning of the popularly held beliefs or investigation to expose the untruths that they hold. No, most people think that they have it all figured out and there is no need to look any further. They are content to follow their peers and be led blindly down an untraveled road without a map and not having a concern about the destination.

    Today it is easier to embrace a comfortable lie than to confront an unpleasant truth. It has become easier to be a part of this world than to contemplate a much bigger picture that involves a Spiritual Kingdom. I Hope and Pray that more people will start to reeducate themselves and combat the powers that wish to subdue the truth and subjugate the ignorant.

  4. ozzie is a satanist idol. you notice he is hiding his right eye. like the eye on our dollar it’s the left that represents occult. the eye of horus. we are living behind the veil of secular haze. ozzie sold his soul to satan long ago. only Jesus is truth to set you free.