‘Terror attack’ in south London

Raven Saunt – Mail Online Feb 2, 2020

Armed police have shot dead a suspected terrorist feared to be wearing a suicide vest after at least two people were stabbed during a machete rampage on a busy south London high street – three months after two were killed in London Bridge horror.

Officers raced to the scene outside a supermarket on High Road in Streatham at around 2pm today following reports of gunfire.

Photos from the scene show a lifeless body face down on the pavement with what have been described as ‘silver canisters’ strapped to his chest with a large knife is lying beside him.

In one video, police toting machine guns and masked undercover officers are seen approaching the suspect’s body before rapidly moving away from the area.

Scotland Yard declared the broad daylight carnage as a terror-related incident around an hour after first reports from the scene. The area remains on emergency police shutdown.

The incident comes just three months after the London Bridge attack where Usman Khan was shot dead by armed police after he killed two people and injured three others while wearing a fake suicide vest.

Metropolitan Police issued an initial statement that said: ‘A man has been shot by armed officers in #Streatham.

‘At this stage it is believed a number of people have been stabbed.

‘The circumstances are being assessed; the incident has been declared as terrorist-related.’

They have since released an update that read: ‘We believe there are two injured victims.

‘We await updates on their conditions. The scene has been fully contained.’

One officer was filmed telling pedestrians that the suspect was wearing a possible suicide vest before directing them away from the scene.

Just minutes after the attack in London, Belgian police shot a ‘knifeman’ who stabbed two people in Ghent.

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8 responses to “‘Terror attack’ in south London”

  1. If the European idiots knew who they are, they’d realize that they need no license for anything, from anyone, to protect themselves and thus would carry hand fire arms. Weapons are for assult and to in-flict in-jury and harm, thus used by brian-dead cops.

  2. 2 minutes past 2 pm on 02/02/20. Is Luciferian numerology in play for these events?
    Let’s see if anything similar occurs in the USA as the clocks pass 2 pm in the various time-zones.

  3. Why, would a terrorist wear a fake bomb, if indeed it is a fake?
    Why would a terrorist who had a real bomb start stabbing people when one of those or someone close, could potentially be highly skilled in unarmed combat, and therefore be knocked out before they achieve anything?
    Why wouldn’t a terrorist set off the bomb in a crowded area instead of stabbing up a couple of people before getting shot.
    Nothing to this and similar stories makes sense.
    It’s Jackanory for the gullible.

  4. Avro Manhattan,

    “If the European idiots knew who they are, they’d realize that they need no license for anything, from anyone, to protect themselves and thus would carry hand fire arms.”

    Completely agree.
    The only problem is – ignorance of the public on common law and admiralty law.
    The minute anyone is known to be walking in the street with a weapon, the police will show up. If you aren’t shot and killed – a strong deterrent to show that the elites only want the police to carry weapons, then you’ll be arrested, thrown into a cell, naked, interrogated, taken to court and put in prison for a very long time.
    Most people will automatically call for a ‘brief’ (solicitor) failing to understand that the solicitor WORKS for the very establishment who have put them on trial and isn’t there to set you free, but to come to an agreement on how much moneys the crown will steal from you. You’ll either be fined, imprisoned or given community service, the latter two is indirect taxation. You work for free.
    People have no understanding of how the court system works, because they don’t educate themselves on it. The minute they give their details to the police they grant them authority over them by making a verbal contract. When they get into the court room, and go into the dock, they have moved from the land (common law) into the sea (admiralty law) and therefore accept, automatically, to be under the jurisdiction of the law of admiralty, not common law.

    If people, took their time to read about law, instead of waste their time on sports, music, film, tv and celebrity, then the world would be a better place. Solicitors would go out of business. Courts would no longer be throwing people into prisons and eventually the people would come to realise that the police do not protect them and are therefore a waste of taxpayer’s (their) money. Therefore, guns would then be worn by all and it won’t just be the criminals doing the killing, who will have them, regardless what the law dictates.

    “The way we police in the UK, is by consent [of the public]”

    This is what people do not realise. No one has any authority over you unless they specifically consent to it. Those who take enforce authority, upon those who do not consent, are tyrants. We live under a tyrannical, Jewish, oligarchy, under their religion of Talmudism.

    No man/woman has any authority over you unless you consent.
    No group has any authority over you unless you consent.
    No man/woman/group has any authority to allow any man/woman/group to have authority over you unless you consent.

    The police are thugs.
    The only difference between them and biker gangs/mafia is they have the backing of the judicial system behind them to do whatever they so choose to do or instructed to do by ‘those’ whom they work for. The police, in the UK (and throughout the west) are a freemason control organisation, along with the judiciary and all other major establishments, involved with the running of the country, or should I state, with the control over the public.

  5. NZ is infested with Freemasons…in every small town you’ll find a Freemasons shed….

    The current Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern received a Freemasons scholarship early on in her “career”.Her father is a former senior police officer…THAT is the link.
    Ardern once worked for the war criminal Tony Bliar…they’re all interconnected.Ardern is most likely a crypto jew.
    Like Blair did to Britain Ardern has opened the borders of NZ to flood the country with third world immigrants.Her husband,also a jew,works for the appalling NZ media.
    NZ has the highest number of immigrants per capita of any Western country…..whole areas of NZs main cities have been taken over by immigrants…infacf it is common knowledge that the number of immigrants has been considerably understated.
    The media acts as Arderns cheerleaders she is not subject to any worthwhile scrutiny whatsoever.Everyday of the week NZers are treated to images of the gormless Ardern smiling her toothy grin…..and the only people who would buy this nonsense are the “proletariat”……bit you would never guess that from the sycophantic media coverage.There are tens of thousands of homeless in NZ…..thirty years ago there were virtually none.
    The CHIEF cause of homelessness is massive uncontrolled immigration….BUT THE MEDIA VERY RARELY MENTIONS THIS FACT….it would put Ardern in a bad light.
    The media immigration propaganda even extends to the advertising on TV….advertisements now routinely feature mixed couples….normally the female is white.Adverts for bank mortgages feature homosexuals smooching in anticipation of their mortgage application….McKays ready made fries have also got in on the homosexual routine.
    So it’s like a totalitarian country where govt propaganda infests everything (fascism).
    What say you exercise your supposed right to free speech…..I cannot move anywhere at any time without being subject to surveillance…they have entered my bank account and monitor all use of the internet…Some years ago I was bodily thrown out of a small police station by a thug cop (Derek Shaw…)they targetted me via my vehicle….with a massive fine.They took my driving licence (the actual licence) off me.If I ever attempted to renew it…they would likely make it impossible.They have shifted a crazy into the adjacent flats who has made numerous complaints about me…including things like my heat pump being too loud!!.
    This is the democracy version of the police state….which will ultimately progress into the jailing of “dissidents”.
    So this stuff about Freemasons is NOT a conspiracy theory. .its stone cold fact…..after all why would the USA have Masonic bullshit on the one dollar note…….My blogsite has been closed down and I can no longer post items on it!.


  7. The first question we have to ask before any others is: did it really take place ? Not saying it didn’t, but we can’t trust the mainstream media which narrative builds for the establishment.

  8. Entire incident deep state scripted. They even had a fake tv witness on this morning making a BIG point that he saw blood. I’ve seen images of the so say dead man & I can’t see the blood (any blood) that comes from a gun shot and at this range, a gun shot to the head. Visit LiveLeak to see the blood from real gun shots. These were so say, trained surveilance officers, this patsy looked pretty slim so how did they miss the fake bomb vest??? The guy who was shot, just a crisis actor, the guy getting the blame, probably dead in a skip in Thorney Street. And Ive got no doubt the state reads these comments and the people reading them must be thinking (to themselves): “Why are they so sloppy?” I can think of only one reason, so that people like myself, others and new people where the penny has finally dropped, they too expose thenselves to the deep state list makers.