Jim Fetzer and Nick Kollerstrom on the mythology/theology of the “Wailing Wall”

Gus Chambers – Jan 28, 2020

Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.

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  1. The wall is an idol to The Gods of Mystery Babylon. Genuine Judaism of The Torah and the Prophets, has been usurped. Jesus told us 2000 years ago. Good news is that Jewish converts to Christianity is on the rise. By the way, there are other shrines to Babylonian Gods………think the giant statue of the owl at Bohemian Grove. The rabbit hole goes deep. And by the way, don’t be distracted by thinking it’s about “Jews.” The global cabal has multinational facets. Jewish people, are like any other people in this world. They just want to get on with their lives.

  2. Key observation about the implication of what Nick Kollertstrom says @ 18:00 that Israeli archeology hasn’t found a single shred of evidence of King Solomon’s Temple.

    Is the entire Davidian Line of Jewish ancestry just mythology? Doesn’t that call into question the authenticity of Jesus?

    “Matthew emphasizes, right from the beginning, Jesus’ title Christ—the Greek rendering of the Hebrew title Messiah—meaning anointed, in the sense of an anointed king. Jesus is presented as the long-awaited Messiah, who was expected to be a descendant of King David.”

    What about our concerns about the Noahide Laws and Jerusalem and the new center of world power after the Satanyahu destroys the United States, China, and Russia?

    Don’t we need to question if any of this Jewish mythology is real before we all get carried away with building Solomon’s Temple and the seat of the antichrist? If Jesus is a 100% fictional character invented by Titus and Josephus, then why are we allowing our foreign policy to be dictated by these Evangelical Death Cultists who are willing to trash the world to get their myth man to return?

    Why is it that all this faith concerning the history of the Jews that centers around this Temple leading to world tyranny and causing massive evil in the present moment? Is not faith the cause of our demise. Why does belief in the Bible result in pure evil? Is faith the cause of evil?

    Why is it that our Presidents have to slavishly lick the Rabiinic balls at the “Wailing Wall” – which is not even Solomon’s Temple but the remaining wall of Roman Fort Antonio – to run for President in a land far away? Is the world batshit insane because of this Christian-Judeo faith that has Amerika totally cucked and subservient to the Jewish desert demon religion?

    Finally, is there really a judging God like the Bible says or is that demonic evil black magic of Jews to capture Goyim Gentile hoards into being subservient victims of Jewish power?

    What if sin a theocratic fiction? Is their really such a thing as “sin”. Did not the evil Judas priests invent sin as a way to control the uneducated and the gullible? Isn’t the Bible really a hex on human consciousness? Isn’t the Gospel really a God Spell – a black magic spell that gets us to act irrationally toward our own survival?

    Shouldn’t we break this spell and fly waves of B-52s over Israel and carpet bomb the so-called “holy” land into total rubble? Shouldn’t we burn all Bibles and other Jewish books as dangerous memetic hate literature? When are we going to grow up and remove the god parasite from our minds?

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wNyDP5N1HU In two parts and very useful info.

    And, the books by Ashraf Ezzat who says that Solomon’s Temple remains are to be found in Yemen – Sheba too,

  4. Read CHRIST in EGYPT by D, m. Murdok. It seems clear tharChristianity was the religion of Egypt, usurped by the Essenes who were Jews at the time of the destruction of the great Library of Alexandria”IUSA the KRST was born in a stable on the 25th December of a Virgin called IsisMery.
    He taught in the Temple at age 12 and he was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser who was beheaded.
    He had 12 companions, healed the sick and raised the dead.
    He was crucified died and was buried in a tomb of roack.
    He was resurrected – naturally.”
    It is all out of the Book of the Dead and the Pyramid Texts –

  5. Satan At The Wailing Wall!


  6. yes Larry…the jews just want to get on with their lies

  7. Astrea – Jesus was initiated in Egypt to the 7th level to achieve the title Christ. Archimedes, Pythagoras and Solon all Greeks went to Egypt for their training. The temple you speak of was a Greek temple with two tablets of stone at the entrance
    inscribed in Greek thus ‘ beware those who enter there is certain death’. One is held in Istanbul and the other in Israel. There was NO Solomon temple. Jesus existed. We know this as Pontius Pilot recorded the events in Jesus’ time to Rome.
    Jesus never died on the cross – read the bible. The two thieves crucified next to him had their legs broken at dusk to ensure death as was the Pharisees custom. Jesus’ legs were not broken and thus lived. (His Uncle Nicodemus was a rich man being head of the mining department of the Roman empire in the middle east. he was the one that bought the balm to mend the wounds sustained by Jesus). We know this because the Centurion Longinus, on duty at the time, pierced the side of Jesus with his spear from which blood and water flowed – showing he was still alive. Note as well how he departed as mentioned in the bible – the same as Elija who never died.

  8. The Strange Story of the False Wailing Wall
    There is absolute proof that the present site of the Jewish “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem is NOT any part of the Temple that existed in the time of Herod and Jesus. In fact, that particular location that the Jewish authorities have accepted represents the Western Wall of an early Roman fortress (finally built and enlarged by Herod the Great). King Herod called it Fort Antonia, after the famous Mark Anthony who lived at the end of the first century before Christ.

    “One day he (the Sultan Selim) saw from his window, an old gentile woman, more than ninety years of age, bring a sack or box (basket) of garbage and drop it at a spot near his office. He became very angry…and sent one of his slaves to bring the woman and her sack. When she came he asked to which people she belonged and she told him that she was a Roman (Christian). He then asked her where she lived and she answered: ‘Not far from here, about two days’ walk’ [Bethlehem] and explained that that was why she was tired because, according to the custom the Roman leadership imposed, everyone who lived in Jerusalem had to deposit garbage at that spot [that became the Western Wall] at least once a day; those who lived in the environs of the city had to do it twice a week and those who lived at least three days away had to do it once every thirty days, because that place was the house of Israel’s God [the site of the Temple] and when they were not able to destroy it completely, they decreed, by a ban,….that the name of Israel should never again be mentioned concerning it.

    “Therefore,” (said the old Woman), “do not be angry that I came with a bag of garbage to your royal court. I meant no offence to you. The king, may he rest in paradise, listened to everything the woman had to say and then told his slaves to detain her until he had investigated the matter to see if she spoke the truth …. His slaves brought to him many others who brought (sacks of garbage) and he interrogated them and found that they told the same story as the woman….

    “He (the Sultan) opened his store of silver and gold and took several bags of coins as well as a basket and a hoe which he slung over his back. He issued a proclamation: ‘All who love the King and want to give him satisfaction should watch and follow suit!.’ He then went to the garbage heap and scattered a bagful of coins so that the poor should dig for them, and, out of their love of money, clear the garbage away. He (the Sultan) stood over them and encouraged them…. Every day he scattered more coins…. For some thirty days, more than ten thousand people cleared away garbage until he revealed the Western Wall and the foundations as they can be seen today by everybody….” [End of first quote from the book by Meir Ben-Dov titled “The Western Wall.”]

  9. @ Yukon Jack you do have a sick mind

    When are we [You ] going to grow up and remove the god parasite from our minds?

    Then you describe an evil inhumane action !

    Apparently eyewitness accounts and Historical documentation that corroborate with each other are not good enough for you. Too bad.

    If you cannot accept the truth that is your problem, if you cannot even look for it that is an intellectual problem that will be transformed into a Spiritual problem in the future.

    Jack just prove to yourself that Satan/Devil/Lucifer is real, there is plenty of proof out there, then you can extrapolate what the opposing entity is.

    Or you can continue in ignorance with no plausible explanation for your thoughts and lazy research skills and lack of discernment of Spiritual topics.

    The next time I post something of a Spiritual nature why don’t you come up with a referenced retort that supports your point of view and proves your point. Your concept of reality is lacking fundamental evidence or refutation. Good luck !

    2 Thessalonians 2:10-13
    And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. …

  10. @ tresnegistus

    Jesus’ legs were not broken because he had already died. “It is finished.” Read the Scriptures. They broke the legs of the other two because sundown was coming and Jewish law decreed that no dead bodies hang after sundown on a Sabbath day. Passover, middle or the week, he rose from the dead Saturday after three full days in the grave on another Sabbath day , Saturday and then after taking care of some Spiritual business in Sheol he ascended to heaven on another Sabbath day, First Fruits on Sunday. Then he came back and for 40 days showed himself to thousands fulfilling prophesy and adhering to the Feast calendar.

    Christ’s Resurrection Was Not on Sunday https://rcg.org/books/crwnos.html

  11. Solomon was Pharaoh Amenhotep the 3rd
    Moses was Pharaoh Akhenaten
    David was Pharaoh Thutmose the 3rd

    These were among the last Pharaohs of Egypt and were crypto Hyksosians (ancient zewz). They would be the equivalent to today’s traitors to America: Trumpenstein, Obummer, Bush, Clinton, etc…

    Solomon & the Hebraic Hijacking of Egypt

    King David as Pharaoh Thutmose

    More Precision Parallels Between Hebrew Heroes & Egyptian Pharaohs

    Uncovering the Real History of Hebrews in Ancient Egypt

    These last Pharaohs ran the Egyptian empire into the ground like the US is being run into the ground by its zewish infil-traitors.

  12. I have to laugh at how stupid jews are
    The wailing wall, is not even jewish, it was built by the romans with christian slave labour

  13. Everyone here seems to have their own “big brain” opinion of what happened but know one knows what actually happened. For Fezter and Kollerstrom it’s all speculation. What these “experts” are doing here is confusing people even more.

  14. It is sick that Northern Europeans were forcibly turned away from their ethnic folk faith and converted to the worship of a Hebrew tribal god. Carolyn Emerick has many talks on this subject, for those who are tired of Jewish fakery. She also suggests several solutions. Search engine time!

  15. Prophet Soleiman (ع) or as you know him Solomon, was a prophet and king. He was the youngest son of prophet David (ع). Unfortunately there is so much wrong information to defame and ridicule prophets of God and ascribe bad evil deeds to them!

    At the time people were too much into worshiping Djinns (Demons) and sacrificing to them; so what Solomon did was to enslave all of them by God’s will! And he forced them to build a huge place of worship for the true one God. People saw how pathetic those Djinns were, they were afraid of him so much, Djinns brought huge stones to build such places. Solomon died while sitting on his thrown, he was holding a cane by both hands so his body did not fall, he was in this position for a few days, some Djinns were saying to one another why he does not move, doesn’t he want to eat something or go take a piss? The other Djinns would say shut up, this is his new game just do your work or else he will punish us again! Until termites eat through the cane and it breaks and his body falls. People saw this that Djinns were unable to see the truth or predict future as they used to. Finally Djinns realized they had become free as their captor had died! So their leader Eblis, Shaitan or as you call him Satan who is the oldest Djinn and the severest in enmity towards humanity, decided to hide some magical tomes that teach how to interact with Djinns under his thrown, so later people would say he was not prophet of God, in fact he was just a magician dealing with Djinns! So the Masons that made the sanctuary (Temple) had become free so they were now Free Masons! Fast forward in time, Knights Templars ransacked the place and discovered the those tomes, and learned the way to contact Djinns, they later became Freemasons!

    This is not a fairy tale. In the coming years when you will see more of these Djinns you all shall know for sure. Most of mental problems such as Bipolar people and Schizophrenics are suffering from these Djinns. They are beings of this world made of energy (smokeless fire as Quran explains) however they can intarct with the world, move heavy things fast, cause winds, etc… but their most amazing ability is to interface with human brain and cause “very real” hallucinations or steal information and create dreams during sleep. People lacking faith generally do things (sins) that inadvertently prepare conditions for being influenced by Djinns. For example drinking alcohol, them and their homes being constantly 24/7 in the state of ceremonial impurity, etc… Humans are “potentially” superior to Djinns.

    Mosad use Djinns to gain information from their enemy. One wonders how it is that for example they have not managed to beat a group like Hezbollah! Maybe they know how to protect them against the Djinns? Sure they do!

    Some fortune-tellers use Djinns to gain information from a victim, and then using that information to convince them into spending more and more money in exchange for predicting future, however for the Djinns they can no longer eavesdrop in higher heavens, so their predictions are randomly true only half the times!

    There are good Djinns too, but most of them are bad. Hollywood has been preparing the ground for their normalization and eventual public acceptance for a long time.

  16. Djinns also eat your energy! In particular when you are frightened, sexually aroused (Lust), or angered; in such states when you feel that “gut-wrenching-sensation” it means you are leaking energy and could become a prey! Good Djinns can heal and give energy too.

    So yes… they really hate Solomon for enslaving the Djinns! If you can get some help from Djinns without bending over be my guest, otherwise you better watch out as they ask for things, eventually for very very very bad things, such as blood of an innocent child! Imagine what bastards that are now running the world do every day to get powers from them. They go at that wall not for the glory of God and his prophet Solomon against evil Djinns, no they want to rebuild a new temple for Satan. After all they found those tomes under his thrown!

  17. @Truthy1

    quote: “Jack just prove to yourself that Satan/Devil/Lucifer is real, there is plenty of proof out there”

    My “problem” is that I don’t believe in unproved things like the Devil The devil in the Bible is made up fiction. There is no devil (besides Jews) and there is no hell (except earth); Belief in the devil and hell manifest here right now as those things.

    see this http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=201953#comment-943994

  18. It’s not “thrown”, It’s “Throne”!