Doug Casey on What the Elites at Davos Are Really Up To

Introductory Background – Feb 1, 2020

Interestingly a key talking point at Davos in 2012 was how “migration could be managed”, ostensibly, “for the benefit of all”. Of course the real beneficiaries from mass migration aren’t the host nations, which end up with rising unemployment and welfare budgets. Not to mention rising crime and racial-ethnic tension.
Nor do the migrants benefit. The best many of them can hope for is poorly paid menial work, if they are lucky, or they may end up subsisting on welfare handouts or drifting into petty crime.

Migrants wait aboard a partially punctured rubber boat during a rescue operation off the coast of Libya. Click to enlarge

No, the real beneficiaries from mass migration are the sort of powerbrokers who attend the Davos meetings. Like William Lucy Swing, Director of the International Organisation for Migration, who in 2012 argued that migration was the “third wave of globalization” and that it should be properly managed.
That’s quite a coincidence. For William Lucy Smith argued his case just before mass-migration from war-torn countries in the Middle East into Europe began in earnest. Did he know that boatloads of migrants would soon be crossing the Mediterranean to escape conflict?
That’s a serious question because the conflicts in Syria and Libya, which initially sparked the migrant exodus, were fuelled by the Western powers and their allies in Saudi Arabia the gulf states. Was it an accident that efforts to oust Syria’s President Assad really started to hot up in 2012-2013? Or did Lucy Smith know that some sort of migrant crisis was about to unfold in advance?
Meanwhile working hand-in-glove with William Lucy Smith are philanthropists’ like George Soros, who has funded organisations to help migrants enter Europe.
Apart from regime change in Libya and Syria, was mass migration into Europe from these conflicts part of the wider game plan? If that is indeed the case, what are the elites planning for next?
Here’s Doug Casey’s take.

Doug Casey on What the Elites at Davos Are Really Up To

Doug Casey – International Man

International Man: It’s that time of the year when a bunch of out-of-touch, self-anointed elites gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

It’s where they discuss the big issues of the day. The most influential world leaders attend, as do the CEOs of the largest companies, leaders in the mainstream media, and top academics. Central bankers attend too, along with a wide assortment of celebrities.

What do you make of Davos and the people who attend it?

Doug Casey: Davos is an “invitation only” event for the “elite.” The usual suspects, and almost uniformly horrible people. These people form a subculture. They’re all members, or hangers-on, of various Deep States. They prefer to associate with other people they consider to be peers. If it turns out you don’t share their worldview, you won’t get invited back.

It’s basically a love fest for the international ruling class. They like to get together, hang out, and schmooze, because they all know about each other, even if they don’t know each other personally. Talking about “important” issues with other “important” people gives meaning to their lives. That’s the essence of what goes on at Davos and similar conclaves.

Now, I know the conspiracy types say, “These people have gotten together to conspire against all of us little people.” And some of that undoubtedly happens. That’s nothing new. In The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith pointed out that whenever people in the same business get together, they always conspire against the public. Of course. That’s human nature. It’s normal. What do you expect?

But it’s not a conspiracy. The fact is that people with the same education, worldview, and economic status tend to think alike. And tend to help one another. It’s not some kind of conspiracy, any more than is a meeting of a local Lion’s Club.

A couple of years ago, I was mistakenly invited to attend a similar very elitist and globalist conference event in New York. It was made up of exactly the same people who show up at Davos and conferences like it.

I found that I didn’t like them. And I strongly suspect they didn’t like me, even though I was on my best behavior. But that’s nothing new. I occasionally get invited to dinner parties in Aspen, with the same kind of people. But usually not more than once. Why might that be? Well, as you know, I say what I think. And that’s usually at odds with what the Masters of the Universe think.

International Man: In previous years, we’ve seen the people at Davos promote various themes that later became policy.

For example, negative interest rates, the abolition of cash, and promoting mass migration were all hot topics at Davos before governments around the world started implementing them.

What is going on here?

Doug Casey: These people are the self-righteous epitome of the Establishment. They’re absolutely opposed to free minds and free markets. They are, however, in a position to influence the policies of the governments that control much of the world’s economy. And they do. It doesn’t matter how much money and power they have; humans are genetically wired to want more. Now that, in itself, is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing. It’s responsible for taking humanity from beating on earth with sticks to sending rockets to the other planets.

The problem is that these people are not just willing, but anxious, to use coercion—the State—to get what they want. They camouflage their intentions with massive virtue signaling. For some time, they’ve directed their attention to fixing the planet.

In fact, the bigshots at Davos aren’t going to fix anything, except maybe a few elections. They don’t even understand the problems. But it’s not hard to understand their motives. Everybody, including the African goatherder with flies buzzing around his face, wants to be a bigshot. That’s true even if you only hang out at the local bar or the local Rotary Club. If you’re running with the big dogs, however, you probably want to be a bigshot at Davos.

In years past, mass migration was a major subject for them. Not the migration of Europeans to the Americas in the 19th century, however. Those were mobile, aggressive, opportunity-seeking people who wanted to leave stagnant and repressive cultures for personal freedom. They had zero in the way of state support.

Very unlike the migrants coming to Europe today, who aren’t being attracted by opportunity so much as welfare benefits and the soft life. They know Western Europe is a massive welfare state that provides free food, housing, medical care, schooling, and living expenses to all comers.

Today’s migrants are mostly unskilled, poorly educated, and many have a bad attitude. They—justifiably—hold their new host countries in contempt. The question arises why—since they’re almost all Muslims—they aren’t being welcomed by places like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, or Brunei, which are wealthy Muslim countries.

There was a massive surge of migrants to Europe in 2015. But that was, I believe, just an overture to what’s coming. What we’re talking about here is the migration of millions of people of different languages, different races, different religions, different cultures, and different modes of living. If you’re an alien and you’re 1 out of 100, or 1,000, or even 10,000, you’re a curiosity, an interesting outsider. And you’d have to integrate into the new society. But an influx of millions of migrants can only destroy the old culture. And guarantee antagonism—especially when the locals are forced to pay for it.

It’s comparable to what happened 1,600 years ago with the migration of the Germanic barbarians into the Roman Empire. But potentially much more serious. The migration policies popular with the Davos crowd are creating minor chaos now, but world-class chaos is in the wings over the next decade. The population of Africa is growing by tens of millions per year while the population of Europe is collapsing. It will be interesting to watch London transform into Lagos North, as Paris starts looking like Kinshasa.

Another item that’s always on their agenda is central bank monetary policies. I’ll make a bet that Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is very much in the cards. MMT amounts to the basically unlimited creation of currency units to finance whatever governments want. It’s essentially Keynesianism on steroids. It seems inevitable because all the major governments are actually bankrupt. And the Deep State—Davos types—would far prefer to see things financed with inflation than taxes, because that could take stock markets much higher. And make corporate bailouts much easier.

Editor’s Note: There’s no question the elite are eager to promote policies like negative interest rates, the abolition of cash, and mass migration. These trends are in motion, and are accelerating at a rapid rate.

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    As a single parent and having no grandparents to help and no family nearby my appreciation of my very few friends who gave me support and their time when you were children growing up is never forgotten.
    Last generation was labelled the me society because family values were tossed aside and ” me me me “became the word.
    Now we have the robot society living life through technology.
    It has changed the way we live and communicate.
    For my generation having company was nice to chat and share. Now you see people in resturants sitting opposite and ignoring companions on their eyepads and phones.
    To have guests visit and not have a conversation was regarded as rude and bad manners.
    In most towns now the Library post office police station corner shop pub dentist doctors sugery rail and bus service has been taken away.
    peoples next door neoighbours do not speak English, as have become strangers in our own land.
    Most women and many men are afraid to go out after dark, as the police service has been disbanded.
    A study recently showed that children spending time with grandparents helps their developement and well being.
    I believe the increase in mental illness in children is linked to impaired social interaction. More kids living in high rise flats with no or little outside space to play and parents both having to work to have enough to live on, plus the vile subliminals on violence and homosexuality in childrens cartoons and prorammes. The family in the past gave kids a sense of roots and belonging and a sense of security.
    What has happened to our once great country.?

  2. Imagine a world without Jews, all above claims would be obliterated..

  3. Sarah, it is happening in every Western nation and it began with TV making us passive, less social, vulnerable to social engineering, all militating against our core values which used to unify us. One neutralized these values have been systematically replaced with their virtual opposites which the elites appear to want us to have. With all of our technology, including the internet, the vast majority which used to constitute the middle majority of any Western nation, has never been so fractured and so easily manipulated.

    The Davos crowd are minions of the ruling financial establishment which has a number of common goals: the main one being to radically reduce world population, which is a multifaceted movement which they have been promoting since the 1960’s; next they want a one-world bank like the US Fed where trade in the new currency will be enforced militarily like with the US petrodollar; and, as for mass migration to the West to ensures more local fracturing and globalist enticement in third-world nations, together with more low cost labor in the West, and also for nations surrounding Israel simply “land clearances”.

    Many of the polices being pushed on the public in the name of “openness” amount to deliberate social fracturing for easier control of the masses, and for population reduction, like with the campaign to diversify human sexuality designed to further remove it from secure and stable family life and to reduce human reproduction. The only place these things are discussed now is on the internet, where everything is being monitored. There is no organized movement to take back our nations or our lives. The establishment plan for the world envisions more control and regulation of global resources and the people for the benefit mainly of the few, with silk roads and vast parks and wilderness areas everywhere.

  4. Probably worth knowing:

    Douglas Robert Casey[1] (born May 5, 1946[1], in Chicago, Illinois) is an American writer, speculator, and the founder and chairman of Casey Research.[2] He describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist[3] influenced by the works of novelist Ayn Rand.
    More on the wikipeddalrs page but plenty for me …

    BTW anarcho-capitalist? What’s that? A euphemism for mother-effer?
    What sort of truth are you seeking from somebody like Casey?

  5. Yeah its a sad story, but additional to that they totally ignore climate changes, and make only empty promises stop Co2 emission till 2050. But then it will be tooooo late!!And they will be very old then or death, so they dont make it to their duty!!
    But global warming comes, faster than ever before, bcs the emissions make it burn faster and hotter!! And we are those who will suffer, who have to fight for their life!!
    Be prepared, bcs they will probably not help you!!
    And the dwindling and burning forests will make it come much earlier too!! Better we all learn how to live outside……!

  6. You’ll be starving Chiara and will be concentrating on trying to survive rather than putting unnecessary thought into a lie.
    They put global warming on the table knowing the opposite is happening that way as they announce(confess) to geo-engineering they(powerful) can assure the powerless(you) they fixed the problem and that’s all CCI(climate crisis Inc) is all about. You buy into it you get sold. Or rather you become a patent in their possession.
    Global warming is certainly living up to its claim the world is heating up but only in the clash of civilizations sense. Truly a war between the powerful and powerless.

  7. @chiara you’re on the wrong forum. This is for people who are can think for themselves, not for sheeple. Stay tuned and you’ll learn real news. Otherwise go back to Reddit or whatever and talk about climate change and veganism. In case you didn’t know: Reduce CO2 = we all starve. Humans are carbon based life forms.