Prince Andrew and Epstein ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell have a pact to save each other from jail, pal claims

Sarah White – The Mirror Jan 28, 2020

Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts aged 17 and Ghislaine Maxwell. click to enlarge

PRINCE Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell have a ‘mutual protection pact’, according to a pal of Jeffrey Epstein’s madam who still speaks to her in hiding.

The Brit socialite, accused of procuring underage girls for billionaire paedophile Epstein, is said to have confided in her friend that she has an agreement with the Queen’s favourite son that they won’t spill the dirt on each other.

The news comes a day after Prince Andrew was publicly shamed by US law chief Geoffrey Berman over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal for providing ‘zero co-operation’ with attempts to interview him.

This is despite the Duke of York, 59, insisting in a statement last year that he was ‘willing to help’ in the investigation into his former pal who killed himself last year while awaiting trial for alleged sex trafficking.

But Laura Goldman, a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell and her sister Isabel, told Sun Online: ‘Prince Andrew will never testify. The Duke of York and Ghislaine have a mutual protection pact. She told me herself after his doomed BBC Newsnight interview last year.

‘When he said that he would agree to be interviewed by the FBI at the time, Ghislaine said afterwards that the palace didn’t want Andrew to testify as it would cheapen the British monarchy.

‘She said that it would take away the royal family’s sense of mystery if Andrew faces a court hearing like any ordinary person would.

‘Ghislaine says that Andrew doesn’t know anything about the case against Epstein anyway. She feels it would just be a stunt to satisfy the media if he was asked to testify.

‘But this all comes back to the fact that both Prince Andrew and Ghislaine would protect each other, no matter what they face.

‘It looks to me like Ghislaine might be becoming even more of a target in this case now than she ever was before. Otherwise why would they want to talk to Andrew now anyway? It must be because they want to quiz him on Ghislaine as she’s his closest link to all this.’

The family friend says that Ghislaine is exercising and reading to keep herself busy while she remains hidden from the public spotlight, where she’s said to be ‘doing OK and maintaining her ‘wisecracking’ sense of humour.

Ghislaine has always denied being a pimp for Epstein.

Laura added: ‘Ghislaine is doing OK. She spends her time exercising and reading. She’s handling everything as well as could be expected.

‘Of course she isn’t enjoying high society partying like she once did, but she’s in much better spirits than you might think. And she still has her sense of humour so that keeps her going.

‘I remember her joking, ‘don’t you know I’m going to a ball tonight?’ So she can still laugh and make wise cracks like she always did.’

Laura has continued to maintain contact with Ghislaine and her sister Isabel, despite no confirmed public sightings of Ghislaine since last August.

The daughter of the disgraced late media mogul Robert Maxwell had allegedly been seen for the last time outside a Los Angeles burger restaurant last summer but the authenticity of photographs taken of her there have been disputed ever since.

However, Ghislaine’s sister Isabel remains ‘upset’ with the Maxwell family’s continued fall from grace thanks to Ghislaine’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

Laura continued: ‘Isabel says that she’s glad that the FBI are at least investigating the case now as the truth will come out and her sister’s name will eventually be cleared. She calls Epstein ‘evil Epstein’. She literally says, ‘the truth will out’.

‘However, she remains upset that the family name is still being dragged through the mud. Normally they would all be celebrating with the stars during the Hollywood awards season. But as things stand they’re still having to remain in hiding until Ghislaine can resurface with her reputation restored once again.’

Yesterday US attorney Geoffrey Berman held a dramatic press conference outside Epstein’s former Manhattan mansion where he revealed that the FBI have contacted Prince Andrew’s attorneys and requested an interview but ‘to date, Prince Andrew has provided zero co-operation.’

The briefing sparked fury from representatives of Epstein’s sex abuse victims, including Virginia Roberts Giuffre, 36, who claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew three times as a teenager after being trafficked to him by Epstein.

The royal has vehemently denied her claims.

Sigrid McCawley, who represents Virginia Roberts Giuffre, said: “Prince Andrew should take most seriously the deeply held belief in this country that no one is above the law.

“Prince Andrew’s continued refusal to cooperate with the authorities after freely acknowledging that he would be prepared to answer enquiries raises even more questions about the role he played in the international sex trafficking ring Jeffrey Epstein and others operated.”

Jack Scarola, another lawyer representing the mum-of three, told The Sun last night: “It is obvious that Prince Andrew is persisting in a pattern of non-cooperation which has now been going on for years.

“I would certainly believe that he should recognise his moral obligation to participate in the search for the truth

“With all that the victims of Jeffrey Epstein have been through – over so many years – I would say that they expected nothing different.”

Prince Andrew and Prince Charles’ representatives have been approached by Sun Online but have declined to comment.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal representatives have been approached but have also declined to comment.

Just two days ago, Prince Andrew’s former protection officer Paul Page told how Ghislaine Maxwell visited Prince Andrew up to four times a day at Buckingham Palace and enjoyed picnics with him in the grounds.

Mr Page said that he was first made aware of Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew’s friendship in 2001.


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  1. “It would take away the Royal Family’s sense of mystery”? Really? There is nothing mysterious about the so-called royal family. By his behavior, this so-called prince Andrew tells the world there is absolutely nothing mysterious about the royal family. Now to demystify the so-called mystery (by the Prince’s own behavior). The prince has a Dick (it is claimed he has fathered two daughters), he fucks underage girls and then pretends he does not know where his DICK has been (a royal mystery). He tells the world he eats Pizza and he drives a car to collect the Pizza (a royal mystery). He is a friend (was) of someone called J.Epstein (prince’s own words) he sleeps over at his friend’s place when in NY.NY. There is a picture (lead into the article above) with the prince’s arm around a young woman called Virginia Roberts and in the background, someone called Ghislaine Maxwell (the smirking Hyena) affectionately known as the “Royal Pimp”. The prince tells the world that “that is not his arm” around Ms. Virginia Roberts’s waist, he does not recognize the arm as belonging to him, so it can’t be him. He says nothing about his own face being there (a royal mystery), a normal person would probably recognize his own face. He tells the world he would cooperate with authorities to get to the bottom of this mystery that he knows nothing about and then he refuses to cooperate with authorities about the mystery he knows nothing about. Quite a Royal mystery? So life goes on as normal in the royal family and we see the Prince rolled out onto a balcony at Buckingham Palace waving in a robotic manner to an adoring faceless crowd (another royal mystery). The prince is seen in a RED Military uniform (another royal mystery) along with many others claiming to be the so-called royal family. The Queen (bee) looks somewhat spent as she waves to the mysterious crowd beyond her gaze, Prince Charles looks as if he should be herding goats on the Lawns of Buckingham Palace, and so persist the traditions and sense of mystery of the Royal Family. The real mystery is how these so-called Royals have managed to maintain the illusion of respectability for so long and a lifestyle paid for by the mindless and faceless public.

  2. When the class action of almost 100 boys against Greville Janner was gaining ground, his solicitor got hold of all the boys names and adresses, each was told, if you continue with this, you and your family and freinds will be sued for their homes and everything they own and will be hounded by the press for the rest of your lives
    almost all dropped out. Janner and his hewish homosexual gang were protected by the Board of British deputies who actually run this country, they then threw the Muslim gangs under the bus and it all came out about what they had been up to for years
    This board of British deputies is the government behind the government these two will never face trial
    its up to the people to get their vengeance