The Depopulation Agenda – Bill Gates Plan to Kill You

Truth Matrix – Feb 17, 2017

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  1. This stuff should be taught in all our schools, and we also need a revolution very very soon or we are done.

    Is it true that Gates owns the patents to the Coronavirus strain and the vaccine? If so then this is bigger than any 9/11 or US terrorism through ISIS. It is global mass murder.

  2. Imagine you have many billions of dollars and are trying to get many more, how do you view the useless eaters that want to take your ill gotten gains away?

    If you google “bill gates net worth”

    Bill Gates · Net worth
    $109.99 billion USD

    You hire some top notch thinkers to help you with your predicament, and they tell you your future wealth could be secured by a future in vaccinations, hint hint nod nod. In the presidential primary some of the socialistic leaning candidates start talking about a wealth tax.

    Remember those Georgia Guidestones? Earth pop should be 500 million not the current 7.5 billion. So how do you get there, where the pop is taken down without a destruction of the infrastructure? Vaccinations my friends, vaccinations. But you need help carrying out your plan. That’s when your buddies in Tel Aviv become invaluable in wealth preservation.

    The beauty of a bioweapon is that it can be made in a garage and delivered while on holiday sight seeing tour. I find it interesting that Israeli general accuses China about releasing the coronavirus:

    Israel’s Coronavirus Claims
    “Dany Shoham—a former Israeli military intelligence officer—recently claimed that China had intentionally leaked the new coronavirus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

    Israel, the king of false accusations, false flags, and nasty deeds done dirt cheap, accuses China of nasty deed. Uh huh.

  3. Climate Alarmist Bill Gates starts off his presentation with a pseudoscience formula

    CO2 = P x S x E x C which is People times Services per person times Energy per service times Carbon Dioxide per energy per service

    Bill Gates says our goal is to reduce CO2 to Zero yet is promoting vaccinations to save children – each child increases CO2, this is a direct contradiction unless his vaccinations reduce children.

    Is Bill Gates really trying to save children because he is a humanitarian, or is his vaccination program depopulation warfare?

    Life on earth thrives with CO2, lots of CO2 = lots of life. Trying to reduce CO2 because you are part of a anti-CO2 eco cult that views exhalation as pollution, is insane.

    CO2 is not a pollutant and it is not a problem. Apparently genius Bill Gates doesn’t understand that with CO2 we would be all dead. His thinking is warped, what he is saying is like this, we should reduced food production to zero to save the earth. Reducing CO2 to zero is just like reducing food production to zero with same outcome. Mass genocide.

    I would also note that Bill Gates has a plan to blot out the sun with upper atmosphere aerosol spraying nano particles.

    I have a formula for Mass Genocide MG

    W10 windows 10 spyware

    CT Chemtrails

    Bill Gates BG

    VC VaCcinations

    Mass Genocide = W10 x CT x BG x VC

  4. Here is the video in which Bill Gates explains his formula

    Bill Gates Formula CO2 = P x S x E x C

    He says right off our goal is to reduce CO2 to zero. Bill Gates must be challenged on his assumption that we should reduce CO2.


    (reproductive services is liberal code for sterilization and abortion)


    Making it our goal to reduce CO2 to zero is crazy on the face of it. Reducing CO2 to zero will be mass genocide. Everything we do makes CO2.

    Mad man Bill Gates MUST BE STOPPED!

  5. Yet this scum of the dark pit, is allowed to live, …is it not time to eradicate the elite filth from the face of this planet?
    How long does humanity have to endure such satanic evil, before he rises to take his rightful place as the true masters of this earth, under our Lord God? not servants to satanic evil.

  6. @vivian polics, “How long does humanity have to endure such satanic evil, before he rises to take his rightful place as the true masters of this earth, under our Lord God?”

    What “lord god” would lay the groundwork for such insanity, while nurturing the belief through “his” religions that the faulty operating system we were bequeathed is not only our nemesis, but also our fault?

  7. Wuhan Cataclysm Report

    “Wuhan China got first complete up and running 5G one year ago, Feb. 1, 2019.”

    “What is 5G’s relationship to the “coronavirus”?

    Let’s ask Bill Gates…
    [转发ENG SUB] Chen Qiushi: Wuhan is short of test kits, beds; the outbreak is serious…but it could be related to 5G more than a virus…

    Have you been wondering what the Taygetean Pleiadians have found out about this pandemic? Well here is the answer you’ve been looking for:

    Corona Virus – Taygetean Pleiadian Findings: Threat or Hoax?

    On another front in the Great War on Bullshit (GWB)…:

    Chain interviewer, Sarah Westall, appears to believe full-retard, David Janda, on the subject of “mass murdering terrorist, Qassem Soleimani”..!.???..:

    Soleimani Led Deep State Terror, Gen Vallely Defused WW3 & Deep State Furious
    with Dave Janda – Sarah Westall gets “triggered” over and over.
    The Comment section goes on hair-trigger alert…{{{smiles}}}

  8. Bill Gates should be investigated for wars crimes
    47.500 cases of paralysis – death cases after polio vaccination in India .

    An now that guy has been given patent for the “coronavirus ”

  9. Who owns Mr Bill? Mr. Bill and his nearly 110 billion USD.

    Mr Bill is practically owner of everything. He thinks he is god (doG-mA) for his big plan is to take away CO2 from the planet so he can live in “his peace” on “his planet” with his fellow Ashkenazis without all these useless eaters.
    Their next step might be to kill all the green men on other planets? Who knows!

    This mad man (doG-mA) has to be stopped.

  10. Some are saying that vaccinations destroys the body’s ability to produce GcMAF. In which case I think we may also factor in the suppression of cancer treatments into the population agenda. I keep thinking the billionaires are the frontmen and the trillionaires the puppet masters… On one level it’s about profit, on a higher I believe it is about population reduction.

    Something else to consider why the powers that be want population reduction is automation. Before machines, elites would use slaves or de facto slaves to produce goods and services. The masses are now surplus to requirements. The elites still need to maintain their hierarchical control. One way of doing this is creating a pluralistic society that is divided along ethnic lines rather than class lines. Those at the top no longer face a united challenge. The resulting friction – eg terrorist events – create the “need” for greater surveillance and policing.

  11. I hope people understand this about the Jew.
    When they finally possess dominion and it’s still a big if that will happen but if they actually achieve it, after a while you know they are going to claim they created creation. It is coming down the pipeline.

  12. This was a 100% attack on China’s population and silk road initiatives by the western forces.
    If you can’t see that by now then obviously you like your head in the sand. Notice the second tier of the PRC apologised to Israel not the leaders of government. The business sector administration apologised not the representatives of the people.
    Mr Bill got kicked out of India it doesn’t always go his way. When this has run its course there will be no stopping China’s silk road meeting up with Russia’s Eurasian plans. Revenge of he heartland will be twice as sweet now.
    Billy boy and crew put this out there it seems a last resort measure as they are running out of juice in the tank.
    Imagine if we created similar and went an infected north Africa and the ME wouldn’t that put a spanner in their immigration plans and wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the west reacted. The shear racism on display regarding China has been nothing short of disgusting from the right to left to the supposed central they are all uniting in their racism how ironic. And I wonder how they would spin it if infected Muslims started arriving in the west on mass.
    China is now a super clean place if any diseases were to infect the world wouldn’t it be logical they came from the decaying bodies of war torn countries.
    Simply, man survived all this time without vaccination and sure we have seen societies like ours before what’s different is the accelerated retardation of society today compared to what’s come before.
    Fred B you hit that one out of the park. The best comment I have heard about this both on the net and here in the physical. Cheers.