Zionist Terror in London

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk Jan 31, 2020

Why I have withdrawn from my commitment to play at the Great 606 Jazz Club this Saturday night.

They destroyed the Labour Party, now they have launched a campaign against the British arts scene. Will they successfully abuse the moniker of anti-Semitism to destroy any place, person or organization where they sense opposition?
The 606 Jazz Club and its owner, Steve Rubie, have been subjected to a constant barrage of pressure and threats for hosting my concert. In a familiar first act,  a Jewish “member of the public” asked the 606 to explain why the club gives a [music] platform to me, whom he duplicitously  calls ‘an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier.’
The UK Jewish press avidly repeated the lies about me.  Ludicrous accusations were made. The club was told that I advocate the ‘burning of synagogues.’ I was accused of suggesting that “Hitler was right after all.” The accusations are false and, of course, unsourced as they cannot be found anywhere in my work. If I were a Hitler supporter who urged burning synagogues, certainly these campaigners would have used Britain’s strict hate speech laws to have me spend some time behind bars.
I have played in the 606 club for many years and Steve and I have spent many hours discussing Israel and its politics. Steve has no doubts that the accusations against me are unfounded. Yesterday  he wrote a moving  statement explaining why I am invited to play at his club on a regular basis despite the constant pressure he endures. Amazingly, Steve had to point out that The 606 is  “a music venue first and foremost. We are here to promote the best in UK music and Gilad falls in that category…” This is without regard to Steve’s disagreement with most of my political views.
Steve’s explained the basic core western value that political disagreement is no reason to stop the music. Are we to live in a land where Tories and Labour block each other’s arts events? Ridiculous. But apparently kosher in the case of supporters of Israel and its critics. The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA)  were not persuaded by the simple truth of Steve’s letter. Last night, the CAA launched its new strategy, to threaten and then harass the Jazz community, the club, that artists and the jazz audience whenever it so decides.  A few hours ago the CAA posted the this Tweet:
“Campaign Against Antisemitism will be selecting a number of future dates on which to picket the @606Club over its decision to provide notorious antisemite Gilad Atzmon with a platform.”

This should horrify every Brit, Jew and Gentile, as it horrifies me.  In 2017 a similar CAA campaign ended in a vicious attack on an audience member who suffered a serious eye injury.
This morning I decided that in the light of the CAA’s threats, I am withdrawing from the gig. I do not want to see the art scene obliterated by an insane Zionist pressure group. I certainly don’t want British artists and audiences subjected to violence. I did this despite my concerns about the consequences of bowing to anti-cultural bullies and my obligation to the British artists who have played with me for decades and whose livelihoods depends on such gigs.
Of far larger concern is that a pressure group that tweets its call for volunteers to destroy our art scene enjoys such impunity in Britain. How is it that British tax benefits granted charitable status to the benefit of the CAA that openly threatens to harass the Jazz community, its audience, venues and artists?
I deeply believe that  Britain must reinstate its liberal and universal values of tolerance and diversity, and as a first step, I intend to file a complaint against  the CAA with the Charity Commission. I ask you to examine their rules and decide if you want to do the same.
My battle for truth and freedom involves  some expensive legal services. I hope that you will consider committing to a monthly donation in whatever amount you can give. Regular contributions will enable me to avoid being pushed against a wall and to stay on top of the endless harassment by Zionist operators attempting to silence me.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

4 responses to “Zionist Terror in London”

  1. I lived in London for quite some time. I originally went down to do music. I stopped my dream of being successful (and could easily have been) due to the madness that was the music industry and the ‘musician’ in London. If you weren’t left of centre, you weren’t wanted.
    I’ve always been right wing leaning, simply because it was always common sense, compared to emotional rhetoric of the left. And Gilad is precisely that. Out of all the music artists, I came across, the most arrogant, self absorbed, narcissistic and anal were those found in the jazz community. It was an incredibly snobbish clique and never enjoyed associating with any of them quite frankly.

    Gilad states:

    “In a familiar first act, a Jewish “member of the public” asked the 606 to explain why the club gives a [music] platform to me, whom he duplicitously calls ‘an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier.’”

    So here we can clearly see that Gilad not only promotes the lie of the holocaust, but also agrees with the practice of Zionism, which is somewhat ironic because it’s all he ever, bloody, harps on about.
    I’ve no time for him. I am anti Semitic (I disagree with Zionism and the unlawful existence of Israel). I am also a holocaust denier, not a ‘death toll questioner’ but the fact, courtesy of overwhelming evidence, that there was no extermination policy on Jews; that those Jews who died, in the camps, did so as a result of natural causes, typhus and starvation, with the latter courtesy of allied bombing of supply lines and finally that the total death toll, of Jews, from the camps was around 271,000 as documented by the International Red Cross, with half being Jews. I promote the fact that those Jews, who died outside of the camps either did so fighting for Germany, or as communists against her.

    I proudly hold my head high, call Jews who promote the holocaust as liars and that I am anti semitic, in the context of the modern definition in that I really don’t like Jews and completely disagree with Zionism in every way, shape and form. I call the Jew out for what they are – natural, born liars and those who aren’t and remain silent, I call complicit in the wrong doing of the Jews, for failing to attempt to stop them from doing so.

    Gilad Atzmon is not going to get anywhere promoting the lie that is the holocaust and denying he’s an anti Semite, when it’s modern meaning is one who criticises the state of Israel and Jewish wrongdoing.
    He’s pathetic, quite frankly. A Jew/ex Jew whatever, living in London, living the Vida Loca, playing his Jazz with other Jazz snobs, whom I can tell you, with absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that every one of them will be 100% behind multiculturalism, multiracialism, open borders, feminism, LGBTQ and every other weapon that the Jew has been using to obliterate western culture and the many nations that make it.

    I just get tired and truly try to understand why Rixon gives this man a platform. Let him blow his saxaphone and whine on about Jews trying to destroy his living. I’d rather he packed his bags, f*cked off back to Israel and plied his trade over there, instead of being here, as an immigrant, promoting the demolition of the west through everything stated above, yet called a good guy because he speaks up for the Palestinians, yet won’t deny the very tool, the holocaust, used by the Jews, to gain privilege in the west and allow them to get away with all the wrong they do.

  2. The Zionists who purport to represent all Jewish people (and they don’t) are perhaps like the entire tribe, the smartest ethnic group on the planet, even surpassing the ancient Greeks. They have certainly used their smarts for incredible self-advancement on the world stage, as a priority, as is their right, and they have also made huge contributions to the world at large. However, so great has been their advancement especially over the past 150 years, there appear to be few nations in the West whose finances, media, and major industries which are not controlled by the Masonic cabal run by mainly the Zionists, and Rothschild financial control.

    It is not jealously about the concentration of smarts, wealth and power over the masses in more subordinate positions which is the issues. It is the fact that the masses under such control no longer have the control of their own nations, their own lives and their own destinies. Those waking up and trying to assert some truth and common sense into their own affairs are no longer content with the bread and circus routine from the central cabal. They want self-determination and they will have it, regardless of what family or group is in their way.

    Perhaps to counter criticisms of concentrating more and more wealth and power under their exclusive control, for exclusive ends and self interest, we find more altruistic and universalistic movements, like communism spawned in various nations like Russia, which many sources say would not have got off the ground without the huge financial, political and media support of the Zionist dominated Western cabal.

    On one hand (the right), we see a religion of exclusiveness providing a common identity and serving to keep them united for thousands of years. This is hard to fault, except for the means often used and the absence of a true universalism based on the belief that all of us are God’s children endowed with fundamental inalienable rights. On the other hand (the left), we see a top-down totalitarianism preaching a god-less, materialistic utopia where the intrinsic rights of individuals are completely subordinated to the state.

    The Rothschild family takes credit for the creation of modern Israel, ignoring any condemnation of the methods. No doubt the left arm of the same financial cartel would like to take credit for the miracle of modern China – but not just yet, because China appears to have a mind of its own and will likely turn out to be another aggressive monster working entirely for excusive ethnic or tribal interests. We also now know that the money and resources to get China going has been mainly been off of the backs of Western nations which has turned our nations from creditor nations to debtor ones in the process of some 35 years. This came about only with the massive and improvident investments of our capital, equipment, technology, and unending outsourcing.

    Like in our own Western nations, the sentiments of the vast majority of the middle of the body politic of the Jewish ethnic tribe are conveniently divided towards either extreme, with what appears to be one head manipulating both hands. The general sentiment appears to be “Why rock our boat if things are going so well by rocking everyone’s else’s boat.” However, all of us know that if the vast majority of us could actually run our own nations, there would be no wars, mass media deception and crass exploitation of others. A thing like conscience would check us.

    For every inch we gain in this life violating the intrinsic and God-given rights of others, we not only add to the evil and unrest of the world but we drive ourselves further away from God and his kingdom both in this life and in the next.

  3. Yes, Gilad puts the me in the I of Zionism.
    This bloke expects me to donate because he blows a bit of brass and does nothing else. I seriously hope he does jail time it might grow the boy in the man up but we know that will never happen he ain’t got the balls.
    Twice I have been detained and held over this shit and was released because I made a mockery of the jew psychiatric system which the Freds of the world seem to think is legit. Jews are promoted disproportionate to the rest Fred that is all, to say they are smart when they scam is just stupidity in action. They have not given anything to the world of note that has truly progressed mankind, ffs look around you. They didn’t invent soap, flush toilets or any of the meaningful things we use for real progress. Trinkets to add to idolatry is what they are good for. That isn’t smart when they are caught then ostracized for it. Also Fred they aren’t kids although they behave like it, they have responsibilities and obligations to humanity as we all do not to just themselves. Don’t praise the jew who has no love for you.
    I couldn’t agree more with your superb polite way of putting it Harbinger I just call him a wanker of exceptionalism which most people are these days and leave it at that.
    His personal experiences in discrimination are nothing to what’s happening to others so he is a typically shallow on that score.
    The era of the wanker is coming to an end thou no doubt about that.

  4. Harbinger: “Emotional rhetoric of the left’. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Materialistic and lacking in emotional intellegence.