Lara Logan on the news media: “They’re all singing from the same sheet”

Fox News – April 7, 2019

3 responses to “Lara Logan on the news media: “They’re all singing from the same sheet””

  1. Look at this jew Levin….the sheer cheek of the bastard….So many people know today that Jews totally dominate the western news services….from the BBC to CNN to Fox News.

    Very likely Levin only got the job BECAUSE he is a jew….of course this is clear cut Jewish racism because people are being excluded from the media because they are not Jews.
    Both the NYT and Washingstein post RUN AT A LOSS…just like the Guardian…..all three are propped up by the Jewish billionaire class…,theoretically all three newspapers could not sell any papers at all and keep on functioning…..and theres the rub….they are no longer newspapers at all…..but propaganda sheets of the ruling class….the Jews.

  2. END GAME – The end of the West?

  3. “It is still questionable whether the amendments to the Smith Mundt Act, now allow materials created by the US Agency of Global Media, the nation’s foreign broadcasting agency to be directly disseminating in the US.
    It should be agreed that American tax payers money shouldn’t be funding propaganda for American audiences and especially that directed against US citizens, but this is effectively what is happening under the guise of Smith-Mundt modernisation act”.
    It isn’t the end of the west however just a return average we are long over due for.