The Last Days of the “Holocaust”

Eric Striker – The Unz Review Jan 29, 2020

Joseph Mengele (center). Click to enlarge

Holocaust revisionism is perhaps the most institutionally reviled, criminally punished and socially persecuted field of research in modern Western history.
Yet, on the much publicized 75th anniversary of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz, the gatekeepers of the Holocaust continue to give ground, kicking and screaming along the way.
The latest example is a new book by former Museum of Jewish Heritage director David G. Marwell, “Unmasking the ‘Angel of Death’,” which grants many revisionist challenges to the legend of Joseph Mengele.
Marwell’s work is considered the most well-researched mainstream biography of Mengele to date. In it, he cross references witness testimony from “survivors” with hard evidence and primary sources, only to conclude that their “memories” were “unreliable.” In other words, they are lying.
Stitching together humans to create siamese twins, smashing babies against train cars, attempts to transform boys into girls – all of the barbarism etched into the popular mind about a German in a labcoat, Marwell concludes, is nothing but a pack of atrocious hoaxes.
Marwell does stress that Mengele was a true-believing Nationalsocialist, which in his mind is an act of evil in and of itself. According to the book, he also at times overstepped ethical boundaries, for example when studying the effects of food deprivation on the human body, but the so-called “Angel of Death” made up for this by giving subjects superior accommodations and privileged treatment when the experiments were over. The twins and dwarves he studied were treated kindly, even if looking at living people as laboratory specimens in any context is dehumanizing. By and large, the book admits that what is commonly known about Mengele is fiction constructed by rumors, novels and Hollywood which have been held as true thanks to Jewish “eyewitnesses” substantiating the hoaxes post-hoc.
Mengele’s main achievement at the camp, which Marwell credits him for, was containing and preventing a massive outbreak of typhus at Auschwitz in difficult circumstances. Alex McNabb had previously written about this, and was attacked by Zionist commentators for it. This saved thousands of lives, Jewish and Gentile alike. Mengele was not motivated by hate and sadism. His most intimate letters and confessions show only a passion for advancing medical science.

Majdanek: No Longer a Death Camp?

Another relatively recent victory won by revisionists is a quiet adjustment by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to their page on the Nazi “killing centers,” They have been forced to admit that the Majdanek camp in Poland was not used to exterminate Jews.
The USHMM credits “recent research” for retracting what has traditionally been considered the sixth death camp. This is research dissident historians have contributed to while risking their freedoms, employment prospects and lives. The work of such revisionists has been partially archived here.
Majdanek was the first camp liberated by the Soviet Union, in 1944. There, they found Zyklon-B canisters, ovens and showers, which Soviet propagandists used to declare that over a million Jews were systematically murdered by gas. The evidence provided by the USSR were German documents that they asserted held coded references to systematic homicide gassings. The pattern is similar to what they later argued with Auschwitz, also liberated by the Soviets. Multiple camp guards and commanders were charged with war crimes and given the death penalty based on fictitious claims related to Majdanek.
This fairy tale was promoted by a variety of Jewish and some non-Jewish scholars. In recent years, the death toll itself has been drastically reduced from 1.3 million victims according to the academic Lucy Dawidowicz, to 78,000 according to the chief historian at the camp’s museum today. Revisionists hold that the numbers of people who died, largely of typhus, dysentary, etc, could be half of even that official figure.

The Immovable Force of Auschwitz

If you’ve noticed that the Holocaust story appears more centered around Auschwitz than usual, it’s because this is the last straw Holocaustians have to grasp on.
But here too, we are beginning to see official omissions of previously claimed homicidal gas chambers, for example at Auschwitz I (Stammlager), the main camp tourists visit. The USHMM now specifically distinguishes only Auschwitz II (Birkenau) as the site of homicide gassings.
Revisionists like Robert Faurisson have always contended that the gas chamber shown to visitors is a fake. Even thought the French newspaper L’Express was able to get the Auschwitz Museum to admit that the gas chambers they show to people are phony, official tour guides still present the exhibit as an authentic homicide gas chamber. On the infamous Deborah Lipstadt’s website, it says that the gas chamber isn’t a fake intended to fool visitors, it’s a “recreation” meant to be symbolic!
Auschwitz appears to be the fortress those invested in Holocaust mythology are staking their last stand on. It is impossible for them to give any more ground without the whole story collapsing.
But nothing is etched in stone. The aggressive attempt at a Zionist shakedown of Poland, as well as antagonizing its people, could put the myth in danger. The Polish government could shut them up tomorrow by inviting both revisionists and affirmers to do an unrestricted forensic analysis of all the Auschwitz facilities and grounds. I doubt the Israelis will like the results.
The sanctity of the Holocaust narrative becomes even more imperiled thanks to the in-your-face genocidal jingoism of Netanyahu and the unsophisticated political class steering the Israeli ship. International Jewry has spent much of the last 75 years using the Holocaust as the sacred myth guiding the neo-liberal globalist order.
Netanyahu today uses it as a cheap gimmick to push for Israel’s short-term geopolitical goals. The Israeli’s actively tried to make Vladimir Putin the star of this year’s Holocaust show, even though most Jews see Russia as an affront to the liberal world order. Netanyahu is desperate to do whatever it takes to pull the Russians away from their alliances in Syria and Iran so that the Israeli war machine can continue to advance.
At this point, it’s not a question of historical accuracy but of power. And only power can check power. We are living in the last days of the Holohoax.
(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)

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  1. Qwerty

  2. Well, the problem is that “Polish” government is a ZOG.

    Prime Minister is a Jewish bankster:

    One should look at this German map from 1881 to realize nature of EE problem:

    In 1915 (year of Russian census) Warsaw was 40% Jewish. Warsaw was the second Jewish city in the world after NY.

  3. I have watched 2 films which portray how evil the Germans were at Colditz
    my friends wifes dad was head of the escape committee.
    She said there was no cruelty, in fact the Germans bent over backwards to scrounge musical instruments for the band, medicines for the sick, and warm clothes.
    She said that The German people were starving, and he watched as german soldiers were picking acorns and eating them
    She said some of the men shared their Red Cross food parcels with the Germans
    she said not was parcel was interfered with or stolen, Hitler and the Germans beleved through the war that the British must wise up and realise the Russians were the real enemy
    and of course after the war this was realised.
    The records of the R A MC ( royal army medical core ) who had access to the camps and anyone who was sick, compliment Dr Mengele on his record of medical help.
    As so the vatican records spoken of by Bishop Williamson
    Nutenyahu has made several visits to putin, to make sure the TRUE Russian records on the camps are never released

  4. The Germans will never forgive the jews the Holohaux .

  5. Interesting comment above….about the ZOG of Poland…..
    So that makes both Ukraine and Poland ZOGGED.

    But it sure as hell doesnt end there….how about MOST Western nations.
    Finland has a new woman PM…..yes,before you ask,she is a crypto jew.
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    Trudeau of Canada and Morrison of Australia…yes both of them are crypto Jews and both masquerade as Christian….jacinda Ardern of NZ is a jewess and once held a Freemasons scholarship…..NZ has been flooded with one of the highest third world immigration numbers per capita in the World.NZ has become a stifling Orwellian state,where the media bombard the populace with PC propaganda every day of the week…Needless to say “persecuted jews” totally dominate NZ TV……
    Well the Poles know full well what it is like to be held in the thrall of the Jews….other Western nations are going to learn about the cost of it all…..Despite the well deserved hatred of Jews in Eastern Europe….it seems the indigenous people are unable to persuade them to go live in their own country,now that they’ve got one.Wasnt it Hitler who predicted this situation….that if Jews got their own country to live in….they wouldn’t stay there….but rather use it as a base for their criminal enterprises and to escape justice.Speaking of which….why hasnt Ghislaine Maxwell been arrested yet…eh?……but instead the media appears to be focussing on the royal dimwit Pwince Andrew

  6. @ Vespasian

    Hair color means nothing. Tzipi Livni:

    I don’t think that Kanzler Hitler was a visionary in this field. The real visionary was Mad Prophet Isaiaih (

    About Al-Quds:
    10 And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee: for in my wrath I smote thee, but in my favour have I had mercy on thee.
    11 Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.
    12 For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.

    Isaiah 60-61 presents globalist agenda.

    John Podesta’s father was Dr. Josef Mengele
    Dr. Kinsey’s meticulous published data of several hundred serial rapes of children aged infant to 15 were performed by a US-government-protected witness code named “Mr. Green,” — the same name used by Mengele in exile in the 1960 and 1970s in between the United States, Paraguay (where the President protected him due to common NAZI lineage), Argentina, Spain, Greece and other countries.

    “Shockingly, while Kinsey’s “Mr. Green” looks like one of 2 different Dr. Mengeles depicted in era photographs, he also looks precisely identical to John Podesta. The strikingly identical appearance of that serial pedophile to John Podesta
    “damning circumstantial evidence and photos virtually prove Mengele was likely secretly employed by the US government after the War as part of Operation Paperclip (in which the US clandestinely hired hundreds of NAZI scientists). There, says Gordon, Mengele served as a torturer of children for both the fledgling CIA’s MKULTRA mind control program, as well as Dr Kinsey’s groundbreaking studies of human sexuality (which depicted graphic measurements of several hundred serial child rapes). ”

    Dr. Mengele would have cringed at the thought of sending a perfectly good torture victim to the gas chamber.

  8. Oh…there’s…no business like Shoah business like no business I know…

  9. Adolf Hitler had sources deep inside the jewish underground, he knew that white people would be targetted for extinction so he gave genorous financial help to all German women to have babies, this was the real reason why the Russian soldiers were told to rape every German women between the ages of 8 and 80, to leave them with mixed race babies
    the jews had a softer way to deal with the UK, fill the country up with allsorts of the worlds refuse, put continuous subliminal adverts on the news, tv and papers showing black men with white women, and let time take its course.
    People dad by day are realising how wise Adolf Hitler really was

  10. Its’ quite simple, really; consider the Jewish mind, it’s not in any way sane; fact is, they’re invariably psychopaths, so if you believe anything a psychopath says, then you have only yourself to blame. They are the embodiment of pure (!) evil, in the extremest depths, and even further than any human mind could comprehend capable of imagining; so to even consider the Germans capable of exercising the monstrosities they give them ‘credit’ for, while building the most incredibly beautiful system for living in their own great country, where everybody worked, played, and enjoyed the fruits of their labour; was healthy in mind and body, and were probably the happiest people on the planet, with respect and regard for everything and everyone, dealing with inclusion rather than imperialism or communism; then, really; who is to be believed……..