The Enemies of Free Speech

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News Jan 28, 2020

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

2 responses to “The Enemies of Free Speech”

  1. Another great video from the BRO…..

    No wonder they are fucking around with his videos….meantime Jews in Israel keeping shooting down Palestinian children.
    If the Jews think this hypocrisy is not evident to most people….then theyre living in a dream world…BUT with their control of the media they can and do get away with it.
    Even in a small country like NZ….they totally control the media and their control of govt grows at every election……once total control is achieved things become dangerous for anyone who stands up to them.After that….they’ll start killing people.
    Currently the PM ARDERN who is most likely a crypto jew (she received a Freemasons scholarship in the early 2000’s and subsequently was employed by the war criminal Tony Blair) IS FLOODING NZ WITH A GREATER AMOUNT OF THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS (PROPORTIONATELY) THAN ANY WESTERN COUNTRY…..
    She disarms people by constantly sporting a cheesy smile….which is entirely PR…..

  2. NZ is the only place down here where I’ve seen a jew advertise he’s a jew on posters while running for parliament.
    I dunno about you vespa but that politician grin is an invite for instead death and jail for me.
    And as a son of dominion it is my freedom when I choose to do time or not.
    Adhern is CFR a Victoria Nuland or Christie Freedman type from Canada. Pure subversives and corrupt as it gets. Picked out because of their feeble minds easily controlled.
    Rumors are Adhern isn’t a she and a tranny will tell you in detail why they know it’s a he.
    Doesn’t matter anyway NZ is a zero sum game while exceptionalism reigns supreme there too.