Will David Baddiel Prove He’s a Joker, at Last?

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Jan 28, 2020

On Monday 17th February, a documentary presented by David Baddiel, ‘Holocaust Denial: A History’ will be broadcast on BBC 2. Who better to present such a history than one of the ‘chosenites’ who thinks he is a comedian?
There is a disturbing aspect to “chosenness” that one cannot help but notice.
Jews who stay with the program are a notoriously “external” people (i.e. not given to self-critical introspection).
With the internal self on conditioned auto-pilot there is a tendency for inner states to translate themselves into bio-robotic, entirely predictable behaviors in the external, superficial, gross world that we all share.
Strong evidence for this general rule is Baddiel himself and the fact he chose (and continues to choose) a career as a “comedian” in spite of the fact that nobody (I know) thinks (or ever thought) he is in the least bit funny.
Maybe with ‘Holocaust Denial’ he has discovered a subject with which he can, at last, make us all giggle helplessly.
Bet you a million quid David Baddiel does not mention, never mind investigate, a single one of the following issues in his “history”:
  1. Given that

the corpses of people who have died from cyanide poisoning are bright pink/red, why is there is not one eye-witness, prisoner or guard, who ever mentioned seeing a red corpse in Auschwitz. There should have been hundreds of thousands of them.
  1. Why there is not one single document, even a private letter from a distressed observer or participant in this horror of horrors, that refers to human gas chambers.
  1. Why did the Germans build gas chambers (six were officially ordered in May 1943, at least one of which still exists in Auschwitz but is not shown to ‘Holocaust’ tourists) to keep people HEALTHY while they [supposedly] already had another one working gas chamber for killing them. These 6 new gas chambers were for killing the lice in prisoners’ clothes. Lice were responsible for transmission of the typhoid that [officially] killed 60,000 prisoners after the first major outbreak in late summer/autumn of 1942.
  1. Germar Rudolf’s chemical investigations into the ferrocyanide content of the real hygenic gas chamber (5000ppm) and the alleged one (2-3 ppm, same as kitchens, dorms etc) inside Auschwitz.
  1. Carlo Mattogno’s analysis of the coke delivery records and the officially recorded number of cremations over the same time period.
  1. The Head of the British Psychological Warfare Executive, Victor Cavendish-Bentinck’s, 1943 letter to the BBC requesting them to stop broadcasting human gas chamber horror stories “for which we have no evidence”.
  1. The documentary by young Jewish researcher, David Cole, that kicked off the whole “denial” awareness.
(this documentary does not now show up in a YouTube search even when the full name and title of the doc is typed into the search box. Furthermore, using a link previously saved I see that the documentary has been taken down. How’s that for “truth”, Mr Baddiel?)
Here is a link to this documentary on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vAFKVGuW0QL1/


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

12 responses to “Will David Baddiel Prove He’s a Joker, at Last?”

  1. nice one Kev

  2. Typhus, not Typhoid. Different diseases.

    The media have now raised the holocaust to religious status where any criticism, or even doubt, is equivalent to heresy.

    In the long run I think proper historical and archaeological investigations will reveal the truth. The Jewish Lobby now claims first place in the hierarchy of victimhood.

  3. comedian ???? this Jew is about as funny as a burning orphanage

  4. You are of course right about David Baddiel not being the least bit funny. In fact having watched many a jewish (so called) comedian I have yet to see a genuinely funny one.
    From Jerry Lewis, Jackie Mason and the extremely un-funny Andy Kaufman to the more up to date efforts of the likes of Joan Rivers, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller none of them have a funny atom in their entire body. And then we have “Sarah Silverman”, and if you are capable of watching her pure unadulterated filth without needing to throw up, go and see a phychiatrist.

  5. “the truth is comin home…” david

  6. 6 mn?
    hes havin a laugh!

  7. Good Catch!

  8. Let’s do the maths by way of a football stadium analogy. The old Wembley Stadium held 100k fans in it’s pomp. We are told that six million Jews died in the holocaust. That’s equal to sixty Wembley Stadium’s at full capacity. The type of infrastructure that would have been required to process this many people is truly mind blowing. It’s just as well that the education system trains people not to think by destroying their reason and capacity for critical thinking.

  9. Baddiel…..at least,is not a crypto jew.Mind you he couldnt go undercover because of his appearance.Showbiz is FULL of Jews,most of whom hide this fact.
    Jimmy Saville for example pretended to be a Catholic……so did the Kray twins….so did Madeline Albright and the Egyptian mummy….the GHASTLY Pelosi.

  10. Yes, Baddiel is about as funny as a seventy five year old lie that is seventy six years past its sell by date…

    No talent whatsoever, unless having connections in the world of entertainment is a talent.

  11. You can see gas chambers in Sydney’s north head quarantine center. They look exactly the same as camp pictures.
    You can also see a real gas chamber in America and to properly gas someone is no small feat.
    They can’t gas on mass it is logistically impossible and not one trace of gas has been found at any of the camp sites. The evidence would still be there for centuries to come but it simply doesn’t exist. When the American investigators first went in to find out what truly happened they left after 3 days in disgust at the lies and their evidence of no gassing wasn’t admitted to kangaroo Nuremberg. They all died premature deaths.
    So when they go on about the holocaust the burnt offering yes it is a joke.
    Yeah British comedy what a joke. I found it funny at about 5yrs old back in the 70s but by the time the 80s came it just wasn’t funny anymore. Let’s face it our establishment is made up of kids trying to force their kiddie natures onto everyone else which most accept and become part of the infantilist ethos themselves.

  12. I picked up the emergency toilet paper this morning on the bus aka “The Metro”…David Baddiel was advertising his tour. It contained a quote from Giles Coren from the Times about how funny Baddiel was.

    Now Giles Coren is brother of Victoria Coren married to an arguably bitter and equally unfunny “comedian” of the tribe David Mitchell. So in a few lines we have a case study of Kevin MacDonald’s main thrust about Jewish cohesion and grip on power: media, nepotism, and the paradoxically, the funniest of all, “comedy”.

    I do concede that some Jewish comics are funny. This one liner from Bob Monkhouse would certainly suit the two above: “People laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian…They’re not laughing any more ! “