The Marginalization of White People

Paul Craig Roberts – Jan 28, 2020

This morning (Januay 27, 2020) on NPR I heard a white female novelist describe her difficulty in getting her novel published.  The problem was not that her novel was uninteresting or badly written.  Her problem was that one of the characters was black. Unbeknownst to her, it is now considered cultural imperialism or cultural trespassing—some such term—for a person with white skin to write about even fictional people of color.

Publishers liked her novel, but were afraid to publish it. They told the novelist that publishing her book would bring them charges of insensitivity toward blacks and be regarded as a sign of their disrespect of the maxim that only blacks can know about blacks. Her problem was not that she was writing insensitively about blacks, but that it is now considered insensitive for a white person to invade black culture by having a black character in a novel.

The novelist seemed to agree with this perspective.  Her defense was that as she had lived with a black man for many years, she was familiar with blacks and thereby qualified to have a black character in her novel.

Another woman on the program said that the way publishers are dealing with this new problem is to send the manuscript to a “sensitivity checker” who can make suggestions that if implemented gives the book a “sensitivity approval.”  She did say that even with this safeguard, the subjective nature of what is considered insensitive can still rise up and bite the publisher.

Thinking about this new constraint on the creativity of white writers, I realized that little of the great literature that we have could have been written under this rule.  For example, Shakespeare could not have written Othello.

One wonders if this is a two-way street.  Are black writers banned from having white characters in their novels?  Would this also be cultural intrusion, trespassing or imperialism? Probably not. This seems to be yet another offense of which only white people can be guilty.

The program brought to mind what I had recently read about white professors and administrators at Cambridge University in England being assigned a person of color as their monitor to make certain that language, lectures, reading lists, and university policies did not offend a sensitive student of color.

The report did not say whether black professors and administrators at Cambridge have white monitors to prevent blacks from calling whites “racist,” “white supremacists,” and so on.  If so, there will be big changes in “black studies” programs.

All of the constraints seem to be for whites only.  They alone are marginalized and have their voices muzzled and creativity limited.

One assumes that feminists will want to get in on this and that this road also will be a one-way street.  It will be gender imperialism or gender trespassing for male novelists to have female characters.

Just as whites are not blacks and cannot be trusted to write about blacks, men are not women and can’t be trusted to write about women.

University faculties punish whites for “insensitivity” toward people of color and punish white heterosexual males for “insensitivity” toward females. This happens whether the insensitivity was intended or simply in the mind of the offended. These same faculties host “women’s studies” and “black studies” in which white people are routinely described as “racist” and white heterosexual males as misogynists and rapists. I assume there are now “transgender studies” which has its own epithets to throw.  What we are experiencing is the marginalization of the majority by minorities.

What will be the result of giving protective status to the violent language of anti-white, anti-male minorities while muzzling the majority?  Why is there no public discussion of this dangerous fomenting of social disunity?


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

9 responses to “The Marginalization of White People”

  1. Using the “Black Shield” Again I see. Look up MSNBC reporter who used the n-word to describe Kobe Bryant. Then come back and tell me WE’RE over reactive to your people, and how you see US.

  2. Since Bryant bought himself out of a rape charge back in 2003 maybe the the R word would be a better description of Bryant.

  3. Why do people continue to throw money at these insane indoctrination centres in order to obtain a worthless piece of paper?

    Boycott, boycott, boycott. That’s the only way these idiots will ever be persuaded to end the lunacy. Hit them where it hurts, in the bank account.

    Whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”?

    Yes, I know words sometimes DO hurt, but that’s just a part of growing up. We have to learn to deal with it. That’s how we make the transition from childhood to adulthood.

    NOBODY is as sensitive as the half-wits in power like to pretend in their endless demonisation of (exclusively) White People.

    We need to tell our children to GROW UP. BE A MAN (or a Woman). Stop endlessly whining about what “might” offend some retard somewhere. We Whites have to put up with far worse throughout our lives.

  4. Here is Part 1 of a debate between Frank Raymond who espouses Nationalism and Rakesh Wadhwa who espouses Libertarianism.

    Frank Raymond – Fraudulent Constructions of the Meaning of Nation & State

  5. a very white name, “James”…
    are you trying to hijack our culture by adopting some “white” respectability?

  6. You have to say that the inherent differences between ethnic groups sharing the same living space is fraught enough. Sometimes we even get along with each other!

    The thing is this: it’s almost as if the establishment is getting out a big bloody spoon and stirring the pot on purpose to push whites finally over the edge.

  7. @ Neil The “victim” if U can call it that. Was looking for a PAYDAY. All ho’s do.

    @bibble U couldn’t PAY ME ENOUGH to wanna PASS for a saltine. Ur time has come 2 an end. And now, Ur just looking for a replacement.

  8. James it is clear in this day and age who is using racism as a shield. If you buy into it your black account will fall into the red quicker than a jew to a dollar in a trash bin. Black or white. A black boy was just acquitted for murder of a white boy and is now considered a hero among your people. That’s disgusting and cheap trash infantilist thinking. A white lady will probably be acquitted in Australia for burning her husband to death in his armchair with accelerate. She will be a hero to the feminists I have the same disgust there so up yours.
    Do not tell me you are a victim of colonisation when you cannot explain how and why. We all are son get used to it because privilege states 21% of black people become professional while 20% of whites do. Go up further in the chain and the racism of the powerful starts to show.
    So down at this level the powerless are in the same boat get it. The powerful have no love for me as they do you please don’t be used by them.
    Whites are discriminated against now, while whites never acted in censoring black authors, artists etc anytime in history so get off the high horse you sound as haughty as a middle class spoilt white, teenage girl.
    We are in a battle between the powerful and powerless. For a modern day powerless people to feel guilt about any of this because of skin colour is one of the most absurd emotional derangements ever to befall humanity. The notion of collective guilt especially for generations past, is very silly indeed.
    Though perhaps some guilt for continuing to allow powerful people to get away with it is warranted.
    The Tautological shield is this.
    Why do I believe in blacks.
    Because I’m a good person.
    What makes you a good person.
    Because I believe in blacks.
    You have been diagnosed with triggertitus James instituted from quackademia and can say veritophobia: fear of truth and evidence you are trapped in. Your attempt at making me feel guilty didn’t work as the division tool fool.

  9. “Sensitivity checker”?!? “Sensitivity approval”?!? “White professors and administrators at Cambridge University being assigned a person of color as their monitor to make certain that language, lectures, reading lists, and university policies did not offend a sensitive student of color”?!? This is absolute INSANITY and shameful cowardice!! What were once institutions of higher learning have become dangerous loony bins and bloated museums of treachery. The snivelry and degradation is infuriating.

    If the besieged white males were to pull out of society, in an Atlas Shrugged on steroids fashion, things would crumble very quickly and descend into chaos. Those feminists, niggers, and over-reaching Jews should remember white males can be a vicious, powerful force when pushed too far.

    Political correctness is a weapon of mass destruction, cowardice of the lowest and most vile order, a pox on humanity, and the enemy of truth and freedom.