Recurring Numbers Signal Masonic Conspiracy – Jan 27, 2020

“Bill Gates says a deadly flu epidemic is one of the biggest threats to humanity. It could kill nearly 33 million people in 6 months.”
History has been continuously littered with their serial patterning. Their symbols, and the over-use of 7, 11,13, and the triples, 21, 33, 39 are repetitively used beyond any shadow of any doubt.

by Eric Rainbolt — ( 

This is an example related to the new corona virus and how Freemasonic number coding is used, this time by Bill Gates, pandemic mastermind, boasting using master number “33”, that it is soon coming: “Bill Gates says a deadly flu epidemic is one of the biggest threats to humanity. It could kill nearly 33 million people in 6 months.”
This book should have been titled “COLOSSAL CONSPIRACY – The SERIAL PATTERNING of History and Terror – Proof positive that 911 was an ‘inside job’ between the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Illuminati class and the mass media”.
It sums it all up better than any other thick and highly researched book on the topic. It was written way back in 2005 but that is far enough to prove 9-11, 3-11 (Madrid Train bombing), and 7/7 2005 (London Bus bombings) were all inside jobs to promote the war on terror. Simply look at the rest of history, and it overuse of the number 11 (i11uminati); the number 10 is most often not used and 11 is the most used number in referring to details of events or percentages, et al, in media headlines. 9-11 was the 11th year anniversary of a ”new world order’ speech given in front of Congress on 9-11 1991 by the first treasonous Bush president.

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  1. All throughout our Western nations and particularly in the most powerful ones, thousands and thousands of people who were used to carry out the central-cabal terror projects know what they have done. All of those who were involved in 9/11, the use of HAARP, the creation of Al Qaeda and ISIS, remain silent. No doubt they are all held in check by generous rewards for their loyalties and harsh punishments for any betrayal. Where would they gravitate? If they were retired they would flock together, if not they would move upwards in government-protected organizations and be involved in further atrocities.

    As historical truth unravels so do all the lies, like the fact that Japan had already accepted the US terms of unconditional surrender – to the knowledge of the Masonic American decision makers. However, these people running things wanted to make a statement to the world of the US wielding absolute power through ultimate destruction which in fact was ultimate terrorism and demonstration of Masonic supremacy. It will remain the most deliberate mass atrocity and greatest war crime of all time, carried out on innocent and helpless people. Some “historians” say that it was used to stop further advancements by the USSR, but this is only another lie. The red army had already halted at prearranged borders, the war against Germany having ended. Non-masonic elements in the US establishment and military brass wanted to drive them out of eastern Europe and liberate Russia. They could have used the threat of the bomb to drive them anywhere, before the secrets were released to them some three years later. But no, those eastern block nations which were heavily populated by non-Masonic and anti-Masonic Catholics and Protestants had to be occupied and cleansed, by the very same atheistic communist monster they fostered and supported since 1917, and the same Masonic instrument which has been used all throughout the world ever since mainly to strip away all of the religions and family-centred ideologies like Christianity and Confucianism standing in their way and their Illuminati liar Lucifer.

  2. The Jewish Kehilla is the international Jewish Network that governs the political destiny of most of the world. At the top of this satanic, Freemasonic organization sits one man, known as the King of the Jews – presently Vladimir Putin who is the designated world wide leader of World Jewry.

    The Kehilla has the world divided into Eastern and Western Hemispheres with one man sitting under the King of the Jews for both the eastern and western hemisphere and is called Sponsor. Under each of these two Sponsors sit seven Jews called Arch-Censors. This first echelon is called the 7th degree of the Kehilla. Each of these only know their leader and each other. Each of these seven have another seven under them comprising a total of 49 Cabalistic Jews. These are all called Minister and make up the 6th degree of the Kehilla.

    Each of these 49 satanic seed line of Satan have seven men under him called Herald making the 5th degree. Each of these 343 Jews have seven Jews under him called Courtiers making 2,401in the 4th degree. The principle of seven is carried all the way to the 1st degree. The 3rd degree echelon is called a Scrivener, the second degree is called an Auditor and the first degree is the seventh echelon is called a Mute.

    The Kehilla is so super-secret that beyond the initial prince of the east or west, the sponsor who knows only the seven Jews under him, none of the rest of the Kehilla members know who the others are. With this super secret, highly organized network of Jews, this powerful group can communicate world wide policies with very minimum of effort. Each of these Eastern and Western divisions of the Kehilla command about one million Jews.

    Each man merely calls the seven men below him and in a matter of minutes the entire world wide Jewish Kehilla is moving forth to do whatever is needed at any given time to enhance the serpent seed on this earth or any given act that will increase their concentration of money power, propaganda control, and the political and social domination & destruction of the Seed of the Woman – the white Christian Israel Nations of this earth – their ultimate aim.

  3. Thank you, Fred. Always appreciate your footnotes and filling-ins. And as always, thank you, dear Henry, for helping arm our minds with true truth, as we wend our way through the minefields in which lurk lies of all sorts. Mind your step indeed!

  4. See the extensive use of multiples of eleven in the reporting of false-flags events