Rabbis call for removal of church at Auschwitz

Introduction – Jan 27, 2020

A machine shop at Auschwitz. Click to enlarge

Even if we ignore questions about how many died there, or how they died, or whether Auschwitz was a “death camp” or a forced labour facility, the following report speaks volumes. Here we have a group of rabbis calling for the removal of a church at Auschwitz, as if it were an affront tantamount to sacrilege.
The thing is that thousands of Roma, ethnic Poles and other groups were also held at Auschwitz. Of these it’s estimated that as many as 100,000 died there, a good proportion of whom were undoubtedly Christian.
Yet according the leading rabbi, Avi Weiss: “This (the church) in my mind is the greatest desecration of the history of the Holocaust”.
So why does rabbi Weiss consider this “desecration” when 100,000 gentiles also died at Auschwitz? Don’t they count, or did they breach an exclusively Jewish area?
Weiss was arrested in 1995 for orchestrating a sit-in to protest against what he claimed was an attempt to portray the site as a place mainly of Christian martyrdom. Of course, this is exactly what rabbi Weiss is trying to do, except that he’s trying to make Auschwitz a site commemorating Jewish martyrdom exclusively.
Obviously, the presence of a church obstructs this.
So now Avi Weiss is calling for the church’s removal. If it happens, this will also help diminish the memory of the 100,000 ethnic Poles and other non-Jews who died in Auschwitz. Is this what Avi Weiss really wants?
Rabbi Weiss also completely ignores the fact that the Nazis specifically singled out the Catholic Church in Poland for persecution; at least 1,800 Polish Catholic priests died while in Nazi concentration camps.
I’m not a Catholic but these protests strike me as being part of a broader campaign to elevate Jewish suffering to the exclusion of all other groups. What is sometimes referred to as Holocaustianity. Ed.

Rabbis call for removal of church at Auschwitz

Reuters – Jan 26, 2020

Four U.S. rabbis led by New York’s Avi Weiss gathered on Sunday in front of a church next to the Nazi German death camp at Birkenau in Poland arguing for its removal from a site where more than a million Jews were murdered.

World leaders will gather on Monday at Birkenau and the nearby Auschwitz camp to mark the 75th anniversary of their liberation.

“This protest for us is very much part of the commemoration. For there to be a commemoration ceremony without an expression of deep, deep outrage that the church is still here would send a message that we’re ok with this,” Weiss said.

The rabbis argue the church should not be on the site of one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the world and it violates a 1987 agreement between European cardinals and Jewish leaders that there will not be any permanent Catholic place of worship on the site of the Auschwitz or Birkenau camps.

“This (the church) in my mind is the greatest desecration of the history of the Holocaust,” Weiss said.

“Beneath this ground is a cemetery … their bloods are crying out from the ground demanding justice.”

The rabbis want the church to be moved elsewhere in Oswiecim.

Weiss was making his first visit to the church since 1995, when at the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz he was arrested for orchestrating a sit-in in to protest against what he sees as attempts to portray it as a place mainly of Christian martyrdom.

On Sunday, as mass ended, the rabbis tried to enter the church and speak with some of the parishioners, as well as with the priest. The priest turned away from them. He did not want to speak with them and slammed the door.

Some parishioners raised their voices and expressed displeasure at the rabbis’ presence but didn’t want to speak to Reuters.

Weiss led a long and ultimately successful campaign in the 1980s to secure the removal of a Carmelite convent from outside the Auschwitz grounds. It had been set up in a building just outside the wire once used as a store for poison gas.

Jews were brought from all over Europe to Auschwitz-Birkenau to be murdered during the war as part of a Nazi genocide campaign in which six million perished. Tens of thousands of Catholic Poles, including priests and resistance fighters, were tortured and killed there too.


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  1. I am holocaust skeptik, and most people would be if they knew the facts, but the deluge of Jewish propaganda has obscured the facts.

    By 1944-45 the infrastucture of Germany had been destroye by allied bombing. There scarcely an intact railway or power station in the country. This resulted in starvation, not just in the camps but in the cities.

    Whenever people are crowded into bad conditions there will be outbreaks “Institutional Diseases” such as typhus, dysentery and TB. This happened in the camps. It also happened in the USA. During the Ciivil War there were 14,000 deaths out of 45,000 over a period of 14 months at camp Sumter, Andersonille, Georgia. In fact 10% of all civil war deaths, 56,000, were in the camps,

    Many released inmates reported no homicidal gassings with cyanide (Zyklon) but we know it was an insecticide, used for de-lousing clothing.

    There is plenty of evidence that Auschwitz was not a death camp, but it is never allowed to suface in the mainstream media. The Holocaust has taken on the aspects of a religion, but it is a propaganda fraud, used to gain greater influence for the Jews.

    If it is ever generally recognised to be such the phony history of the 20th century wil have to be reexamined.

  2. Would like to know the ADL’s view on this story. Or if they are afraid to comment constructively or don’t want to get involved. Would be interesting. I would assume if they stood up for what they say they would denounce this rabbi’s views. Any comments ?

  3. “Rabbis call for removal of church at Auschwitz”

    The rabbis reflect their self-serving personages, greatly lacking of empathy and ethics.

    Am I supposed to be surprised?

  4. As the apocalypse gathers strength, what will remain?
    Perhaps not this.

  5. When US turns against them
    NY will be the site of a Real Holocaust

  6. These are the very people who are an affront and enmity to the Christian Faith..Their Torah/Talmudic teaching is a hostile Religion that does not allow for compromise.and will ultimately be their undoing. Jesus himself warned us about their evil ways,(Matthew chpt..23)

  7. The Talmudic Rabbis are anything but impartial when it comes to the truth or the goys. As history unravels and Jewish jokes like, “There is no business like sheol business.”, do not disappear despite being purged from Zio-run search engines, they are given more and more sustenance by the facts. However, the Zionists do not back down in the least and follow the truth. Rather they just abuse their power all the more, pouring on more distortion and propaganda, such that we now see threats like in Germany were it is crime even to question the alleged numbers. The grasping Talmudic types who do not believe all humans, and not just Jews, are chosen to be children of God if they accept the invitation, together with their efforts to eradicate Christianity, are simply ensuring by their distortions that when the pendulum does swing back, it will just go right to the other extreme, with nothing left to restrain or convert anyone to seek the truth and universal justice.

  8. IMO.
    First they steal land from the people living in Palestine, the Palestinians; then they steal Jerusalem; then they steal Golan Heights; in the planning is to steal Jordan Vally; stealing parts of West Bank; the ongoing stealing of Palestinian Gaza land; the plan is to claim big parts of Poland from status before WWII; they are stealing USA; they are stealing Europe.

    Now they is probably the right moment for them to claim entire Auschwitz for all what is Christian faith and everything attached to it has to disappear.

    Will there demands ever stop or will it stop when the entire globe is property of the Ashkenazis?

  9. Blackeyes

    The problem is that they (the exclusive Ashkenazi club) mainly steals with money. When you let any exclusive ethnic group, religion, organization, come into your nation and use their international holdings to quash all local competition, specifically in the banking industry and in the media, they you are going to see all of your major financial institutions and industries, plus you independence as a people and a nation swallowed up by the same beast, and they will bleed you dry. If we had trust busting laws and polices in our nations to prevent this, then we could police our basic interests from such takeovers without being accused of targeting any particular group. Since the 1776 Revolution in the US, those loyal to that nation battled attempts by the international bansksters to take over US finances, who came mainly out of London but backed by their European assets as well. They were successful until their own banks and finances were destabilized and taken over mainly by Rothschild money and agents Jacob Schiff and J.P Morgan in the last few decades of the 19th century. They followed their total centralization and control of the US money system with the setting up of the US Fed in 1913. For Americans to lead the way and take back control of their nation, they need not worry about threats and debts, or get carried away with any anti-Jewish nonsense which only fuels the continued stranglehold on their money system, finances and their lives. All they need do is to support a political party which nationalize the production and distribution of money away from any exclusive interests or control be they international or even ethnic.

    It is also my vie that in the 1800’s any good will and sense of universal justice which may have resided with the Masons also succumbed to the power of the banksters chief weapon which has always been their money, because without the Masons onside the US, in particular, would never have succumbed to such a ruthless, blatant, and exploitative takeover.

  10. What really pains the Jews (and Jewish rabbis in particular) is the fact the during the extreme conditions of the Second World War, the Catholic Church in Poland “proved its worth”. Instead of cursing God and asking why He didn’t intervene (as Jews still do), the Church did all it possibly could to help as many Jews as possible to survive German persecution — and this despite the long-standing hostility of Jewish elites towards everything Polish. Unlike the Jewish elites in Poland, the Catholic elites steadfastly refused to collaborate with the two occupying powers (Nazi Germany [the Judenrat phenomenon] and Soviet Russia [massive collaboration withe the Soviet secret police]) and continued to place their trust in God. By their fruits shall ye know them!

  11. After “Perostroika” the recently released Russian wartime records revealed that the majority of people who died at Austwich were Christian.
    I’m so tired of these liars!

  12. These Rabbis claim first place in the heirarchy of victims. They are so full of themselves that they cannot see how selfish and arrogant they seem to gentiles. It is racism writ large. “We matter more than you”.

    Tell that to the millions (60million, Solzhenitsyn) of Russian victims of Jewish Bolshevism, not to mention the Palestinian dead at the hands of Israel over the past 72 years.

    The sooner America wakes up to the harm that Israel and its Washington Lobby is doing the better.

  13. This latest “Peace Proposal” by Trump is a sick joke. It leaves Palestine as fragmented island of palestinian land surrounded by Israel, and lets Israel take permanent possesion of areas of the west bank it has recently seized and built on. Plus the fact that Israel will have control over security in the Palestinian territories.

    No self-respecting government would agree to this.

  14. Will Israel’s demands ever stop? Good question.

  15. Keep it up Rabbi’s, keep it up you Jewish supremacists. You are all digging yourselves a deeper and deeper hole of greasy lies. We the thinking population are on to your absurd lies about Auschwitz. Even if we take the standard tale about Auschwitz and the so-called holocaust at face value, how do these Rabbi’s explain the reduction of victims from 4 million to 1.1 million, yet carry signs claiming six million?!? The deeper the pit you dig, the better Adolph Hitler looks with his criticisms of Judaism. Those camps were force labor camps to make materials for the German army. Time to fess up Jews.

  16. “The rabbis argue the church should not be on the site of one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the world and it violates a 1987 agreement between European cardinals and Jewish leaders that there will not be any permanent Catholic place of worship on the site of the Auschwitz or Birkenau camps.” Were these European cardinals bought off ? Crazy to make that agreement in light of the fact that thousands of gentiles also died at Auschwitz. This thing is getting really crazy. Looks like a Zionist lock tight lobby. And the monies still flow.

  17. I would like to endorse what John Kirby and Fred B are saying. The financial and hence the economic and political power of these people has to be busted. Start with fresh but determined political parties of integrity that will pledge to give governments control over Central Banking, not just in the US but throughout the world.


  19. Imagine a world without these god damn shit-sacks..no krimminal bondage through the fraud called: PERSON, no FREEMASONIC TREASON (most are too numb to realize that Freemasonry IS high treason), no sand-niggers ANYWHERE IN EUROPE, no wars, no economic turmoil anywhere, no weapons industry, no cancer industry and thus no cancer, no fuel fraud (yes, a car will do a 1000miles/gallon, this was achieved in tge 70’s), no Greta-fucking-shit-kid-by-jew-RAT-gyorgy-swartz environmental fraud jewish bullshit, no genoside on white males or white in general, no raped to shit white women, no disgusting FAG-mental-illness movment, no more false history, NO PSYCHOPATHIC PEDOFILES, no more stress for survival, but instead HAPPINESS!!!!!!

  20. The sect from hell. But they seem to relish in that so I’ll just say the kindergarten sect in action proving they are the fathers of the infantilist ethos. They act like kids because they never grew up in any meaningful way.
    Fred B ol mate when a parasite attaches itself as securely as they have, to be rid of them unfortunately you’re going to have to kill the host. Now killing the host in this regard will be good for the world and that’s the worldly thinking we should endorse not the global think they ushered in. It truly goes well beyond nationalism which isn’t distinguishable from Zionism anyway in this day and age.
    It is this simple. They are taking dominion and before they get the lot we got to take it back with possession and sacrifice in mind then quickly rewrite the law in English.
    We could throw all our wealth in to pay the corrupt a better deal bringing them to our side failing that pick out your local councilman and start threatening with intent. Either way to beat them you’re going to have to be them and that is the dilemma of the Christian.

  21. The sect from hell.. -well put.

  22. I am afraid it is really a war on Christianity and the Zionist Christians are COMPLETELY BLIND TO THIS AS THEY RELY ON BIBLICAL PROPHESY. Dissociation of the Christian support of Zionist Israel would be a blow to Zionist expansion. But we are dealing here with morons.

  23. Why don’t they just fuck off out of Poland? For all the cries of murder,genocide, anti Semitism, why would you even want to be there? Do people who are kidnapped and brutalised at a particular place go and hang out at that place to complain about their treatment? No, they just want to get on with what’s left of their lives and avoid that which brings back these terrible memories.But there’s the rub! They’re not trying to move on, because these pigs never suffered anything! No pain to avoid, no terrible memories to deal with….. there’s a reason why these antisocial predators were expelled time and time again from many nations throughout history….. and it will happen again…..

  24. Yes and they also call for the removal of Palestinians into the Arab sea. Jesus was right about them…