Heavy machine-gun fire is heard on the streets of French city of Nimes

Chris Dyer – Daily Mail Jan 26, 2020

Machine-gun shots have been heard on the streets of a French city this evening as it was claimed a ‘shootout’ took place between rival gangs.

Repeated ‘heavy gunfire’ bursts were let off in the city of Nimes in southern France after armed men were seen in the area.

Social media videos showed several people running through the street as shots rang out at around 8.30pm.

Initial reports suggested the shooting could have been linked to gangs operating in the area.

Residents in a suburb of Pissevin district in the city claimed gang members shot at a building occupied by a rival group.

The ‘shootout’ was designed to ‘intimidate’ the other gang as part of a long-running feud, according to local media reports.

It was claimed one or two people were seen roaming the streets armed with Kalashnikov machine guns.

In one video posted online, figures could be running from the notorious block of apartments in the district.

Armed police have been deployed to the area along with scientific forensic teams, local media report.

One witness told how his wife was caught up in the shooting as she was in the street nearby when repeated bursts of ’30 and 40 seconds’ went off.

He told Objectif Gard: ‘She found herself stuck in the middle of the gunshots, with guys running from everywhere shooting, she was left crying and in distress.’

No injuries have yet been reported to nearby hospitals.

Reports of gunfire in the district have been on the rise in recent months, according to local media.


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