Waiting Upon the AH HAH MOMENT for Epiphany and Spiritual Transformation

Smoking Mirrors – Jan 26, 2020

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The world is the world is the world. So many people want to change the world and it seems… it seems that the more obsessed one is with changing the world, the less concerned they are with changing themselves. These seem to be mutually exclusive. Social reformers have killed more people than anyone else… ever. Think about it. I’d steer clear of people who are passionately after changing the world.
Here’s (hopefully) a wake up call; YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD! Well… we all change the world all the time but it’s like one of those child’s toys that you can pull out of shape- it always springs back to what it was after you release it. Perhaps I should have said, ‘you cannot change the world DIRECTLY but you can change it indirectly… by example. Still… even were you (on the positive side) a Buddha, a Jesus Christ, or similar, even if you changed the lives of billions of people, you still wouldn’t change more than half of the world and more people would hate you than would ever hate a less notable figure. On the negative side, even if you were a Stalin, or a Mao, or any one of a number of others… there have been quite a few, you still would, likely, only impact on the populace of your own nation and (usually) your neighboring nations and far more people would hate you, than would hate the positive influences. Ironically… it might be that the numbers are the same for both types.
Lao Tzu said, more or less verbatim, “No one has ever taken control of the whole world and never will, because the world is a sacred vehicle and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes. This is how it is with the deeper spiritual truths as well. You have to be PERMITTED to understand them. There are several stages of apprehension when it comes to statements of Ageless Wisdom and ‘divinely inspired’ scripture. There are several levels of surface understanding and then there is Revelation… where the truth of it, impacts on you in a transformative way
These blogs are limited to around 1500 words, I can’t go into a subject with intricate detail. So I work through my own dynamic, of presenting a general outline and depending on the reader to expand upon, flesh out, or extrapolate my outline into their own idea of it. As a result, I occasionally hear from detractors, who take me to task, for not itemizing things to such a ridiculous extent that it leaves the reader breathless, or the reader leaves, long before they finish reading it. Yet… I find that no matter how much detail I manifest, some amount are not going to agree with what I say, because it doesn’t mirror their picture of how things ‘should be’, in their world view and no matter how obliging I might attempt to be, some amount are always going to resent or dislike me. I can’t change them, nor do I want to.
I believe one should leave evidence of their passage, in the same way that video games insert clues and trap door escape portals, that lead into new landscapes and dimensions. I believe you should release depth charges into the human subconscious, or… metaphorically… place landmines that go off when coming into contact with an awareness that has arrived at a point of transition, where the impact of the landmine dovetails with an AH HAH! moment. Can this be done? Yeah… it can. It has happened to me many times, where previously I was not in the frame of mind to comprehend something and later… upon reflection… in an Ah Hah moment… I got it.
There’s no point in arguing with people who have made up their mind about it. Their resistance is greater, than whatever the truth is, that is provoking their combative outrage. It is NOT UNCOMMON for people to REACT to something that the deeper part of them agrees with …but which requires them to change in ways, where they have no intention of changing- AT THE TIME. But time passes, events happen, people grow from tragedy and trauma, through loss and disappointment …and what was once anathema to them, is now something devoutly wished for. In the best cases, they are left thinking they arrived at that particular understanding all by themselves.
For myself… I state what I am inspired to say and then I move on. I do not concern myself with the reader’s reaction to what got said. I don’t even think about it. It is basically take it or leave it. I KNOW it will resonate with certain minds that are on a similar wave length and it will otherwise, ‘bounce off’ of minds not inclined or prepared to receive it. I know that there are people who will PERSONALIZE what gets said by interpreting it as a criticism of them, when that never even entered the mind of the author. MANY, MANY PEOPLE ARE CHRONICALLY DEFENSIVE; not much you can do about that.
As with almost everything else, of a negative stripe, that I personally encounter, it has to do with THE REACTIVE MIND and with elements of bad parenting and poor toilet training. The majority of the characteristics of people, who have yet to experience a REAL spiritual epiphany, were formed in their early childhood. In normal times, each generation has their own rites of passage that allow for a successful transition into adulthood. When times are NOT NORMAL, like now, there is no rite of passage and children DO NOT EFFECTIVELY TRANSITION into adulthood; because of helicopter parents and pathological over indulgence, they remain in a permanent state of arrested development, replete with emotional incontinence and an inability to tell the difference between what is real and what is fantasy. They are then, RIPE FOR THE PICKING OR… PLUCKING.
It is not by accident that huge portions of the population are subjected to relentless brainwashing. There is an objective in play and it is not a good one. It is not a good one, for the rank and file and the hoi poloi; by God… I think those are both the same! I suppose you could also call them ‘the masses’, ‘lumpen proles’ and ‘The Great Unwashed’. On occasion they have been called, ‘the salt of the Earth’, except that at this time, it appears they may have lost their savor. OBSCURE REFERENCE ALERT! “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”
If you are one of the few who have managed to retain, not only their intelligence but also an Objective Reasoning Capacity, you can see the causes of the crazy that presently are assaulting civilization, at previously unseen levels of intensity. You can see them but… there is nothing you can do. It all has to play out for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. As sad and seemingly pointless as it may seem, for a life lesson to take in a permanent manner, the impact of it has to be severe. I wish… I SINCERELY WISH IT COULD BE OTHERWISE but… such has never yet proven to be the case. Sometimes the people getting the lesson, get it upon their departure, as was the case in Atlantis, Lemuria and many another time and place we have no record whatsoever of. There have been cultures and civilizations past counting and they are only to be recalled in The Akashic Records and The Great Halls of Learning, in the Astral, Mental and Causal Lokas, which would all have their own variants upon the theme.
Ah… if people only knew what awaits in the celestial realms, they would quickly lose all interest in the perishable products of this plane of being. Once again, I will place a link to Chapter 43 in Autobiography of a Yogi, if you have never yet read it. The kingdoms of the higher realms of being are much vaster than what we have on Earth, far more complex and varied. You might say we are the Middle Kingdom, between the Infernal planes below and the Supernal planes above. For reasons too mysterious to put into words, in order to find a permanent home in the worlds above, YOU MUST MASTER THE TRIALS AND TESTS OF THE EARTH PLANE. The potential for a human being is beyond measurement and we are placed above the angels in this regard. It is made infinitely sad to see what has become of the human race in these times, when one considers what might await them, should they be so inclined.
This is the greatest tragedy of materialism. It causes us to forget our high estate in the ethereal realms. We feed on offal and rot here and compete with one another for base substance of no value… fighting over turds painted in gold glitter. It’s all done with smoke and mirrors. We murder and rob, with weapons and fountain pens. AND WE JUST DON’T KNOW. We just don’t know. “Father forgive them…” as the master said.
The greatest variations ever seen of simultaneous outcome are upon us. Gateways into both light and darkness are opening. The portals will appear and it will depend on your spiritual bandwidth what portals you will see. Even now, one’s vibrations can be significantly adjusted. This is one of the reasons that irrevocable outcomes are being delayed, to provide time and opportunity for change. We’ll see.
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  1. A Masterpiece!

  2. Les Visible, lest thee become invisible before I can say thank ye in kind, here it goes, a riff off of something I wrote some time ago. Rough, but I think you’ll appreciate the spirit in which this small return is given back to you.

    acd, 27Jan2020

    In Nowheresville, we leave Everything behind and take Nothing with us.
    Every. Single. Day.
    What sticks around each of us, we shuck like husks from cobs of corn.

    How could that be?! I hear you ask incredulously.
    IT’s ALL in the MIND, one might reply.
    Others take a separate route, the pronunciation of which also makes for difference!

    One way rhymes with “rooty toot toot”, the consequences well documented.
    An “other way” rhymes with words that bespeak caution to careful readers.
    grout and sour kraut
    scout and out and shout
    without or throughout and roundabout
    How we pronounce our Word makes a difference.

    Idea connects to thought, thought and word are one.
    The relation of idea to sound, therefore, transcends
    the professing of language and knowledge.

    Viva Vivekananda!
    Through Les Visible, Patanjali manifests for all to see!