Ah What a Marvelous and Amazing Feat, to Still the Reactive Mind

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Jan 23, 2020

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Wherever we go and however we present ourselves, at whatever time, we carry the solution to all of our problems. It is a simple matter, although… it might take some doing, to grab a mound of Jello and fashion an Origami Angel from the movement of a single hand.
That is what the mindstuff, out of which… thought is fashioned, resembles. It has been compared to Mercury on a mirror. It is a feat indeed to hold such a trembling element in a fixative state. BUT… if you can restrain the mindstuff from taking shape, you have won one of life’s greatest victories.
A very long time ago, a yogic-sage, named Patanjali, wrote a small book called, The Yoga Sutras. It is a compilation of 196 aphorisms, which deal with the control of the mind; the control of that unstable, Mercury like substance, which he calls ‘chitti’. One who can do this has access to all of the powers, or siddhis, that it is possible to posses. One of the results of this practice of mind control is… the jewel in the crown; Self Realization and The knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.
Who Patanjali was is a mystery, even his time of residence is cloudy. Some say 400 BC. Some say 200 BC and some say it was much earlier than that. We’ve gone through about 80 generations, since the time of Jesus Christ. When you think about it… that doesn’t seem like much. It feels like it should be more, over a longer time.
I call the process, ‘STILLING THE REACTIVE MIND’. Every difficulty we have, is a product of the reactive mind. It is a Herculean feat to gain command over one’s intrinsic nature. In Tarot, there is card called, ‘Strength’. It shows a lady holding the head of a lion and opening its mouth for it to speak. Some have said she is closing its mouth to muffle the roar. I suppose either of these would work. Not immediately seen, is a woven belt of roses in a figure 8, that wraps around the woman’s waist and then around the neck of the lion, this is the chain of desires, woven together to give full expression to The Creative Imagination. The simple explanation of the card is, the control of ALL SUBHUMAN FORCES. It is an image of controlled sublimation. In psychology they call sublimation ‘a defense mechanism’. Freud came up with it after reading “The Harz Journey”. It’s about a boy who used to cut the tails off of dogs and who grew up to be a surgeon. I can see how that could happen, in the context of sublimation.
If you are a physicist, controlled sublimation means something else. That is not my area of enterprise but I come across these bits of information because I am a voracious reader and EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. It amazes me where I sometimes find myself. I could be watching a video about animals in the jungle (all kinds of animals are a favorite area of interest for me) and wind up in Monaco reading about etiquette. You never know where something will take you, if you let it. I’ve learned to be very cautious in my travels, both real and virtual.
Think about it, for a moment… all the pursuits that people get up to. There are those who want to be rich and those who want to be famous. There are those who pursue power and others for whom some passion, be it pedestrian or inspiring, is the driving force in their lives. Thinking about it, you can see the list of possibilities are endless and subsequently, as a result, people can find themselves in all kinds of situation, that they never imagined would come about, from doing something unrelated. However, it doesn’t matter what people get up to, if they haven’t gained control over themselves first. THAT is THE GREAT WORK. Some say it is Self Realization. Some say it is ‘The Knowledge and Conversation of their Holy Guardian Angel.” Enlightenment? Peace of Mind? Inviolable Sanctuary? Whatever you call it, is always requires that you gain command of yourself first.
The card that precedes ‘Strength’ is, ‘The Chariot’. That image means, TRIUMPH IN THE MIND. I can see that. It looks like Alexander the Great, in a chariot drawn by a black and a white Sphinx. There is a blue canopy over his head, emblazoned with stars. It seems to suggest stellar forces flowing through him. I could go on and on about the intricacies in the image but it is ALWAYS better when people find things out on their own. Still… you can see how TRIUMPH IN THE MIND can lead to THE CONTROL OF ALL SUBHUMAN FORCES and then to ‘The Hermit’, who stand on a mountain top, in a gray cloak, which is a blend of all colors and that implies Wisdom. He’s holding out a lantern with a shining star in it. He has achieved UNION WITH THE TRUE SELF. That’s what you get when you gain control of the mind and then all subhuman forces.
Apparently it then becomes your duty to hold out a light for all other souls, who struggle up the mountain, where you already reside. YOU HAVE ATTAINED. There is nothing more for you to do but… the desire to share this posture, this state of awareness, this place with others, becomes the driving force of your existence. I can see that.
Until you achieve self control, mastery over the lower self, whatever you do is going to have mixed results. Sometimes the beast is in operation and sometimes the beast is contained. I’ve found the best ‘working solution’, to be teaching the beast to dance, or sing… like the lady with the lion’s head in her arms.
People are driven to their wits end as to the causes of their suffering. They live in states of managed (and unmanaged) paranoia, concerning the potential loss of temporary things that THEY WILL, MOST DEFINITELY LOSE AT SOME POINT. If you gain command of yourself, none of this matters because you happen upon… you ‘happen upon’, a perspective that explains it all to you AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT MIGHT COME UP. This is why you need, you desperately need… a working intuition and… The Intuition, like anything else, can be developed to extraordinary levels of operation. You can strengthen it. You can adjust the volume. You can keep the station from drifting out of range, so long as you, yourself… DO NOT DRIFT. There is an old saying that I remember from time to time; “If God feels far away, guess who moved?”
Many people discover the truth of these things later in life and believe it is too late for them; if only they had done something about it earlier! The truth is that it is NEVER TOO LATE. As long as there is breath, there is hope. In this time of awakening, many are starting to discover that there is more to life… much more to life than they previously thought. All this time… EVERYONE HAS BEEN SUFFERING FROM THE ATTACHMENT TO TEMPORARY THINGS! As The Buddha said, “all life is pain, caused by ignorant desire.” Our priorities have been out of wack. We’ve been prisoners in the Penitentiary of the Mind, in the prison of temporary things. Ah what a fine and beautiful bird of freedom takes wing, in that moment when we are set free of concern for temporary things!!!
Yes… this is an apocalypse, a time of unveiling and uncovering… a time of revealing… BUT IT IS… MORE IMPORTANTLY… A TIME OF AWAKENING!!! Yes… the dominoes are going to fall. Yes… there is going to be social upheaval. Yes… those who have been preying upon humanity and profiting from human misery for such a length of time, are going to be exposed… BUT UNLESS THAT IS YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION, you have nothing to worry about concerning it. Embrace the awakening!!! It is coming with a fury and a DIVINE PASSION FOR CHANGE!
Existence spans such a great stretch of time that we have no way to put it into perspective, in our brief appearance here. Karma reaches back before recorded history but there are divine recording agents, who have not missed one jot or one tittle. Much of what we see happening… where it makes no sense in the context of a single life; where children suffer, where entire nations are oppressed, where horrible torments and murders occur and we can see no evident reasons for any of it… oh… it goes back a long time ago and PEOPLE ARE ROUTINELY BORN INTO SITUATIONS WHERE KARMA GETS RESOLVED.
So many times I have heard it said, “I refuse to believe in a God who lets little children suffer.” Any moron should know that children DO NOT REMAIN CHILDREN. They go on to become adults who commit adult crimes against children and sure and certain… it comes back upon them. Everything repeats and the crimes of other times, find their judgment come to pass in present times. Yes… on the surface, life seems unfair. It is not unfair at all. It is precision itself in the way it completes itself.
A wise person, accepts that God is incomprehensible and unknowable. A wise person understands that God is not a bigger version of themselves, with the same prejudices and inclinations. A wise person puts themselves ‘in the way’ of the divine; recognizes their ignorance and with a contrite heart, throws themselves upon the mercy of the celestial kingdom, forgives all who have offended against them and prays for the descent of transcendent grace and the forgiveness of sin. God can wipe away your slate of transgressions in a heartsbeat. I know whereof I speak in this regard.
End Transmission…….

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I I am a creator, by the grace of inspiration, in various media, by the grace of God, the love of whom, is the centerpiece of my life.

9 responses to “Ah What a Marvelous and Amazing Feat, to Still the Reactive Mind”

  1. Yet, “all appearances are a LIE” ? How can you piss on the karmic tapestry of God’s handiwork in such a cavalier manner? Ah, you KNOW that the ineffable has a plan and that thou art privy to that plan. The “God” that bequeaths man with a faulty operating system and yet holds his creation responsible for his design flaws. So that little child being beaten senseless by an alcoholic stepfather is merely receiving his just and karmic accounting…for a crime he has absolutely no recollection of. How…wonderful. And the alcoholic stepfather, is he just repaying abuse that he too has no recollection of? Yet any moron can realize that children don’t stay children, aside from the one’s beaten or cancered to death. And hey, alcoholics don’t always remain alcoholics. So quick the author is to disparage a contrary opinion by labelling it the work of a “moron”. Those are GOD’S MORONS, YOU FUCKING TART!!!

  2. I cannot open pocketnet – is it blocked in Australia. If so, can I open it using a VPN?

  3. Very classy reply les visible showing a severe lack of Christianity there when your self indulgent drivel is challenged.

  4. Major misunderstanding that require clarification:

    >>>”God can wipe away your slate of transgressions in a heartbeat.”

    Why should God “clean your slate”!?

    1- Either because he simply choose to for his own reasons.
    (More cause and effect and predestination and no free-will)
    2- or You did something to deserve this.
    (You have a limited free-will and thus you can act outside cause and effect as long as God wills)

    If you can convince God somehow through your limited free-will to “clean your slate” then that means you can bypass Karma! You can’t have it both ways. What is at the root of our ability to convince God? Our actions? Deeper…It can be nothing other than INTENTION, it is only visible to ourselves and God; our intention should be absolutely free, except it is tied to what we love! How do we free up our intention? We have to understand every choice we make means we have to let go of the other option(s); this by itself cause pain, we can’t have all that we wish for and every choice we make adds a chain to our past and forms our destiny. Just as when you are driving in your car, if by mistake you enter a highway, you are forced/destined to move a few kilometers in that direction until you reach an exit. Your intention is to change your way and direction but you are forced to move against it for a long time until you reach an exit. This means we grow and advance in divine direction only by trial and playing a kind of ping-pong with God through our intention. In this view PAIN is unavoidable and is an inseparable part of our life, however we can choose good pain over bad pain and that is the pain we suffer to reach the best of goals which is God.

    And what is the point of actions? Good or bad? They help us develop hate or love. If you pass by a wall throughout your school years. After years when you go back to that wall, you feel an attachment and say “Ah! These walls… so many memories!”…. and those are lifeless walls made of cold stone! What if you could pray/remember your God 25 times a day!? Obviously you would develop a bound! So we need to develop good bounds and remove bad bounds… such attachments define our love and hate and they in turn affect our Intention.

    What about good and bad deeds? Our intention behind them can amplify them or de-amplify them. If a good deed is done for any other intention than getting closer to God, it will have almost no real or lasting effect, it can even have negative effect!

    So let us ask Les Visible to define Karma and Free-Will for us and he should remember that elsewhere he wrote, “Your True Self is beyond Space, Time and Causation. It is IMMUNE to Every Danger of Every Kind” and at the same time speaking of reincarnation and Cause and Effect! If these are not contradictions, then please clarify them.

    my two cents

  5. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on…

  6. Dear truthers, I once heard that exhausting someone in argument is not the same as convincing them. “Let us therefore follow after the things that make for peace” amongst ourselves (Rom.14:19), encouraging one another as we advance forward unitedly – yet uniquely as per each one’s personal palette – in exposing our common criminal anti-Christ/Love/Peace foes.

  7. “The effects of karma may be very old indeed. We are suffering or enjoying the results of our activities from time immemorial, but we can change the results of our karma, or our activity, and this change depends on the perfection of our knowledge.”

    Karma and Reincarnation

  8. “As the soul thus migrates, he suffers the actions and reactions of his past activities. These activities can be changed when the living being is in the mode of goodness, in sanity, and understands what sort of activities he should adopt. If he does so, then all the actions and reactions of his past activities can be changed. Consequently, karma is not eternal. Therefore we stated that of the five items (isvara, jiva, prakrti, time and karma) four are eternal, whereas karma is not eternal.”