Alex Salmond in court accused of sexual offences

Severin Carrell – The Guardian Jan 22, 2020

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Alex Salmond has appeared in court for a further hearing before his trial on 14 alleged sexual offences including an attempted rape.

The former first minister appeared at the high court in Edinburgh on Wednesday morning for a short procedural hearing before Lady Dorrian, the lord justice clerk, Scotland’s second most senior judge.

He is due to go on trial on 9 March on 14 charges of sexual assault against 10 women, including one of attempted rape and one of intent to rape while he was first minister and leader of the Scottish National party.

Salmond, 65, who sat between two security guards in the dock, has denied all the charges but made no comment in court. Dorrian adjourned the hearing until later on Wednesday.

After his first appearance on all 14 charges last November Salmond insisted he would clear his name.

Flanked then by his sisters Gail and Margaret, Salmond told reporters: “I’m innocent and will defend my position vigorously. But the only proper place to answer criminal charges is in this court and that’s exactly what we intend to do next spring.”

The attempted rape in 2014 and a separate assault with intent to rape in 2013 are alleged to have occurred in a bedroom at Bute House, the Georgian property in Edinburgh’s new town used as the official residence of Scotland’s first ministers.

In the attempted rape charge, he is accused of stripping off a woman’s clothes, pinning her against a wall and blocking her path, before forcing her on to a bed and trying to rape her.

The alleged offences cover a six-year period from June 2008 to November 2014, and include incidents alleged to have taken place at the Scottish parliament, in a ministerial car, at the Ubiquitous Chip restaurant in Glasgow and a nightclub in central Edinburgh.


Comment – Jan 23, 2020

A little perspective is in order here. First, although the above report doesn’t mention it, Alex Salmond is a married man. His wife is rarely in the limelight, perhaps because Moira McGlashan is 17 years older than Alex Salmond, 65. They met when he joined the Scottish Office in the 1970s and she was his superior.
I don’t know whether they married for love or if Salmond just wanted to advance his career, but the age difference may explain Salmond’s alleged behavior.
According to the Daily Express:
Moira was a 41-year-old senior administrator in the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland when Alex Salmond, then a fresh-faced graduate from the University of St Andrews, aged just 24, joined the department as an assistant economist in the late 1970s.
THE couple, who have no children, were married at St Cuthbert’s Church in Edinburgh in 1981 and set up home in the West Lothian town of Linlithgow. Six years later Alex was elected to Westminster as the SNP MP for Banff and Buchan and in 1990 Moira gave her first – and last – newspaper interview.

Rupert Murdoch (left) and Alex Salmond while campaigning for Scottish independence. Click to enlarge

Salmond’s political career may well be nearing its end now. However, even with Salmond out of the way there is still another side to the Scottish Nationalist Party that is just as ugly. The following links and text were sent in by a correspondent and illustrate why plutocrats like Rupert Murdoch once backed the SNP’s campaign for independence. Murdoch probably recognised how thoroughly corrupt and ripe for manipulation the SNP actually were.
Unfortunately, Salmond successor Nicola Sturgeon is little better. In fact she may even be worse. Ed
“We have been the ONLY outlet that has been warning the public about the SNP utopian bullshit but even we didn’t expect these sordid headlines as SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon  manufactures laws to criminalize husbands whose only crime was to argue with their wives now classed as ‘COERCIVE’ bullshit while their own leaders are accused of multiple rape charges.” (Source)

Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
War against heterosexual men in Scotland like gender Apartheid
Alleged domestic abuse and/or violence a MASSIVE masonic ruse
SNP Shambolic Narcissistic Pervs and oh how the mighty fall
Buchanan Galleries becoming the number one choice for suicidal men in Glasgow
Scotland has a feminist lawyer MAN hater Nicola Sturgeon running the show

15 responses to “Alex Salmond in court accused of sexual offences”

  1. The “Poisoned Dwarf” from Irvine is a FAILED lawyer, it is also a FAILED Politician. It only has support from the unemployed, Benefit Migrants and non-taxpayers. Plus the asian hoards in Scotland that do not know any better.
    The Mannequin for Tottie Rocks. Is all that she is ! No one likes her !! And no one cares.

  2. Sturgeon and Salmon, you couldn’t make it up.

  3. Hollie Greig

  4. Like Him or loath him, Salmond is a male, patriarchal figure. What do we have now predominately at the top of all Scottish political parties? Male Homosexuals and Female Homosexuals, I believe Sturgeon is a crypto Homosexual.
    The problem Sturgeon has is that she was His No 2 all through this and has said nothing about the ‘horrible actions of this vile non-homo, this ‘toxic white gammon’. This while He was a rapin’ and pillaging these poor wimin. Sturgeon has been caught deleting emails (think Hillary Clinton) and the SNP has been warned about shredding evidence by the court.
    No, I do not like Salmond or the SNP for that matter…Do I believe He perhaps made a stupid pass or two, yes perhaps, but then the best of us are guilty of that. Salmond is a lot of nasty things, but I do not for one minute believe that He is a would be rapist.

  5. IMO, the simple fact that he didn’t foresee the Brits stealing the vote count from the Scottish Referendum election indicates either he’s stupid or part of the crime. Like in France with the election of LePen, the Scottish vote was slightly over 70% in favor, but the count was against…. Is Alex stupid or part of the ‘deep state’?

  6. I don’t know where you get your figures from but there wasn’t anything like 70% vote for independence where I live. In fact it was probably the converse in the Borders and Lothians.

  7. If Sturgeon knew of these crimes and covered them up, she has to go

  8. Rixon,

    There was clear vote rigging going on in the Scottish Independence vote.

    The overwhelming of people who voted, voted to have Scottish Independence. Don’t get me wrong, it was all a load of bollox because my moronic countrymen (and I use that term very lightly) all saw the Independence vote as Conservative vs Socialist. Most of the people, working for the Independence campaign were Socialist Worker’s Party (SWP).
    They’re that dumb, that they fail to see that most of the people in the UK are now mixed, but more importantly, they actually wanted independence and to stay in the EU, under its control instead of leaving and remaining part of the UK. They’re morons, the lot of them and haven’t a clue about anything. Thicker than a redwood forest the lot of them. That all stated, the vote was clearly rigged, as I knew before hand. All the oil tax from the North Sea, plus the whisky tax and all the other taxes from the 5million peoples within, going into the Rothschild bank? You really think that they’d happily give all that up?

    Lastly, is he guilty? He’s a politician, so very possible, however, there is very much a male shaming agenda at play, with #MeToo and the sisterhood witch-huntresses. The ‘supposed’ rape crisis in Canada, with their slut walks, completely ignoring Sweden’s, France’s and Germany’s current REAL rape problems. It’s simply more of an effort to drive a gap between the sexes. Interesting though, when you think about it. It’s most certainly the elites, throwing a scrap, from the table, to the masses, to appease them over their Rotherham anger. That is “we’re not going to prosecute Muslims and immigrants, actually doing it, but we’ll throw up a has-been politician who pinched a girl’s bum back in the 80’s to shut you up from your constant whining.”

  9. @McLer Once again someone blaming the minority for the majorities decision to vote SNP!

    Had you so called concerned majority knew better and not liked Sturgeon as well, why did the SNP win by a vast majority?

    So your claims that the minority of voters you described, are the reason she is in power, are just pure BS.

    But I guess people like you were around during Edwards the 1st’s reign also, blaming Robert the Bruce and anyone else who stood up against the corrupt majority, by blaming the minority like him!

    Everyone knows the Scottish only won against the English thanks to the sudden influx of the Knights of Templar fleeing France, since they were targeted by the church as heretics, blasphemers, all because the church perceived them (and rightly so) a threat to their rule and power.
    How else can anyone explain a rag tag of villagers with little to no combat experience, all of the sudden becoming a well trained and led army capable of bringing down one of the most (if not best) trained and equipped armies in that period of time.
    With numerous battle hardened veterans from the crusades and ongoing war with France.

    But everyone knows the templars were just as well trained and battle hardened from the crusades, which transfered across to their training and asymetrical tactics they developed to defeat the English and carve out a new home in Scotland.
    Which is why the oldest Freemason lodges are in Scotland, direct decendants of the Templars with a new name is all.

    Your ancestors would be turning in their graves if they knew the lows Scots had sunk to, to join the UK after all the English did to them (but so would the ancestors of the Welsh and Irish be turning in their graves too…)

  10. If found guilty he should be sent south to an English prison and forced to watch the 1966 world cup final on a continuous loop….

    But seriously. The question is why the fat smarmy git is in the dock when others have escaped, and still escape from far more serious allegations. To quote a famous Scots author:

    ‘Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

    Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

    Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

    Holmes: “That was the curious incident.” ‘

    The absence of the barking dog is akin to why the establishment has turned on Salmond. It’s the negation of the expected that’s the head scratcher. Why haven’t the establishment covered for him ?

    There’s gotta be something dodgy from the beginning of his political career, considering what we know about other senior figures. So why are they gunning for him now? Is it is his work for Russia Today ? I dunno…

    There will be an MI5 file on him. Are we to believe British justice is behaving according to its own mythology and now uncharacteristically prosecuting a ne’er-do-well who has held high office ? Attempted rape is relatively innocuous compared to the likes of what Heath and Blair got up to…The British justice system is a political tool that may well prosecute “fairly” the chav class, but the “great and the good” ? I don’t believe it…(to quote another Scotsman.)

  11. Video Proof ‘Scotland Independent’ Vote Was Rigged

  12. The proof that the Scottish referendum was rigged is the fact that the SNP swept the board at the following General Election.

  13. The referendum result was not ‘fixed’.
    The SNP may have the ‘biggest majority’, but they only have the support of a minority of the electorate, upwards of only 25%.
    The silent majority did not seem to understand that the Scottish Pound could be based on the deep fried mars bar. Compounding this, entry into the EU and the Eurozone would take years.
    There was no need to ‘fix’ the vote, the normally dissenfrancised majority who both dispise and rightfully distrust them, shot the SNP duck dead.
    Niccola knows that nothing has really changed since then, alright we might leave the EU, but split from the rest of the UK and we have to leave the EU anyway! She knows that another referendum would have the same result…
    The SNP can only be sham party of protest, shambolically ruling Scotland. They represent the false dreams of a minority of deluded Scottish people.
    Niccola is as false as an unstuffed haggis pouch and she knows it.

  14. The votes were rigged to get Tony Blair into power and i watched those people sick of government racism against their own people, flock to vote National Front, and i saw so many votes being rubbed out and changed

  15. I have family both on the borders, and in the far North of Scotland, but I know nothing about Scottish politics, and it comes as no surprise to read above that Scotland, too, is being fleeced by the Rothschilds..