Can Whites and Jews co-exist?

Irish Savant – Jan 22, 2020

Is it possible for White gentiles to live harmoniously with a Jewish minority? I’ve come to the view that it’s not. First let’s get out of the way the standard acknowledgement that there are many good Jews in any community (I’ve known plenty) and there are even greater numbers who just want to live and let live. Nonetheless a significant Jewish presence in any country seems to have, and has had throughout the centuries, a negative impact on the host communities. In some cases, like that of Russia, this impact has been catastrophic. The maladies that affect Western countries today have been heavily, in some cases overwhelmingly, driven by Jewish Power. I refer, and this is far from an exhaustive list, to mass Third World immigration, debasement of art and literature, transforming courts into enforcers of anti-White ‘hate’ legislation and every form of sexual degeneracy, turning universities into indoctrination centres, redirecting economies from productive self-sufficiency to speculative finance, destroying the foundations and supports of the traditional family.
That’s a fairly serious rap sheet. But it’s fair to say that we ourselves allowed them do this through inattentiveness, inaction and a misguided altruism. For the sake of argument let’s posit that Whites miraculously became Jew-aware and seized back control of our countries. Could we maintain such control?  I don’t think so. Because over time Jews will gradually recapture The Narrative. Bit by bit they’ll transform into the helpless victims of yore, Whites will be reduced to warring ethno-religious camps, laws masquerading as universal principles of justice (think ‘hate’ crimes) will be implemented to further their agenda, indebtedness will grow, societal cohesion will atrophy. Think how Jews have taken over any – make that every – institution in America.  Using the tried and trusted cuckoo-in-the-nest strategy (‘greetings fellow white people’) they’ve edged out the goyim and replace them with their own. It’s gradual, surreptitious and symbiotic in that each infiltrated component – media, law, politics and finance – will work together to achieve the broader objective.
Incidentally, this is not necessarily by way of a formal plan or structure. It’s more of a shared instinct defending shared interests in a spirit of bitterness. If they lose ground in any arena they’ll come back. Again and again. They were pushing for immigration “reform” in America for fifty years before they got the 1965 Immigration Act passed. And now Holocaustrianity  gives them unprecedented latitude.
To cut to the chase I don’t think an accommodation possible. Why? A number of reasons. We must consider the Kevin MacDonald theory that they’re biologically programmed to act as they do. Which in itself renders an agreed solution impossible. Then as some wise man once said “Jews do not have a history, they have a martyrology”. Jews have a kind of meta-history of martyrdom and persecution that relieves them of any responsibility for their historical travails. This and the Talmud (which in places reads like a psychopath’s charter) combine to reinforce in-group support and out-group antipathy. Such ethnocentric people are prone to not seeing how their own ethnocentrism blinds them to rational discussion of anything related to their ethnic interests.  Then there’s the insatiability. They can never have enough as we’ve seen in Wall Street and the Middle East. And there’s no gratitude, every concession is quickly followed by further demands. Ad infinitum. They seem to have no sense, or so it seems to me, of the blatant double standards under which they operate.
Hard to build a lasting accommodation with such people. Which means……what?



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  1. The key is the holocaust. It is wartime propaganda, at least a great exaggeration and more likely an outright lie. Without it the history of the past 75 years has to be recalibrated

    We need to be able to discuss (And investigate) it without being accused of racism. The Irish can criticize the Brits, but we carried on drinking Guiness.

  2. The Jewish ‘Psychological Archetype’….

    is that of the Malicious Female, the Demented Harridan, The Spurned Whore: The EVER Complaining, Cold, Calculating, Conniving, Conspiring, Covetous, Demanding, Grasping, Nagging PAIN IN THE FCKING A$$ that many have had the the misfortune to be in a “relationship” with.

    This “game plan” of this demonically-possesed “Entity” is to drive you literally insane with its insatiable & impossible demands – until you blow your brains out in despair – or to reduce you to such a quivering, abject abysmal a$$-kisser that you’re no longer a “man” but, for all intents and purposes, a slave to the whims of this “Demon”… that will then proceed to grind your face into the dirt… every minute of every day.

    That the “Noahide Laws” – which ae a codification of this DEMONIC MINDSET (not to metion The TalMUD!!!) – where, to cut to the chase, YOU get to worship the Jews as GOD under penalty of DEATH – are now being PESISTENTLY PUSHED at the HIGHEST levels of the US “Government” (just like those Immigation Laws The Author refers to).. should tell you that D-I-V-O-R-C-E – TOTAL & IMMEDIATE – is the MILDEST OPTION available…. before these fckers burn the house down…. and the World with it!

  3. which means we must fight back.

  4. How can Jews live happily with Gentiles when they are taught from birth that they are hated by all the rest of mankind ? And they are stupid enough to believe it, even when they are grown up? How can materialists understand all the rest of mankind who have a sense of the Sacred? The worst thing for Jews is that they are also taught that they are superior when it should be obvious that this is simply not so.
    But then, they also believe apparently many other lies, such as that Einstein was a genius when actually he was a simple plagiarist! They believe that Freud was a genius – and Freud taught that sex is the most important power in mankind – nothing transcendent counted forthat idiot. And then there was Marx!!!

  5. Coming soon: bans against “dual citizens” holding office. Russia is leading the way!

  6. Some damn funny comments – like the description of quintesenntial Jewess archetype “is that of the Malicious Female, the Demented Harridan, The Spurned Whore: The EVER Complaining, Cold, Calculating, Conniving, Conspiring, Covetous, Demanding, Grasping, Nagging PAIN IN THE FCKING A$$” … might add who poisons the king and takes over then kills off 50,000 of your people.

    The extreme aggression of some Semitic Jewish males no doubt has created the bad behavior found in some Jewish females. There are also plenty of bad white people BTW. The biggest swindler I ever met was a jack Mormon – who loved the Bible.

    I’ve met very nice Jewish females – but since they view themselves as a “Jew” you have to wonder about their level of treachery that lurks inside. If you claim you are a Jew where does that leave the rest of us? On the outside in an inferior position. So no, white people can not live amongst Jews. It isn’t them so much as it is their damn books that so many idiots think are the words of god.

    The insane arrogant chauvanist misogynist Jew male (eg Bible god) created these type females, who are reacting in defense to these Jew pig demons. You can see this animosity toward women in the Makow essays. So many Jew males choose Gentile women because they are gentle and kind, reserved, dignified, spiritual, etc.

    Is it wrong to say white females are the most precious resource on earth? I say yes and as evidence I would point you to the Victoria Secret gals that Jewish makes covet.

    I was just reading about poor ole Harvey Weinstein who is court having his accusers describe in detail his graphic lurid behavior. Harvey the Jew sex predator – using his influence to corrupt them Goyim females. Why is a big question, a millionaire like Harvey could afford a brothel of call girls.

    BTW I don’t believe the white “race” is an appropriate meme. I think it is a Enki bloodline that is of issue, and here is my latest take on that (and yes this is another radical essay sure to stir controversy):

    ps: no apologies you Bible dupes

  7. Is it possible for White gentiles to live harmoniously with a Jewish minority?

    As long as jooz can BUY their way into YOU POWER, then yes. It’s when U no longer have said power that they DON’T want to be your friend. What to do. REVELATIONS 18:4 is a good start. I’m NOT gonna mind trick em BACK into the light. They’ve chosen their course. An I have chosen mine. Mine’s with YAH.

  8. Isaiah 60
    11 Therefore thy gates shall be open continually [about Al-Quds]; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.
    12 For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.

    For four centuries Judeoanglosaxons were used as a Jewish tool in destroying „kingdoms” that did not serve the Jews. US imperial status is a result of this role in the world. Judeoanglosaxons destroyed peoples of North America, Australia and many other. Americans or Australians were able to live without (Jewish) money and for this reason had to be wasted. Judeoanglosaxons showed no mercy. Dutch or Belgian Aboriginals were quite advanced in implementation of the Scripture.

    The Jews decided to replace Judeoanglosaxons as their musce men with other nations. Now China is taking the leading position in the world. Although a clown named Donald Trump loves money, the average Judeoanglosaxon is less materialistic and less obedient than average Chinese man. Chinese race „is more advanced”, they serve the Jews better than Judeoanglosaxons and (not only) Judeoanglosaxon nations probably shall be wasted.

    The Scripture is fulfilling in front of our eyes.

  9. The Jews lie and the idiots and superidiots among the gentiles imbibe these lies into their grey matter, which is rendered dysfunctional by Jewish lies, Jew-Urinal-ism, Edjewcation and other Kosher crap with a severity of pollution far outweighing the so-called climate change and other nonsense pushed forth by Jews and theIr political sycophants.
    As long as Gentiles consume anything of Jewish fabrication, all gentiles will be collateral damage to Jewish pollution.
    No, Jews and human beings are not compatible for cohabitation. The proofs are beyond conclusive.

  10. @Yukon Jack

    My description of the ‘Demonic Female’ Archetype was ALSO meant to apply to Jewish MEN…
    since – at heart – they nearly always exhibit those “demonic-female” attributes… both tactically, strategically and an an overriding philoshopy. There is nothing “manly” – in the Classical Western sense – about them. They are MANIPULATORS of their BETTERS… preying on them, luring them to destruction.. using all the attributes you’d expect of Satan’s Strumpet

    BTW Love your new blog! Then Enki hypothesis makes a lot more sense than some “widley read book” we’ve all heard about. Keep up the good work.