Denver Post Columnist Fired After Arguing There Are Two Sexes

Alex Griswold – The Washington Free Beacon Jan 20, 2020

Denver Post columnist says he was fired after disputing the idea that there are more than two sexes.

Jon Caldara, president of the libertarian Independence Institute, announced that he has been fired from the Post, chalking it up to “a difference in style” that his editors found “too insensitive.”

“My column is not a soft voiced, sticky sweet NPR-styled piece which employs the language now mandated by the victim-centric, identity politics driven media,” he said in a Facebook post. “What seemed to be the last straw for my column was my insistence that there are only two sexes and my frustration that to be inclusive of the transgendered (even that word isn’t allowed) we must lose our right to free speech.”

Caldara criticized an Associated Press directive saying that sex and gender are not binary. “There are only two sexes, identified by an XX or XY chromosome. That is the very definition of binary. The AP ruling it isn’t so doesn’t change science. It’s a premeditative attempt to change culture and policy. It’s activism,” he wrote on Jan. 3. In a column two weeks later, Caldara also railed against a 2019 Colorado law that required elementary school children to be instructed in transgender ideology.

“Some parents weren’t thrilled a couple of years back when during school their little ones in Boulder Valley School District were treated to videos staring [sic] a transgender teddy bear teaching the kids how to misuse pronouns or when Colorado’s ‘Trans Community Choir’ sang to kids about a transgender raven,” Caldara wrote. “What are the protections for a parent who feels transgender singing groups and teddy bears with gender dysphoria might be ‘stigmatizing’ for their kid?”

Caldara said that he was fired by the paper’s editorial page editor, Megan Schrader, according to an interview with Westword published Monday.

“Megan told me I was the page’s most-read columnist. But there’s now a permanently and perpetually offended class, and in order to speak, you need to use their terminology. There’s a whole lot of you-can’t-say-that-ism going on right now.”

In an email to the Washington Free Beacon, Schrader confirmed that she fired Caldara but declined to discuss the reason.

“I am writing a job description as we speak to fill his position,” she said. “I hope that conservative Colorado writers will apply knowing that we value conservative voices on our pages and don’t have a litmus test for their opinions.”


6 responses to “Denver Post Columnist Fired After Arguing There Are Two Sexes”

  1. A good columnist loses his job because Satan is socially engineering us to be sterile, and no-one is allowed to contradict the lies to achieve it.

  2. Children believe what adults tell them. That’s how they learn. They believe adults, and especially school teachers, know everything, and they can’t imagine anything an adult says being untrue.

    Many children’s stories are harmful because the very young don’t understand the concept of fiction. To a child, witches, fairies, dragons, santa claus and the tooth fairy are real because adults say they are.

    Children don’t have the life experience to understand that some adults “teach” them things that aren’t true. They may tell lies among themselves, but they can’t imagine an adult telling lies. Not to children thirsting for knowledge. It’s unthinkable.

    Children automatically believe what they’re told, which is why undesirables of every kind deliberately target the very young with their destructive propaganda, knowing that something learned at an early age will be less easy to “unlearn” later in life.

  3. In the 2000’s we find ourselves being forced to accept the delusions of the mentally ill. This was not the case 50 years ago, but the seeds were planted way back then, and even earlier. The government calls this progress??
    Satan will not stop until he and his minions have deceived all those in this world who reject the only Savior, Jesus Christ. The biggest battle is raging today on every inhabitable piece of land. It is the battle between God and Satan for the souls of men. We all have a choice and, unfortunately, most of humanity will choose evil. We are victorious because we who have chosen Christ know who wins in the end.

  4. rocky.. What an opportunity to sue the Denver Post and Schrader. A couple of Christian Jewish lawyers should be able to do the job, unless the judge is completely corrupt.

  5. Fired not for “a difference in style”, but for not sugar coating the current line of crap.
    PC has become denying the reality of correct, and he is better off not doing that and
    still knowing the difference. You’re right, Ron, What an opportunity.

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