Australian Wildfire Facts Blocked by IFCN, Poynter and facebook

Friends of Science – Jan 19, 2020

3 responses to “Australian Wildfire Facts Blocked by IFCN, Poynter and facebook”

  1. I’ve come around to this conspiracy when I saw BBC World News on my local channel and they started out the program with a sentence about how climate change CAUSED the Aussie fires – then they had the gaul to roll out David Attenborough (BBC Nature series) and he stated how it was getting hotter.

    Attenborough is either an idiot or uniformed, either way he is a tool of the establishment and he has ruined his name by endorsing the climate scam. I lost all respect for that man when he went along the walruses jumping off the cliff from climate change.

    For the BBC to state climate change like a fact makes them look like idiots. No honest scientist would state unequivocally that the fires are caused by climate change. What proof do they have for making such an outrageous claim? They offer none, they say “it’s getting hotter” which is not true.

    The other article that is up about 200 fires deliberately set is also not true – no names offered of who set the fires – and were those deliberate arsons? I’ve read like 40 people cited for illegal fires during a fire ban and fires that got out of control. It is super easy to start a fire by accident during exceptional dry conditions and high winds.

    I remember flying over the Northern Territory and seeing natural fires – we flew for thousand miles along the NE coast of Australia and I remember we saw fires all the time – apparently lightning causes fires on an annual basis. I even called a few of them in to control and eventually we got a message not to bother.

    When I lived in Idaho, a huge fire was started along Hwy 55 when a vacationer RV truck muffler was dragging and throwing sparks – which ignited the Ponderosa Pine needles that line the highway. The fire spread up the hill and soon was out of control.

    Most highways out west have signs and fines for tossing cigarettes out the window. In Arizona coke bottles along the road and magnify the intense sunlight and ignite. Humans will start fires because most of what they do is outside the natural. The specie is quite out of place and damn dangerous to the environment.

    All I got to say to the Aussies is keep your chin up and build your houses out of stone. The world is mad and the governments are run by lunatic Jews so it ain’t going to get any better any time soon.

  2. Clearly, the IFCN is another organization to add to the list of establishment dissemblers when the revolution begins.

    “There is a network of left-leaning so-called fact-checkers worldwide which has formed a monopoly over fact-checking by organizing themselves under one banner. They pretend that they are the only fact-checkers that exist on the planet and hand out fact-checking certificates which are then used by tech giants like Facebook to further strengthen the hold of Left in mainstream discourse.

    This has become obvious in the manner in which AltNews was treated by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). The ‘International’ in IFCN ought to have been replaced with the word Globalist since it captures their motives and objectives much more effectively.”

  3. What we are not told is that Australian eucalyptus, which are the trees of the forests exude a volatile gas during heatwave conditions, which, if ignited cause a conflagation that is impossible to stop. This is a perfectly natural process which keeps the forest healthy by removing dead and dying trees and eliminating disease. A short time after these fires, new growth appears and the forest regenerates back to health. It is hard on the wild life and hard on people who choose to live in these areas but it is nothing out of the ordinary and has been going on for centuries. David Attenborough, as a commentator about the natural world should know better but it just goes to show how those who appear to be sensible can’t resist getting on the bandwagon.