The Illuminati Want Your Children! – Jan 23, 2020

(Catholic exorcist says Celine’s clothing line is satanic.)
Celine Dion’s Israeli-designed clothing line dresses children for political and sexual exploitation.
How can Nununu claim to be promoting “gender neutral” clothing for children, while at the same time their clothing items are divided between “boy” and “girl” on their web site?

by L.C. Vincent — (

There is nothing more innocent and vulnerable than a newborn baby.   
So is it any wonder that the illuminati would use a cultural icon as the stalking horse for the mental and spiritual re-programming of our children?  The promotional video for Celine Dion’s new line of children’s clothes (Celinununu) is full of dark subliminal messages.
We first see Celine riding in the back of a limousine while her voice over solemnly intones:   “Our children… they are really NOT our children…”.  Then exactly whose children are they, one wonders?  We shall soon discover that another, outside force has ominous plans for them.

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We next see Celine enter a hospital maternity ward, her silver evening gown now changed to black.  She is carrying a black bag with a large white cross that resembles a plus sign.   All of the male babies are dressed in blue, on the blue side of the aisle; and the female babies are on the pink side, dressed In pink.  The standard gender bathroom symbols for male and female are on the walls of each side.


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7 responses to “The Illuminati Want Your Children!”

  1. Oh come on! When was Celine Dion the singing horse ever relevant? If this is the best the illuminati can trot out (pun intended) then there’s hope for humanity. Her ship came and went with that Titanic film (I can’t help it) and even then she was never an influence on young people merely a replacement for that other ghastly shill Streisand. Anyone in possession of Celine Dion music deserves to be an illuminati slave. What a waste of a blog,ignore this crap and you’ll break the spell.

  2. Aside from all of this, Dion is one ugly witch.

  3. You have to know a bit about the subject to give a proper comment,
    and yes what the author says is right and he could have gone further

  4. Whereas most are indoctrinated to worship the plastic-fabricated illuminati celebrities, it serves well to point out what kind of disgustingly stupid useless retarded spineless marketing and brainwashing gimmicks they are. They need to be branded “Made of illuminati paper and plastic. No need to recycle”.

  5. Hey Peter,I know a lot about the subject and i also know enough to see that Celine Dion,s influence on anyone is negligible. I would recommend anyone wanting to know more about the occult in music/popular culture to look up Mark Devlin and his wwork entitled Musical Truth.

  6. Do they not seen how angry people get when the mess with children and especially with their own children. This is another existential assault on the people. All Illuminati members, supporting organizations, and agents have to be clearly identified.

  7. Have you all seen this? Chuck Schumer telling invisible entity to get out of his chair

    Chuck Schumer commands invisible entity to get out of his chair during senate hearing!