Alison Chabloz Arrested for Radio Program

Terror on the Tube – Jan 22, 2020

Alison Chabloz

Friday 10th January: Alison Chabloz was in court in Derby Magistrates Court to appeal against a probationary service judgement. She had done as they instructed, refraining from any use of social media for a year, only posting on her own website with comments disabled. But still that was not good enough for them: they want their pound of flesh. For a professional singer/minstrel this was a clear attempt to sabotage her career. The hearing was adjourned till June.
It was there admitted, that the decision to aver that she was in breach of the conditions imposed upon her (which she was obviously not) had not been made by the National Probation Service, but by someone ‘from two levels above.’
As she walked out of the courtroom, two members of the East Midlands Counter-terrorism Intelligence Unit in plain clothes seized her, and arrested her under the same old Communications Act article 127 – which is about media (very vaguely) causing distress. The person whose feelings she had allegedly hurt was – you guessed it – Stephen Silverman, the ‘enforcement officer’ for the CAA the Campaign Against antisemitism. Yep a registered charity has got an Enforcement Officer.
And what were his feelings hurt about? Why, a radio show she did six months earlier on the Graham Hart Show on 1.7.19, a two-hour interview with her. Asked about it, Alison declined to comment – there was nothing remotely offensive about it in her view.
This is a brilliant US intellectual website, which features top virtuosos such as E. Michael Jones, and it has a somewhat pro-Catholic orientation.
She was put in a custody cell for five hours, thrown into jail like a common criminal, while being abused and intimidated by a black detective sergeant. He arbitrarily imposed a bail condition upon her, that she was not allowed to post anything online for the next six months.  They finally let her out when it was too late for her to find her way home.  She’s banned from using the web!
Summarising, it is clear that Article 127 of the Communications Act is being misused to criminalise the expression of opinions. For her satirical songs, a minstrel is being silenced, on the grounds that some rich Jew alleges that his feelings were hurt.
The British police are in immediate danger of forgetting the meaning of the word ‘crime.’ It seems they need to have it explained to them that a crime in essence has a victim, and involves harm that can be objectively demonstrated.
 I hope people will support Alison during this extremely stressful period of her career.
She has done nothing wrong.
Here is a highly appropriate comment from an Alan Hart radio show:
 The ongoing Talmudic tyranny as represented by the very thuggish foreign sponsored NGO, Campaign Against Antisemitism, the anti-British Israeli NGO that seems to have direct channels to Britain’s political and policing institutions …
It is a wonder that Brits don’t seem to grasp that one of the most egregious offenders of free speech are the very Jewish-Israeli NGO Campaign Against Antisemitism, which seems to be making it plain and clear that Jews are against free speech in the UK and will no longer be tolerating free speech.
Reflections on the Chabloz Case


Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.

11 responses to “Alison Chabloz Arrested for Radio Program”

  1. Thanks for this Nick.
    People tend to say ” ah but this does not affect me ”
    but it does, jews are testing the waters before bringing in really harsh new laws
    which means not more than 3 people can meet in a public place
    all homes will have listening monitors built into TV and phones,
    children will be taught homosexuality as the norm, and heterosexuality will become ” abnormal”and passports driving licences the abilty to buy food and get medical attention is already under threat.
    The Board of British Deputies, is just that, a government behind our own government, this is why no British government works for its own electorate,do you still think, ” ah but this does not affect me ” ?
    A great man once said ” Engand expects every man to do his duty,” do it now
    because soon it will be too late

  2. Well if the Prime Minister is a former Kibbutznik and the head of the British Secret Police (That’s the BSP rather than the innocuous sounding MI5) IS A JEW….then the treatment of Alison Chabloz is entirely to be expected.
    Britain of all “democracies” mostly resembles an Orwellian Police State…..already a fair part of Britain realises things are “not right”…..but the modern Briton is not what he once was…..content to drink in the pub and close the door……or to watch state television 24 hours a day….well almost..
    Things are not looking good….the average British policeman is rapidly beginning to resemble police in most countries…..a complete cunt at the beck and call of the elite class,increasingly dictatorial and prone to violence provided there are no cameras.Of course were there no third world immigrants their job would be 100% easier.

    Meantime Chabloz will rot in prison if they get the Assange….the greatest example of the trampling of human rights in Britain…..(AND THE MEDIA CONSPIRES TO ALLOW IT!).

  3. With free speech gone, there is only one alternative for freedom and justice. The only question is that because they are actually controlling the politicians, the police, the justice system, the food, the airports, and the air waves, then how do we effectively network and communicate for the resistance and the long-overdue revolution.

    The first step has to be is getting the MSM out of your homes to stop the brainwashing our families. Homes, friends and the right kind of clubs have to be refuges from all their crap and support for the cause. Resistance groups will be underground groups and must be made up of only long-term trusted people, with any recruit always suspect until thoroughly proven and trusted. Many will find themselves behind bars but the fear and injustice will fuel the resistance by generating more distrust and contempt for the sellout authorities. Lessons will have to be taken from the movements which brought the usurpers into power, but it will include the use of any long-term effective means which do not corrupt the cause and harm the soul of the movement. It will be like Gideon’s army because very few will have the guts or the boldness to do what it takes. There is only one thing missing before they also shut this site down and that is a manifesto or declaration of universal principles of justice with reference to all of the abuses of power we are complaining about.
    With such a publication cells can be formed for recruitment without endangering links to other cells or the entire network I do not live in the UK but the government in my nation is equally corrupt.

    My Church is likely the same one as that of martyr Chabloz and its leadership in my view also has been totally hijacked by the same monsters. Like the Pope’s accord with the atheistic communist government of China for Catholics to kneel before icons of Xi and only preach in accord with state policy, with the Vatican in the same breath turning its back on the underground Catholic and Protestant churches being persecuted, with hardly a peep from the rest of the hierarchy, the sign is now before us telling us that all true Christians will also have to go underground and network with all others supporting the cause.

  4. If you think Jews can live in your country you are wrong. All Jews must be rounded up and removed from the host population then sent away. Jews are a memetic and biological parasite that infect the body politic. The race or religion debate is cover for what they really are, an parasitic infection.

    How often have you hear “it’s not all Jews”. Yes it is all Jews because the definition of a Jew is one who is superior and all others less than human. So how can you have some walking around amongst you when all they do are thinking of way to control you, work you over, steal your money, destroy your civilization?

    The parasite must be forcibly removed. They know this, this is why Hitler is vilified and the Holocaust fable shoved down your throat. The parasite is nearly invisible to you – but very conscious to them. They know what they are doing. When you become conscious of them and voice outrage, they call it antisemtism.

    THEY LIVE is about them as an invasive alien specie. Why you tolerate THEM is because your mind has been absorbed by their book. This archived essay is just as valid and accurate as when I first wrote it:

    “They Live” While We Suffer

    “We can never be free until we name the enemy. In my camp the Jews aren’t even the real problem, it’s the Christians who vastly outnumber the Jews but are blinded by the myth. No one can control us unless we let them. The myth is the mind control that keeps you from seeing the obvious”

    Martyr Alison Chabloz has done a great deed in exposing them. But it will not end their control. So what must be done? The people who have been absorbed by the Bible must come out of the spell and return to their native ancestry mental state.

    People think they can retain Christianity and rid the the UK of the parasite or like this website entertain a plethora of Jewish writers (Makow, Shamir, Gilad, etc.) – both are fatal mistakes in thinking.

  5. With (((Jews))), you lose. Plain and simple. Wake up. The Holocaust fantasies are a projection of what they are planning to do to )))you(((.

  6. David Lambert is correct of course…these fiends will get worse and worse.The new laws will be and are,introduced bit by bit.Chabloz is at the more obvious end of the spectrum…but there will be hundreds of victims that never see any publicity at all.
    Some pundits who promote the idea that Russia is above this….should note the presence of Putin at this contrived event.
    Is Pwince Charles a “world leader”…..most people in Britain think he is a half looney unmitigated PRATT who talks to plants.Some may even be aware he was circumcised by a Jewish rabbi.
    So these world leaders are IN REALITY crypto Jews…they are deceiving the public with their display of sycophancy….particularly Macron….with his grandma wife.Hey! France used to provide Mirage jets free of charge to the Israeli airforce.Now American taxpayers provide the aircraft and German taxpayers their U-Boats armed with nuclear weapons (see Dolphin class submarines)
    So there is tyranny afoot….the Jews need the tyranny to shore up their power….that is to enforce anti democratic laws which are necessary to back up their lies….
    In Britain they’ve even got their own private police force paid for by British taxpayers….funny that.
    It’s sort of reached the stage where parallels with the former Iron Curtain countries are entirely appropriate.
    The British Secret Police MI5 have infiltrated EVERYTHING….including the media….just like the STAZI….The police are now increasingly focussing their attention on “what people said on the net” rather than actual crimes committed.The elites are completely out of step with the day to day existence of the average person…..
    This holocau$t commemoration is all politics and about Jewish Power.
    While the erecting of the Christian Cross is forbidden in Washingstein during Christmas (Christmas Trees get a pass because they are not a symbol of Christianity)….GIGANTIC MENORAHS are not a problem…..THIS FACT ALONE IS ENOUGH TO LET YOU KNOW WHATS GOING ON.
    While tens of thousands of Americans live in tents and lack basic healthcare….these Jewish “world leaders” rob American taxpayers of billions of dollars every year……which COULD be used to improve the lives of Americans!!.

  7. Qwerty

  8. They have some nerve trying to exercise that idea in the UK – it isn’t even their country, but then again……where exactly Are they from……….

  9. “In the last 40 years the number of non-Jews killed by Jews is by far greater than the number of the Jews killed by non-Jews. The extent of the persecution and discrimination against non-Jews inflicted by the “Jewish state” with the support of organized diaspora Jews is also enormously greater than the suffering inflicted on Jews by regimes hostile to them. Although the struggle against antisemitism (and of all other forms of racism) should never cease, the struggle against Jewish chauvinism and exclusivism, which must include a critique of classical Judaism, is now of equal or greater importance.” ~ Israel Shahak

  10. “It is arguable that the success of their propaganda in persuading us for so long that we are free from propaganda, is one of the most significant propaganda achievements of the 20th century”