Hundreds arrested for deliberately starting catastrophic Australian bushfires

Xinhuanet – Jan 17, 2020

Hundreds of Australians have been arrested for allegedly deliberately lighting Australian bushfires in only a matter of months.

Australia is currently enduring one of the worst bushfire crises in the nation’s history, with at least 25 people having been killed since September.

The Australian reported on Tuesday that 183 people have been arrested for lighting bushfires in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

In NSW alone 183 people have been charged or cautioned for bushfire-related offences since November, with 24 arrested for deliberately starting bushfires. While in Victoria 43 were charged in 2019.

In Queensland, where the fires were worst in November, 101 people have been arrested for deliberately starting fires, almost 70 percent of whom were juveniles.

According to James Ogloff, the director of the Forensic Behavioural Science at Swinburne University, approximately 50 percent of Australia’s bushfires are started by arsonists.

“They’re interested in seeing fire, interested in setting fire and quite often the information around how fires burn and accelerate excites them,” he told News Corp.

The University of Melbourne’s associate professor Janet Stanley said that arsonists, or “firebugs”, were typically young males aged either 12 to 24 or 60 and older.

“There is no one profile, but generally they seem to have a background of disadvantage, a traumatic upbringing and often have endured neglect and abuse as a child,” she said.

Brendon Sokaluk, a former volunteer firefighter, was sentenced to 17 years and nine months in jail for starting a 2009 bushfire in Victoria that killed 10 people on Black Saturday, one of Australia’s worst bushfire events.


9 responses to “Hundreds arrested for deliberately starting catastrophic Australian bushfires”

  1. If a huge bush fire is bearing down on you, a controlled pre-burn, might be your only chance to save your property.

  2. You can bet that these people are all Greenies. These were FALSE FLAG FIRES, putting the blame on lightning.

  3. Anything to divert attention from the Aussi government’s totally negligent mismanagement of the Outback, by allowing unregulated and ignorant development and growth for the conditions, and by huge water diversions from the fire areas for NG fracking the hell out of their land. Plus, as we in North America have sold off and ceded so many infrastructure assets, land and resources to China in a vain effort to balance our huge trade deficits and debts with that nation, so Australia has sold off much of its water to China. Keynesian economics is a huge hoax to get the people of the west believing that debt is not real, deficit financing is okay, and our governments can just keep creating money out of nothing. Meanwhile “the few” irresponsibly invest their filched capital, industries, and technologies in places like China, making trillions while we go under. Every foreign debt has to be backed by real collateral with value and that is why with every QE more and more of our real assets are ceded to China.

  4. The government is to blame for code. The code failed. They should get out of the way and let people decide what materials they can build with and not commercial interests.

    A little known fact is that property tax in Oregon is related to commercially made building materials. When some Oregonians went to Britain and brought back old time COB construction (clay mixed with straw) and built homes in Cottage Grove Oregon they were surprised with no home tax on a COB home. The walls, at least won’t burn.

    There exists a whole new building industry for fireproof homes. It can be done. When I was in Guam in the service, all homes were concrete for floor, walls, and roof because of the tsunami and termites. I don’t see why Aussies couldn’t build out of clay and rock and concrete.

  5. & funny…………… NOT ONE NAME is published ??
    All fires were caused by “dry” lightning ?? Or maybe wet one ??
    Nahh.. They were “green” lightnings ??

  6. John K:
    Yes, you could bet the Greenies, whatever that is, set the fires.
    And you’d lose your money.
    Not even Australia’s IPA would make a bet like that – but they do bet you’ll believe their bullshit.
    Job done, there, apparently.

  7. It defies logic that a group of “hundreds” would suddenly snap in unison and become arsonists. Was it an MKULTRA triggered event ? Were they Soros sponsored eco-terrorists ? Was there a public media platform forum that spawned this action ? Are this group being set up as patsies to cover for DEW’s and fire starter drones ? I’m sure it goes much deeper than we currently know. That it is a natural disaster, we are sure, it is not.

  8. @John Kirby @Truthy 1 – yes it sounds like False Flag fires. Excellent observation Truthy 1 when you say it could be mass arsony triggered through the media. Anyone that’s read Brice Taylor and Kathy O’Briens books (free as PDFs online) on MKultra slavery will know that modern mind control was masterminded by Henry Kissenger and uses public events like concerts and other public events using key phrases as a “call to action” to set the fires. Huge amounts of people spontaneously deciding to set bushfires is utterly preposterous.