Canada’s 2001 climate predictions. How did they do?

CDN – YouTube June 2019

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  1. This website attracts attention of holocaust deniers and climate deniers. A complaint to ADL or any other Free Speech protecting institution should be lodged.

  2. Patrick – How can you reject observed FACTS and still insist that we should swallow government propaganda that contradicts those facts?

    I’ve lived very close to sea level for the past quarter century, and sea levels haven’t changed by as much as an inch in that time.

    You call the ADL a “Free Speech protecting institution”. Are you completely out of touch with reality? Like the ADL, YOU are attempting to deny people the RIGHT to hold an opinion that differs from your own.

    Oops! Sorry. Just realised your comment is intended as sarcasm.

  3. The truth is sometimes unbearable isn’t it Patrick.

    By the way, holocaust denial is a perfect example of free speech, criminally disallowed in about 18 countries.

    Climate denial is also free speech. What do you want to do, ban anyone from saying anything you disagree with?

    ADL, “a free speech protecting institution” HA HA HA HA HA. That’s a good one Patrick.

  4. Great idea Patrick!

    Canadians are partially vulnerable to this kind of online hate speech. I’m going to email the website link to all my Canuck friends, warning them to not watch or think about this kind of deplorable lie. They’ll thank me for it : )


  5. @Patrick: All of the conditioning and the lies that you have been told in your schooling cries out that the so called, “holocaust”, must be true. The lies and brainwashing of your entire life delivered by the jew controlled media is fighting against the truth and you refuse to believe that, in fact, it never happened, not because it isn’t true, that there were never the “6 million”, but because you can’t face the fact that you have been lied to and fooled for so many years.

  6. You should be proud to be both a climate denier and a holocaust denier.

  7. Patrick is really saying that all man-made global warming skeptics must be censored as if we have a duty to believe every lie our bull-shit governments and the corrupt establishment tell us. The duty of every responsible citizen is to expose every lie and fraud of those who wield power over us, regardless of whose feelings we hurt. Unless Patrick is a troll for the lying Canadian government, the globalists for a one-world government, and/or the ADL for a one-world Zionist-run government, then he is just a brainwashed dupe. Highly relevant facts are presented on the obvious global-warming fraud, propagated by the Canadian government, so he threatens to go the ADL? He says that the ADL is protecting free speech. Insane.

  8. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    A prime piece of evidence linking human activity to climate change turns out to be an artifact of poor mathematics. Go figure !

    The “hockey stick” graph Hoax

  9. In the near future Canada will be under miles of ice just like is was a mere 20,000 years ago. The ice took 10,000 years to melt, ocean levels went up 370 feet (or about 125 meters).

    Here is an excellent chart for you all to study, it is reverse time scale and shows sea level rise up to 6,000 years ago:

    Here is the same data with time scale left to right showing to present day:

    As you can see sea levels peaked 7.000 years ago. Sea level has been steady or falling since then. There is no reason to even think they will go higher because the Holocene is now cooling. Sea levels have already peaked:

    Here is a chart I made showing the taper – the steady cooling since the highest or optimum of the Holocene 8,000 years ago:

    The interglacial is waning and temperatures are falling off, the idea of CO2 is going to cause warming or stop ice is looney tunes. Climate change from a trace gas is a modern delusion and the madness of the crowd.


    Anyone who still believes in global warming is misinformed or just plain stupid or gullible from media propaganda. The entire global warming by man is entirely wrong.

  10. As far as I know we(humans) haven’t drilled past 10km how the f would we know if there is “global warming”.No one has placed a temp gauge in the globe of note. If there is “global warming” wouldn’t it come from inside rather than outside the crust.
    Dunno but one thing is for sure, I’m not buying “climate change” its to damn expensive when it’s so damn cheap a sales pitch.
    My V8 and me are proud to be whatever denialists they want to paint us. Wind, earth, Fire will always rule. I am not acceding to this mind pollution agenda of possession, the people who fall into it can choke themselves on it.