Trump Second Term Likely – Along with War with Iran

Rixon Stewart – Jan 19, 2020

Trump won the last election with pledges he has yet to deliver on. During his 2016 presidential campaign he promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico, and improve relations with Russia: he has yet to deliver on either. Trump also told voters that should he become president he would give his generals “thirty days” to come up with a plan to defeat Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh). As it happened he did not have to bother as Russia’s decisive intervention in Syria did that for him, with minimal U.S. help.
Then, in 2018, Trump pledged to withdraw remaining U.S. forces from Syria. They were there on the pretext of fighting Islamic militants and despite Trump’s pledge they are STILL there in 2020.
With such a track record you would think that Trump would be unlikely to win a second term. However, two things stand in his favour. First, generally speaking Americans have short memories and are truly parochial in their view of the world. Indeed, most U.S. voters could probably not even find Syria on the map and we suspect that few know that it was Russian intervention that led to the fall of the Islamic State, not America’s.
Secondly, Trump’s opponents are likely to be so lacklustre or unappealing that U.S. voters will have little real choice. So either they don’t vote or they choose the candidate who will inflict the least damage. In 2016 Trump was a clear choice over Clinton, who would have been an unmitigated disaster, for America and the world.
It still remains to be seen who will run against Trump in 2020, but my guess is that Trump has already secured a second term because he’s made a promise to those who count. Not to the American people but to the powers that be.
In return for the keys to the White House Trump has pledged to wage war on Iran.
This will ensure an opponent who is either so lacklustre or so patently off-the-mark that Americans will have little REAL choice. Either they don’t vote, or they make the same suicidal choice that Hillary Clinton would have been  in 2016. In other words, it’s no contest.
Then once Trump has secured his second term he can start rolling out plans for war with Iran. It may not even involve extensive use of the U.S. military, at least not directly. In fact, as much as it goes against the grain, America is now keeping its military campaigns fairly low profile. Indeed, as we’ve seen recently in Syria, the U.S. is now using proxies to do its dirty work, the actual fighting and dying.
Moreover, in his face-off with Iran Trump has a well-armed proxy ready and willing in Saudi Arabia. This also makes business sense, which will appeal to Trump the businessman. To wage war today is an expensive enterprise and to do so against Iran the Saudis will need lots of new, and expensive weapons, which the U.S. will happily supply.
For what it is worth psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker has predicted as much but we don’t think this will happen because some psychic says so. No, we believe this will happen because it makes absolute sense logically.
It’s a win-win for Trump. He will gain a second-term in office, plus big arms sales and deal a blow to America’s (and Israel’s) long-time antagonist.
Or so he thinks. We suspect that things will not go nearly as smoothly as Trump hopes. Either way we will know soon enough.

14 responses to “Trump Second Term Likely – Along with War with Iran”

  1. There does not seem any viable opposition that the Jews do not own??….Anyway you can say with certainty that the next president of the USA will be a crypto jew.
    They’ve already installed the Kibbutznik Boris Johnsteen as British PM……

  2. And the ultimate irony is that Trump has more genuine Jewish blood than his Israeli counterparts

  3. 911 got America into war last time. A nuclear false flag on NYC to be blamed on Iran seems more and more likely after recent passed events.

  4. It does not matter if war criminal Trump is reelected or if a demon-rat is elected, Israel and the zionists who control the ZUS want a war with Iran and a war they shall have, war is peace and peace we shall have, courtesy of Israel and their ZUS puppets.

  5. I have studied politics for almost 70 years
    apart from Oswald mosley, the National front was a genuine British party
    for the people, but of course the jewish hatemongers and racists
    destroyed them both

  6. America and allies could defeat ISIS whenever they want…just stop financing them – job done.
    And I thought he was going to get Killary infront of a court to answer for her sins if he got elected. I was looking forward to that.
    And the wall…’it’ll be a beautiful wall’. Nae wall Don, WTF?

  7. It seems less likely now than it did( war I mean), but things have a way of working regardless of seems. There is STILL a tremendous opportunity for peace, and hopefully everyone has that in mind.

  8. I couldn’t agree with this essay more. Trump is THE snake in the swamp. Even though he has completely betrayed his base, his base is somewhere between retarded and drooling imbecilic.

    Speaking of retards, Dr. David Dupe and his co-host Dr. Patrick Slattery say we may have to vote for Trump in 2020:

    Dr. David Dupe Says Vote for Trump in 2020

  9. The Democrats are bending over backwards to get Trump reelected. I don’t think Trump is in charge. He went from not trusting the CIA and now he does what they say, or what Mossad says. Meanwhile, CIA Meghan has dragged Harry away as the UK becomes the 51st state. Brexit, just another scam. Boris the Amerikan has avoided being too close to Trump for obvious reasons.

  10. US forces can destroy the Iranian infrastructure in one hour and leave the country in ruins that would take years to repair.

    Iran is not in a position to threaten America, BUT IT IS A THREAT TO ISRAEL, as recent ballistic misiles hitiing targets in Iraq have demonstrated.

    Any threat to Israel is dealt with by the USA, at the Israel Lobby’s bidding, and it seems that the plan now is to destroy Iran. Judging by the continued arms buidup war looks inevitable

    God Bless America,,,,,,and GOD HELP AMERICA.

  11. Response to Carl Jones: Interesting angle. No doubt I believe Trump has a gun to his head. He went into the presidency thinking …maybe..he could change things. Not so easy.
    The Deep State and the New World order have him by the b_lls with the threats at several levels which he learned quite quickly once he was oriented at the White House in the very beginning of his presidency….Explaining the immediate loss of his winning smile and the perplexing countenance apparent on his face. No doubt he is looking at all angles to perhaps change things but the Deep State like in a game of chess has made it very hard on him. I conclude that the assassination of Soleimani was a deep state operation all along and that trump gave the final OK ( under pressure ) to kill him . Of course he has taken the credit for political reasons.

  12. To get everyone all in, the Dome of the Rock will go…then The Vatican.

  13. Concerning Trump and possible impeachment, the mainstream narrative says he won’t be impeached because the Democrats don’t have the votes, google says:

    “How many senators needed to impeach Trump?

    A Majority Vote in the House Is Needed To Impeach Trump, But 20 Republican Senators Will Need To Join a Vote To Remove Him. That means a total of 67 Senators would need to vote to convict and remove the President. There are 45 Democrat Senators and 53 Republican Senators, plus two Independents who typically vote Democrat. Sep 25 2019”

    I’m not so sure conventional wisdom is right, the reason being is that Israel controls our elected whores and thus if Israel (or Netanyahu) wants Trump flushed then Israel can make our Senators vote on behalf of Israel.

    I am the lone proponent of this theory. According to now dead David Goldberg, the White House insider who leaked the 100 tactical nuke attack on Iran plan, Trump was being told to attack Iran – but has not yet. What Trump has done is some minor things like sanctions, and assassination of Soleimani, but he hasn’t delivered the main course. Trump has appeased Satanyahu and angered him.

    So does Netanyahu have the pull to get our Senate Republicans to flush Trump? I say yes. Evidence? Loyalty to AIPAC. Netanyahu’s 29 standing ovations – more than any President. Netanyahu needs this war for his own political survival – and several Israeli newspapers have speculated this before the assassination of the Iran general.

    How could this happen? Bolton is called to testify and drops a bombshell (that is prepared for him in Tel Aviv). This bombshell testimony gives Senate Republicans the political cover to vote to impeach and remove Trump.

  14. Nothing else sustains neoliberalism like Trump.