“Hexed” — Hexagram Holds Humanity Hostage

henrymakow.com – Jan 19, 2020


The Evil Symbol that Rules the World

The Hexagram has gained mastery over the human world.  Practitioners might appear to be upright Jews, Catholics or Masons, but they are impostors who infiltrate and subvert.

By CK — (henrymakow.com)

Behind the evil in this world is a symbol.  Understand this symbol and the cabal who use it and you can identify the evildoers and their diabolical plot.  This cabal hides inside legitimate religions and groups, such as Judaism, the Jesuits and the Masons, using them as shields for their evil deeds.  What they all have in common is their practice of the Hexagram and its dark arts.
The Hexagram is a symbol used by witchcraft and sorcery for thousands of years to conjure spirits.  The symbol can be found in many places; India, Egypt, Peru, China, Europe, etc.  Numerologists believe the Hexagram represents the evil number 6-6-6 and practitioners believe it can bind and control supernatural creatures.
To put a “hex” on someone is to put a curse on them.  The word Hex is itself derived from the number 6 in Greek; in middle German, a “Hexe” is a witch.  In China, the year of the snake is the 6th year in their calendar and the I Ching consists of 64 Hexagrams.
Worshipers of the Hexagram use it for evil – they believe that by performing rituals and human sacrifices, it gains more power.  Who are these worshipers?  Many hide within the Jewish faith, within the Masons and Catholicism, and of course more openly with witches, pagans and others.   Events like wars and persecutions are ritual human sacrifices performed to accrue more power to this symbol.


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5 responses to ““Hexed” — Hexagram Holds Humanity Hostage”

  1. Yes indeed.
    did you know that ” THE WALL St USA” equates to 666 also ” The New labour” is also 666
    By their fruits shall ye know them.
    Money is the root of all evil so they say, and the jewish god Shekinah has the same root word as shekels, and jewish money worship is well known, and Jesus kicked the dirty jews out of the temple for it.
    Nice to see Henry is back to talking sense after his nonsense about Hitler
    When the economy was in trouble, you would assume the government would do something
    for the hard pressed electorate, who put them in power and paid their wages, but no
    the Government gave the peoples money to the banks.
    Bilions and Billions of it.
    “The jewbankers own the country” as quoted by Neville Chamberlian,
    the most popular prime minister ever and the man who wanted to keep the UK out of W W 2.
    Bankers who control and run Boom & Bust situations for their own profits.
    Watch this irish man as he tells it how it is

  2. The hexagon is a subliminal 2D representation of a 3D cube
    In geometry, a hexagon (from Greek ἕξ hex, “six”) is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. A regular hexagon has Schläfli symbol . The total of the internal angles of any hexagon is 720°.
    The advent of the monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam confined the worship of Saturn to occult circles. As we saw here, the Lord of the Rings is still omnipresent in popular culture but only recognized by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. https://www.nicholson1968.com/nicholson1968s-post/saturn-worshipthe-black-cube
    The Yahweh Matrix is system is connected into a Black Cube Matrix held through Saturn, that is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their black hole system. Saturn’s Black Cube holds a massive tank that acts as a harvesting station for blood sacrifice from human beings, in any way imaginable, whether through wars, rituals, crucifixion, martyrdom, suicide or menstrual. This makes it obvious why Saturn has been long associated with an assortment of blood worshipping cults.
    Thus, Judaism’s Kabbalah and the Artificial Tree of Life is based on the inverted teachings intentionally given by the Thothian groups to generate reversals in the knowledge given in the original Founder Records, and this is overseen and administered by the Yahweh Collective located on Saturn. https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Saturn_Blood_Worship
    Therefore TETRAGRAMMATON is another way to say the four Kabbalistic letters (Yod, Hé, Vau and Hé) without pronouncing them. It acts as a Magic Greek word or a “mantra” of an immense spiritual power that synthesizes in a single unit that which in the kabbalah is used to name God. https://lovemagicworks.com/tetragrammaton-pendant/

  3. Both the Jews and Muslims pray to a black cube structure. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheGreatDeception/comments/9b0zz6/the_lord_of_the_rings_saturn_and_the_black_cube/
    There is a myth about Thoth, that he became credited as the inventor of the 365-day (rather than 360-day) calendar, it being said that he had won the extra 5 days by gambling with the moon, then known as Iabet, in a game of dice, for 1/72nd of its light (5 = 360/72). During those 5 days are when Osiris, Set, Isis, Horus and Nephthys were born.

  4. There is nothing in Islamic scripture that says pray to a black cube. The ritual of orbiting the cube is a prayer to God, not to the cube.

    Monotheism is very distinct from Egyptian and all mythology, don’t mix the two.