US Clearing Anti-War Voices Off Social Media in Vast Censorship Operation

Darius Shahtahmasebi – Renegade Tribune Jan 17, 2020

Instagram and its parent company Facebook are removing posts that appear to be in support of the late Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani in order to comply with U.S. sanctions, a company spokesperson recently told CNN.

We operate under U.S. sanctions laws, including those related to the U.S. government’s designation of the IRGC and its leadership,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

The Iranian government has responded by calling for legal action against Instagram, going so far as to create a portal for the users to submit posts that have been removed by the social media giant. Iran’s government spokesperson, Ali Rabiei called the move “undemocratic.”

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is not blocked in Iran. Despite this, Twitter’s position on the matter is that as long as users abide by its rules the social media platform will not seek to remove posts. That being said, independent news outlet the Grayzone reported that Twitter suspended dozens of accounts run by people in Venezuela, Syria, and Iran—including Iran’s supreme leader—during the first two weeks of January.

Instagram removed Soleimani’s own account last April shortly after the U.S. government designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a foreign terrorist organization. Less publicized is the recent decision by Iran’s parliament to designate all U.S. forces as “terrorists” following the assassination of Soleimani.

The pressure on social media companies to give effect to U.S. sanctions has also led to the removal of posts by Instagram which were posted by outspoken critics of the IRGC, including human rights advocate Emadeddin Baghi. Unsurprisingly, the International Federation of Journalists released a statement declaring Instagram’s actions as going “against global standard principles including freedom of speech and media.

However, Instagram and Facebook are not the only companies cracking down on speech that could be construed as supporting Soleimani. According to the Grayzone’s Ben Norton, a French reader attempted to donate $10 to the independent media outlet, writing “I am making this donation to The Grayzone for the sake of free speech and balanced reporting, particularly in regard to recent events in Iraq and Iran.

PayPal then froze the payment as it did with many others

Around the same time, Facebook also censored a Grayzone video which sought to report on Hezbollah, Iran, and U.S. president Donald Trump.

According to CNN Business, Google did not comment on its policy on this issue when contacted. However, YouTube—owned by Google—has also allegedly removed all PressTV videos with the exception of PressTV FrancaisPressTV is funded by the Iranian government and has been targeted by both Google and YouTube in the past. A brief search by the Mind Unleashed at the time of writing was unable to locate an official PressTV YouTube channel, confirming the assertion that it has been removed.

As the Grayzone notes in its reports, Silicon Valley Tech companies have for some time been partnering up with shadowy think-tanks, helping to assist the U.S. government in its apparent bid to control the boundaries of free speech and political dissent. In 2018, Facebook and Twitter jointly shut down a range of antiwar and anti-corruption pages under the guise of fighting spam accounts.

Donald Trump’s recent warning to Iran not to shut down its Internet makes little sense in the context of what has been described above. According to the U.S. government, Iranians should not be restricted in their usage of the internet—but only if that usage advances the agenda of the U.S. foreign policy establishment.

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5 responses to “US Clearing Anti-War Voices Off Social Media in Vast Censorship Operation”

  1. The US has turned into such a fake bullshit nation that nothing the people say who run the place can be trusted. It is totally a Masonic land where money is God and the decent people are exploited and oppressed. Free speech and democracy are only kosher if the issue is something like Pooper-Scooper Enforcement Officer with no real money or power involved, unless of course there is an impressive uniform which goes with the position.

    The brainwashed masses are presently transfixed to their TV’s watching the theatre of the fake-impeachment pageant unfold, dutifully believing it is all real. All the performers strut about keeping to their carefully-scripted lines. Like the establishment-hatched fake Russia-bashing campaign, it is all theater. With the impeachment drama intended the polarize the entire nation, the people are once-again being caresully herded into their red and blue stalls in ensure nothing really populist, and not controlled by the establishment cabal running things, gets off of the ground. the entire performance will be so carefully choreographed, on a pro and anti Trump basis that it will also ensure that whomever the ruling cabal anoints will be chosen for the top puppet job.

    Like in the US midterm elections in 2018, issues involving US foreign policy were mum. In the coming presidential election, Americans will see no real difference in the leading contenders’ position regarding foreign affairs, which most Americans in any case now believe should be left to the military and the agencies who know best how to protect and advance their interests. Once again, any real discussion or debate on foreign policy during the coming election campaign will be taboo, and with the careful censorship of the alternate media, and with no real protest from the American people, who in fact become willing accomplices to any further unjust wars and atrocities their so-called “free” nation commits.

    Americans are brought up on Hollywood imagery, life-styles and fantasy. The corporate media and entertainment industry is so pervasive that most of the people cannot discern the difference between fantasy and reality, and as result of their constantly-fed addiction, they now demand more and more theatre and even wars to satisfy their cravings. A false-flag attack, 9/11, on their own people coming from their diabolical “owners”, results in being no more than a thrilling performance to make life seem more real. If there was any reality to the people they would long ago have arrested the thousands of insider perps involved, (especially deep-state ones in and out of the US), and long ago they would hung everyone of them.

  2. “Anti-democratic democrat, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, said they’ve received threats including people detailing plans to storm the Capitol Building, use weaponized drones, and more. A state official cited one posting that included a photo of an AR-15 with a caption that said there are “great sight angles from certain buildings” near Capitol Square.”

    “When you push a population to the brink, threatening them with gun confiscation at the hands of the National Guard and telling them that their lawful actions of rebellion are meaningless, you have to expect that population to push back. Particularly a rural, gun-loving population that makes up most of the counties in Virginia.”

    Who is sponsoring the rally?

    From NBC: “Northam’s declaration will also ban items like helmets and shields, items that some white nationalists carried in Charlottesville. “

    From USA Today: “Northam said the decision was a response to threats, some of them made online in forums hosted by hate groups and white nationalists. The governor called on rally organizers to dissuade out-of-state groups from coming to the rally and encouraged a “peaceful day” for Virginians.”

    From NPR: “Northam is raising concerns about a reprise of the deadly violence surrounding the white supremacist march in Charlottesville in August 2017. He said state intelligence analysts have identified threats and rhetoric online that mirrors the chatter they were picking up around that time.”

    But in actuality, the group sponsoring the rally is Virginia Citizen’s Defense League, a group dedicated to “defending your right to defend yourself in Virginia.” This isn’t the first tyrannical move in Virginia this week.”

    Northam Declares State Of Emergency In Virginia Because “Armed Militia Groups Plan To Storm The Capitol” – by Tyler Durden

    I think it’s safe to predict the appearance of agents-provocateurs at this protest.

    West Virginia and North Carolina should invade Virginia and then plan on taking out the white-collar terrorists in Langley Virginia, home of the Criminally Insane Assholes. After that simple task, these “Armed Militia Groups Who Plan To Storm The Capitol” could invite all Americans to march on Washington D.C. and clean house.

    In my dreams…

    Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). LIVE 2005

    Threats? What Threats?!

    Proxy Wars, and Proxy Wolves…

  3. They think it’s the 90s.

    “The JewSA comes around to do the Jew’s agenda at will”.

    “Anyone who simply disagrees with the Jew, is now an evil dictator or hateful Anti-Semite”.

    The end of this will be so sad, but yet deserved.

  4. This weekend is seeing unprecedented censorship right across the board.
    Not only can’t you lay down the facts including history about this, you aren’t allowed to compare Israel or Zionism with anything resembling fascism.
    I can’t even type in the “limits of growth report” and post it. Stockholm, Maurice Strong or Alexander King is the same. You aren’t allowed to mention the funding mechanisms of “global warming” either.
    We have just gone over the wall into dead man’s land now be assured of that.
    Fred I ask you this? Because honestly I enjoy your writing a lot, If the Americans had the will and brains to take their country back would the Australians, British, Canadians and Europeans do the same? Because from where I stand they are all the same peas in the rotting pod of apathy. America is crown this is fact anyway. The American illusion of independence is a joke they have truly never known freedom to know what to chase for to begin with. The republic you have when you don’t have a republic.
    Slow decay always serves nature best I think.

  5. Fred B perfectly articulates in his comment above the situation in the Jewnited States. An absurd dog & pony show to keep the morons distracted and divided.

    What I can’t stand is hypocrisy, something with which the Jew-S-A is bursting at the seams. The stunning gall to shriek on and on about “terrorist organizations” when there is no larger, more menacing, more maniacal, more dangerous acts of terrorism going on in the world than at the hands of the US, led by the nose by Israel and the Jews of course. All other “terrorist organizations” are sad little wanna-bes compared to the ol’ Jew-S-A, a terror organization that makes Ghengis Khan and the Mongol horde look like Amnesty International by comparison. Some people I work with, including soldiers, are actually EXCITED at the chance to go to war with Iran and decimate yet another country that is no real threat…it’s raving madness.