Israeli Puppet Trump Shows His True Colors

By Michael Hoffman – Revisionist Jan 9, 2020

Retired four star Marine Corps General and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis was being kind when he wrote that President Donald Trump is of “limited cognitive ability.”

A less diplomatic observer who had been as close to the president as Gen. Mattis, might have said that he was of limited intelligence (though possessed of street smarts and cunning).

We saw Mr. Trump’s dim light bulb emitting its low wattage as he stood with American military officers spouting the same monotonous and risible talking points that emanate from the mouth of the president’s ventriloquist, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

To call Trump an Israeli agent is to do him an injustice. He is more than that. Like others in his cabinet (Pompeo and Pence) he is an Israeli golem. In legend, the golem was a non-Judaic Frankenstein created in Renaissance Prague by the Kabbalistic Rabbi Judah Loew to kill the enemies of the Talmudic theocracy that masquerades as an Old Testament creed. The golem is mindless and not subject to reason or logic, just like Trump and his gang of Neocon chicken hawks, sanctioners, and Israeli idolators.

Observe Mr Trump’s pathetic regurgitation of Israeli propaganda talking points on the morning of January 8 in his speech to the nation, wherein he termed Iranians the number one terrorists in the world.

Really? So soon he forgets ISIS, the terror army inspired by a blueprint established by the 100% toxic Saudi Wahhabist theology, responsible for inspiring massive terrorism in the Middle East, including wholesale slaughter of the Christians of Syria and Iraq, while launching dozens of terror-massacres in Britain, Europe and America. Nowhere is there an Iranian hand in any of this.

ISIS, formed from remnants of al Qaeda, gets a pass from Trump because ISIS does not threaten Israeli control of Palestine, while the Iranian government consistently demands justice for Palestine. Our foreign policy is driven by Israeli needs and requirements, not the interests of the American people.

We have a pretend media which, along with Trump, pretends Iran-backed Shiite militias did the most harm to U.S. troops in Iraq. In truth, the main killer of Americans in Iraq were the Saudi-backed Sunni remnants of Saddam Hussein’s army, which years later became ISIS. Who in the mainstream media—Left or Right— reports this fact as a challenge to Mr. Trump’s repetition of Israeli disinformation?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is said to have urged Trump to assassinate Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general who drove ISIS terrorists out of Iraq and al-Qaeda terrorists from Syria. Soleimani saved Christian lives in the Middle East, but these are mostly Greek Orthodox and Catholic lives, about whom Protestant fundamentalists in the U.S. care next to nothing, preferring Talmudists to them.

Mr. Pompeo is a war-golem of the Israeli-worshipping fundamentalist “Rapture” theology of US Churchianity.

“We will continue to fight these battles. It is a never-ending struggle…until the Rapture, be part of it, be in the fight.”  —Mike Pompeo, God and Country Rally,” Summit Church, Wichita, Kansas, June 28, 2015.

The lunatic Rapture doctrine was invented in the 1800s as part of the Protestant “Dispensationalist” doctrine favored by fundamentalist partisans of counterfeit “Israel.” The Church had no knowledge of it before the nineteenth century.

The fact that the theology dominant in the Israeli state which the Rapture enthusiasts adore is essentially Talmudic Antichrist, is not an issue for Messers Pence, Pompeo and their millions of fellow, alleged “evangelicals.”

Americans need to have the tools to deconstruct the fake Christianity of powerful Talmudic “evangelicals” such as Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo. One such tool is Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded — banned almost everywhere books are sold.

If we do not unmask the foundation of the Israeli Antichrist theology, sooner or later the “America First” Commander-in-Chief who has promised to extricate us from endless conflicts and entanglements overseas, will take us into war for “Israel” with the 80-million Persian nation that is four times the size of France and very different from the Arabs we have starved and mass murdered with impunity in Iraq, all in the name of democracy and “fighting terrorism” of course.


7 responses to “Israeli Puppet Trump Shows His True Colors”

  1. You guys by now know that we had a democracy in Iran and CIA destroyed it, this along with the fact and empirical historical evidence that Democracy spreads only through “sword” proves that Iranians are surviving because of their Theocracy and religion.

    If you need detailed articles on the problems with Democracy and Nationalism please check out the articles by Paul Treanor (

    Two other important facts:

    1- Most of the academic work and articles against monarchy come out of UK, yet still they have a monarchy and not long ago the power of queen was clear for all to see!

    2- Most of the academic work and articles against God and religion comes out of Jews, yet Zionist Jews derive power from their religion.

    It is clear that real Democracy is not only impossible but also a tool for Satanic powers to control the world. Their friends are all evil kingdoms such as Saudis or evil religions such as Wahhabism and Zionism… yet they are worried about democracy and human rights in Iran after having destroyed the only real democracy in Iran themselves!

    So as an Iranian I know we are not only surviving but also advancing because of our religion and Theocracy. Religion gives power and also is a weapon, liberal democratic societies have been disarmed… a society with no religion can’t stand even 1 day against a foe that is motivated by creed, weapons and firepower is really less than 25% of defense, Imagine ISIS let loose inside Europe! Zionist Jews have these ideas too in case they feel the need/time for execution of their nefarious plans.

    Look at our enemies, ISIS, Zionist… they badly want Armageddon to happen. This is not Iran that is pushing for it.

    All I am saying is in the coming years we will experience great upheavals throughout the world. Many loose their faith and marbles too! You guys should really give up hope is democratic illusions in order to make meaningful changes in your countries leaders and policies.

    I highly advice reading Paul Treanor articles.

  2. Brilliant. Dear orange chabadnic leader got 1 earful here.

  3. AL CIADA aka ISIS is a complete creation of the ZUS and Israel and ZBritain and ZNATO and were created to destroy the middle east for zionist Israel and these killers have accomplished their goal and only in Syria where thanks to Putin and Russia the unholy trinity is being defeated.

    The Khomeinei and the mullahs were sent into Iran by the CIA and MI6 and the Mossad to place a suppression government on the people of Iran, the whole Khomeinei deal is a total fraud and a diabolical demonic lie, forced on the people of Iran.

  4. Pentagon Dragon – A Bedtime Story
    By Pentagoon Doggle

    It has been written:
    “The lunatic Rapture doctrine was invented in the 1800s as part of the Protestant “Dispensationalist” doctrine favored by fundamentalist partisans of counterfeit “Israel.” The Church had no knowledge of it before the nineteenth century.”

    Perhaps those “Protestant Dispensationalists favored by fundamentalist partisans of counterfeit “Israel” had a different type of “rapture” in mind…? What if they became today’s Pentagoons and stole hundreds of trillions of dollars over many decades, to build their ultimate Death and destruction machine: the Pentagon Dragon?

    What if, instead of assuming the “raptured” were beamed up to Paradise (or the Mothership), those fundamentalist charlatans and swindlers were talking about miraculous phenomena such as the Great California Rapture of November 8 2018, when wild forest fires surrounded the petrified inhabitants of Paradise most of whom were being instantly microwaved as they desperately tried to drive their vehicles out of town. There is no knowledge of the total number of “raptured” citizens of Paradise as the army does not do body counts, especially when there are no bodies left to count…

    The nobody’s were electrocuted, toasted, fried, spontaneously composted, conveniently incinerated and swept under the carpet bombing of forest fires, 25 years worth of chemtrail spraying and tampering with the weather to create droughts and/or floods, decades of forest mismanagement and increasing radioactivity moving inexorably from the west coast to the east coast…

    Of course, none would dare call it a holocaust…That would be automatically antisemitic or…antisemi-automa-tic and thus would harm my social credit score… And we can’t have that.

    It’s much better to send all these brave American boys and girls all the way across the world to bomb the hell out of those evil Iranian terrorists…

    Meanwhile, Al Duqdadi is sitting pretty as he and The Al Mytee SuperDuck watch the West line up their Sitting Ducks. Iranians are already talking about the coming Duck Feast of Purification calling it “The Great Satan Barbecue”. {{{smiles}}}

  5. Like practically all other top leaders of governments around the world, Trump is controlled by bankster jews.

    @ مقداد وفائی Wish everyone could see the truth of what you said. Instead the jews media, jewspapers, mass media, ensure that very few see the truth.

    Only God can fix this horrible mess.

  6. Totalitarianism is not a mysterious mutation, it is a memory and a promise to keep hope alive.
    By totalitarianism we mean the system by which apocalyptic millenarians enforce the conditions they believe will constitute the new Jerusalem(utopia) in which their sect believes.
    They do not understand the words of LIFE because they are in death because of dead scriptures.
    Those who claim the older the bible text the more authoritative it is are not Christian in any sense and only supposed. If a tree bears bad fruit cut it down and ash it.
    Euranglolanders in general will follow the lies in a shiny suit than the truth in jeans making themselves the ideal hypocrites of all time.
    Jews surely do like eating monkey brains.

  7. @ Iranian Brother:

    Iran / Persia is a wonderful country and civilization. The whole problem for Iran started when oil/gas was discovered there and when MI6 / CIA plotted the overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953. Iran has been at war with the West (Anglo-American Israeli Alliance) ever since!