The Big Green Ego Problem

Mark Windows – Windows on the World Jan 12, 2020

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2 responses to “The Big Green Ego Problem”

  1. Think of it like this, the same they own you through your birth certificate is the same way they intend to own everything including cockroaches. Everything from human agency to the solitude it can offer. This is about law and how the Bar association and local councils don’t pledge allegiance to the country its people.
    “They don’t realise we are bringing them the plague” said Freud. I believe he was talking about exceptionalism as it seems to be the lowest common denominator.
    This is sad to say but a sign of the times, I define people by their wank(excuse please) their haughtiness, if I see that it is Jew inspired it doesn’t matter of their leanings I got no time for them as time is a treasure I’m not spending on them.
    Mark just displayed the typical revolving door these monkey’s put us through. Lab rats caught in the maze of Doc Calhoun.
    NSW Australia is now flooding lol don’t these fools ever read from the great Aussie bush poets of the past who described it as the land of extremes constantly. That was over a 150yrs ago. Pro Hart depicts it in his paintings.
    A stranger on the neighboring run
    Sojourned, the squatters guest
    He was unknown to anyone
    But exquisitely dress`d
    He wore the latest toggery,
    The loudest thing in ties
    Twas generally reckoned he
    Was something in disguise.
    Last lines of the Ballad of Mabel Clare
    Henry Lawson.

  2. Now why would the government let the unemployed off their obligations last month and now this month and blame that on the fires.
    Something very strange in this because in Australia the unemployed are on a demerit system. 3 strikes you starve now this?
    Dunno y we’re not getting any answers but I’m off to give the V8 a run for Greta.