Seven Short Observations about God – Jan 16, 2020

Why do our minds shut down at the mere mention of God? Why does the word arouse such resistance?
God is the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lies, beauty and ugliness, healthy and sick, natural and unnatural. Can you still say God does not exist?

by Henry Makow PhD

1)  If you discovered a chip had been implanted in your brain to control your thinking, would you be upset?
You bet!
This has happened to us all. No chip but, just as surely, we have been programmed to reject the concept of God.
What do the mind controllers have against the Creator? Obviously the Divine Plan runs contrary to their plan to enslave humanity.
Why didn’t we question the motives of people who peddled a materialistic, mechanistic and Godless universe? Why didn’t we suspect that existentialist chic was a satanist psy-op?
Why didn’t we suspect that what passes for culture, education and entertainment is a vast mind control matrix.
2) Our concept of God is obsolete yet very few people have updated it. They discredited God by creating a farcical image of an omniscient, omnipotent old man in the sky who seems neither omniscient nor omnipotent.
They infiltrated all religions so that God’s supposed representatives on earth bring Him shame.

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10 responses to “Seven Short Observations about God”

  1. Only problem I see with this article is it doesn’t say: ALL things work together… or
    as a famous atheist once said, (Ayn Rand) “You can deny reality, but you can’t deny the
    EFFECTS of reality…” or something like that. God IS a Spirit…

  2. “Why do our minds shut down at the mere mention of God? Why does the word arouse such resistance?”

    The answer is known why people resist God. God is EGO. When someone is putting “god” on you they are asserting their ego on you, so quite naturally everyone resists unless they decide to join the god-ego group and join in the suppression of others. When some idiot Christian “witnesses” to you they are trying to get you to accept THEIR EGO AS YOUR GOD. So of course sane people resist such predatory thinking.

    “God is the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lies, beauty and ugliness, healthy and sick, natural and unnatural. Can you still say God does not exist?”

    God of the Bible doesn’t know right from wrong, makes evil the good, lies are made the truth, ugliness is the beauty in the Bible, etc. Makow’s god definitions are his own, they are not Biblical. Anyone can say god is this or that, thousands of books have done so.

    Any thinking person can figure out the Bible god is the egoic projection of the writers, a the encoding of the prejudices of those who wrote it, god was man’s creation, the bible god is obviously a mental outpicturing of the racist authors. Thus god chose the Bible writers. The Jews who wrote the Bible says god chose Jews. Translated – the Jews with supremacist mindset and huge egos choose themselves and made themselves gods.

    In the modern age writers have redefined god as unconditional love, but that is not the old testament god who is conditional love of a tyrant. The Bible god is the dominance of the unnatural over the natural – like the money system, debt, usury, etc. Our entire civilization is built on the unnatural because we adopted the unnatural Holy Bible as our code.

    Because of the perversion of the natural found in the pages of the Holy Bible, man became the only animal on the planet that has to buy land and get a permit to build shelter.

    Neale Donald Walsch is one of the big gurus of our age, he says we got god all wrong. Walsch shreds every notion about god in the bible – we got god wrong and now there is hell to pay. I say if we got god wrong then why in the hell did it take god so long to correct the mistaken ideas we had?

    My own view is that we are in a holographic hell simulation. Evil rules because in this simulated reality the program code favors evil. Thus Jews rule and dominate hell, all attempts to eliminate the Jew parasite have failed. Western civilization is now dominated by a Judeo-Christian death cult.

    The Christianization of the west was the greatest psychic coup of all time – the spiritual emasculation of men doomed the west. Hitler’s valiant effort to liberate men from the death cult failed, and now we are headed like a freight train to a world dominated by bad Jewish ideas like usury and their version of god which is making hell on the world. Makow is dead wrong about Hitler, Hitler was the west’s last chance before total absorption into the Jewish Borg Hive Mind. Jews won and now we are all spiritually dead.

    Now we are all “Jews”. We all think like Jews. Amerikans have Jewish supremacy lodged in the brains, dominate Nature, make war, make loans, charge interest, tell lies. The favorite pastime of Amerika is to blow things up. When we kill people like Soleimani, we lure the dupe into a trap, kill him with a flying robot, laugh about it – how stupid he fell for it – tell lies about the reasons why. That is 100% Jewish mindset, and we are so far gone we don’t even know what we are doing but behaving like Jews, not men.

    As far as I’m concerned, god can go to hell. Everyone is obsessed with God and there is no peace in the world because of god. God is the most useless and most evil concept that man ever invented.

  3. There is no such word as “Judeo-Christian’ YK, they are polar opposites. Judaism has nothing to do with Christianity. Let me repeat, stated in reverse: Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism – modern day Pharisaism.
    Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron. Until and unless one understands the fact that Judaism is a separate and distinct religion, which was known during the time of Christ as “the tradition of the elders,” one will forever be confused when dealing with issues related to Judaism and Christianity.

    Judaism was derived from the Talmud and not the Scriptures. Jesus Christ denounced and condemned the Jews and their “traditions of the elders” throughout the Gospels.
    In fact all of Matthew 23 is like a whip’s lash. He likened Pharisaism to a whitened sepulchre, indeed beautiful outwardly, but “ . . inside full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.”
    He climaxed one censure after another with the expletive, “Hypocrites!” He called the Pharisees, children of them that killed the Prophets. He foretold that they would go on killing, crucifying and persecuting until the guilt for all the righteous blood shed from Abel on down would be upon them and them alone.
    “Ye serpents, ye generation of Vipers how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” His words, not mine! Then in John 10:26b, speaking directly to the Jewish leaders – the Pharisees, He concludes with this: “Ye believe not, BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF MY SHEEP!” How much plainer need His words be?

    In short, Christianity and Judaism have no relation to each other WHATSOEVER . . .

  4. Thank you, dear Henry, for your poignantly thought-provoking article. I love the way you stir the pot, so that one can decide what to keep and what to skim off. Whilst reading it, I was reminded that actually the Bible which most people read is the one that’s bound in shoe leather (or bound in sandle, a flip-flop, or whatever the case may be). Thank you for your inspirations and encouragements which help remind me to be always shod as I should. (Rom.10:15; Eph.6:15)

  5. “There is no such word as “Judeo-Christian’ YK, they are polar opposites. Judaism has nothing to do with Christianity. Let me repeat, stated in reverse: Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism ”

    To prove that Christianity is a Jewish religious derivation:

    1. The Old Testament (OT) is also the Torah,the Hebrew (or Jewish books)

    “The Old Testament = the Hebrew Scriptures, also called the “Tanach” (Torah, Nevi’im = prophets, and Ketuvim = writings) by Jews. … The “Old Testament” consists of the Torah + the prophets + the Psalms and other sacred writings = the TaNaCh.”

    2. The basis of Christ is what is said in the OT or Torah. Without the OT the New Testament (NT) makes no sense. You can not have Jesus without the OT. You can not have forgiveness from sin without the OT. The NT can NOT stand alone.

    3. You can not have the need for salvation (from hell) without the OT. Sin is established in the OT. Man fell from god with original sin. Jesus came to save man from God’s wrath of eternal punishment. If you don’t have the logic of the OT then the NT makes no sense whatsoever.

    Thus the superstitions of the Jews found in the OT are carried forward in the salvation gospel of the NT. Without Adam and Eve no one needs Jesus. Without the wrathful psycho god of the Jews found in the OT you don’t need salvation.

    Now with all that said, many “Jew wise” Christians want to distance themselves from Judaism for the good reason that Judaism is pure evil. The problem is you can separate the Jew from Christianity, the two are intertwined. If you want Jews to go away you must also make Christians go away because the two are one in the same. This is well known in the truth movement:

    “Judiasm and Christianity are JOINED AT THE HIP SEAMLESSLY ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOPS OF THEIR HEADS in an inoperable Siamese twin condition. The only way you can destroy Jews and Judiasm is to destroy Christianity.” – worldchanger

    So the bottom line the struggle with the Jews starts in the hearts of the Christians, Christians must come out of the Jew spell called the Gospels. Jesus never existed, and no one needs to be save. Yahweh is fiction and sin doesn’t exist.

  6. ” The problem is you can separate the Jew from Christianity, the two are intertwined.”

    it should read : The problem is you can NOT separate the Jew from Christianity, the two are intertwined.

    If you John Kaminski’s infamous essay (Three sides of the same coin) that point is made abundantly clear.

    Worldchanger’s comment stands alone in realizing the condition in which Christians exist with Jews, you can not separate the two, which is the point of my poignant rebuttal.

    I don’t like the situation any more than any of you, I was raised Catholic and had to remove myself from the insane Jewish religion to save my own heart, mind, and soul. All of the Heeb religions have to go, they are all evil to their very core, the basis of all the Abrahamic religions is anti-man anti-life thinking.

  7. Are any of you guys up there really happy? Are you not kind of restless and forlorn with a hopeless outlook on the world, thinking you can purge out all the evil and discontent by eliminating all the bad guys out there in black hats? But perhaps it is not what is wrong with the world which matters so much, but rather what is wrong with you. You say God does not exist, or if he does the world is so screwed up that you do not want to have anything to do with him. So what does it profit you to correct all the major problems of the world and lose your own soul – which is the very starved and thirsty faculty you actually have to connect with he whom you deny even exists. If he can make you better, then why not all others for the same cure.

    If you are still reading this then know I am about the impart to you what may be your last chance to discover true peace and happiness. The Canadian-Ukrainian painter Kurelek was once very angry with God, and so he chose not to believe in him. He fancied himself a romantic, an artist, a communist, and an atheist. His mind was dark and depressed and his paintings were also very dark, gloomy and depressing. There was nothing bright in them and all his subjects all looked like they were going through hell. There was no happiness, joy or brightness. He was in hell. That is what he saw. That is what he painted. Then one day he looked at the guy on the cross he mocked, and he asked, “Why was this guy so at peace? … Was he alive or was he dead?… Is that not what I feel like doing to God if he existed? …. Is that what we did to he who claimed to be God in the flesh? ,,,, But why was he of all people such a threat? ….. …. Why at least did he not hate right back?…Why does he seem so real while I feel I am not?” . .Then a small bean of bright light shone into his little dark brain and a question came to him inviting a yes or no, … and he said yes. Subsequently, his mind exploded into multicolored joy and brightness, which his paintings reflected for the rest of his life. He simply stayed while, opened the curtain a little, and God flooded in.

  8. Yes, stirring the pot is a good way to put it! Trying to define God here; best lil old me could do is: intelligent electricity in an infinite sized server, and we’re all lil ole PC’s with OS running. You know, the computer (s) that couldn’t even be conceived of a couple decades
    ago. He definitely shocked this monkey!

  9. yukon jack – you mistake hebrew for judaism. that is incorrect. judaism is not a religion.
    there were no jews in Christ’s time. one other point – israelis are not jews. israel refers to jacob whose name was changed to israel. the house of israel refers to his family – read the bible. it is a veritable history book.

  10. The difference between us at the moment of our death YK, is that I at least have some hope – albeit at best small according to you. On the other hand, you have NONE!