Project Veritas Exposes Bernie Sander’s Campaign Staffer

Project Veritas – Jan 15, 2020

4 responses to “Project Veritas Exposes Bernie Sander’s Campaign Staffer”

  1. He like, talks, like…like, a fucking opportunist, moron. Go figure, ‘cuz, like, this opportunist fucking moron, is like, campaigning for like, a fucking communist Jew.

  2. The monkey’s reject now we are stuck with him.
    Rockefellers education initiative showing the accumulation of the decades in this piece of trash.

  3. This Jewish gentleman says nothing new. This is their plan. Nowadays the global agenda is implemented by George Soros and Koch brothers.

  4. How STUPID/MORONIC is “Kyle Jurek? Well, I will be Diplomatic and just say he is BRAINDEAD. This is the CLASSIC STALINIST USEFUL IDIOT. He will be the first to be executed (when the Soviets decide to make their move) or if he is lucky he may finish up in a Soviet-Style Gulag and be beaten to death while he mouths Stalinist platitudes and the benefits of a Communist System. The shameful hypocrisy of this guy and he is a field organizer for the MINI- Me neo Stalinist BERNIE baba, Sanders. Recently saw a debate between Democrats running as potential candidates for the upcoming presidential election. What an eye-opener, did you see the duel between Bernie (slime bag Sanders) and the woman with the eyeglasses and South Park Voice – I forgot her name as she nearly put me to sleep. But there was that unexpected AHA moment when she calls out Bernie for LYING. Bernie turned into instant Jello. She exposed him to the Lying fraud that he is ( read Bernie you have NO BALLS) and this Guy wants to be PRESIDENT? Well, I will settle (vote) for BUGS BUNNY, at least I will be entertained by a rabbit and not by a Stalinist nut case (Psychopath). Now back to Kyle Jurek (slimeball) crypto Stalinist. This A…hole is being paid good money (capitalism) for promoting Baba Bernie Sanders and pushing communist agitprop (horseshit) to an American public. Talk about living in a REALITY SHOW. Welcome to the Asylum of the BRAINDEAD.