Ted Heath And The London Peadophile Meat Rack – Ex-Cop Jon Wedger

Shaun Attwood – YouTube Jan 15, 2020

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7 responses to “Ted Heath And The London Peadophile Meat Rack – Ex-Cop Jon Wedger”

  1. It was Tony Blair who D noticed Operation Ore The Nene report and the Longford papers
    all of which linked homosexuality to Pedophilia.
    The Nene report documented abuse of young boys in London area care homes
    the UK Column described this homosexual abuse as on ” an industrial scale”
    It was Tony Blairs New labour which under the 3 jeweses Patricia Hewitt Harriet Harman and Margaret Hodge who gave pubic money to PIE and paid for horrible queer mags with centre fold pics of under age boys.
    This and the iraq war was the main reasons for the recent failure at the polls

  2. It’s PAEDO not PEADO

  3. You can also add the fact that corbyn continually turned a blind eye to all the child sex abuse going on in Islington children’s homes while margaret Hodge actively worked to cover it all up. How Harriet Harman is still there is unbelievable as her role in all this was overt unlike Hodge and corbyn. Harman is related to to the queen surprise surprise and also David Cameron,so no doubt they’ve all got each others backs.

  4. U.S. spelling vs English spelling.

  5. regarding peado Vs paedo; these sick buggerers are actually pederasts.

  6. its funny how weirdos will move the goal posts any way they can
    the argument is not now about sodomising our kids its about spelling contests

  7. I think child abuse has been normalised & like Brexit & antisemitism, the sheeple is bored stiff and totally disinterested. Look how the fake news media and the Queen are bringing Prince Andrew back into the realms of normality. Our corrupt elite doesn’t care about society, so why should they care about children?