GROOMING: Britain First confronts Greater Manchester Police

Paul Golding – YouTube Jan 16, 2020

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  1. Fabulous fabulous, i come from a police family, and the powers that be tried everything to silence this scandal.
    A petition with 3 million signatures gained in just under 3 weeks
    to send back to country of origin any migrant offenders of serious crime was ignored by government.
    The Met police say there are 250 foreign gangs working the greater london area
    The police tackled gun crime
    so the crims got knives
    The police tackled knife crime
    so the crims got attack dogs
    The police brought in the dangerous dogs act
    so the crims went and learnt karate kung fu etc
    The police then armed themselves with disabling sprays and electric stun guns
    what is next why dont police get to the heart of this and get the black gangs who are already threatening more london summer riots.


    As W W 2 looked increasingly likely in the 1930s, the Synagogues put out the
    message for all jews to get into anything to do with war supplies, Winston Churchill and Herbert Morrison
    the Home Office minister and minister for provisions, made sure everything came from jewish suppliers.
    Lord Lindeman, the cut out man between Rothschild and Churchill, said on Jewish news,
    quote ” This is one very good business opportunity for us all”
    Herbert Morrison was Peter Mandlesons grandfather, Aleister Crowley Churchills freind
    and fellow 33rd degree mason, said of Morrison “he is so bent he cant even piss straight”
    When our menfolk were fighting W W 2 the jews in the UK went to jewish doctors and got signed
    off war service with petty things like flat feet short sight and occasional severe headaches.
    This left the country at the mercy of swathes of jewish men.
    London suffered very badly with these gangs, the Kray twins took over from Peter Rachman
    who took over from Jack “spot” Comer and Billy Hill, until recently organised crime gangs were jewish and supported by Mossad.
    Similarly in Northern Ireland drugs like ectasy tablets etc came in by the thousand from Mossad to be sold by the Para-Militaries to raise money to buy israeli guns and exposives.
    Master criminal Mad Frankie Fraser said in a TV interview that during the wartime blackout,
    the jewish gangs would go out at night to the shops and businesses who refused to pay them protection money, and rob them then set them on fire, they would then say it was caused by a stray German bomb.
    Churchill himself used this excuse when he had the British Geneology centre burnt down with its births and deaths documents going back centuries, this was so that later he could claim that there were always people of colour here when they only started coming in after w w 2.
    Houses and businesses were burgled, and the contents would be sold in London’s Petticoat Lane
    an area well known for fencing stolen goods.
    Black marketeers con men spivs fences and forged food coupon sellers, all jews and all operating in london, the expression “oh what a lovely war” was heard on many jewish lips.
    The soldiers away fighting, did not get their pay regularly, and many wives at home got into debt
    with the jewish moneylenders, the jews forced them to sign away their homes, many were forced into prostitution for the jews, and any who ran away had their faces slashed, this was why the jews were called
    ” Razor gangs”, the Edgware Rd in London was where many teenage and even underage girls were forced to perform sexually for the jew, these girls were known as “shiksa trade” and a lot of money was made from the USA servicemen over here.
    So the Muslim gangs who were recently exposed as raping hundreds of young kids is nothing new,
    and our government let both cases go on and on.
    The broadcaster William Joyce had his face slashed for speaking out about wartime jewish crime.
    I remember as a small boy my mothers small parlour in Londons East End would have the neighbours
    all cram in to hear William Joyce broadcasts, because British soldiers would call the BBC ” Bullshit time”
    and as the war ended, people would say its over and we won, we did not win
    we lost big time, but the jews all made fortunes, and they were all able to move to upmarket homes away
    from East London to Ilford Barkingside and Chigwell.
    One can read online about the Battle of Cable street, , i watched it from my window and the truth was very different.
    There was more fear in London of the jewish gangs than of Hitler, Oswald Mosely was a British Patriot and such a skilled politician that the Jews asked him to lead both UK political parties, but he refused.
    Oswald Mosely set up the Blackshirts, men easily recognisable who could be called on for help,
    these men old or very young, as our strong healthy men were away fighting to get Germany away from Hitler and back under jewish control, these brave men would stand guard outside shops and homes during the nights of the blackout to protect them, this was what caused the jews communists and racist types
    to fight the English families in Cable st.

  3. “no name age 82” – THANK YOU. We’re told so many lies by those that would destroy this once great country – (((politicians))), the (((press))), the corrupt (((pole-lice [police] ))) – that it’s good to hear some TRUTH at last from someone who lived through it.

    Every “British” politician is either a jew or a jew-enabler, and by refusing to do anything about criminal gangs, the politicians and their enforcers are complicit in their crimes. In fact, I strongly suspect they organise many of these gangs, be they jews, moslem rapists or just career criminals.

    Enoch Powell was right. Sooner or later we’ll be forced to defend ourselves and our country from imported criminals and their jew enablers and protectors. It won’t be pretty, and we’d all prefer to find a peaceful alternative, but those that make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

    What else can a Nation (our people) do when our survival is at stake?

  4. Moseleys nickname was purportedly….”the sheikh” on account of his semitic appearance.
    So….Moseley was a fulfillment of Lenins dictum….”the best way to control your opposition is to run it…..he was almost certainly a crypto jew.

    It is known that Churchill was a jew via his American Jewish mother….MORRISON was also a jew,infact Morrison is a common Jewish surname….

    On close examination you’ll find that most British war time figures were crypto Jews.Bomber Harris most definitely (Harris is usually a Jewish name….for example Rolf Harris….)
    Most likely the strange flight of the top Nazi….to Britain resulted in the German running into these English crypto establishment Jews….it must have then dawned on him that the Jews were running both sides..

  5. @Norman hodge. It was good right up until you mentioned “Black”. I case you’ve FORGOT It was YOUR PEOPLE who TERRORIZED other cultures 1st. Chickens just “coming home to roast”. BTW, Being Middle eastern AIN’T black. Their a product of YOUR PEOPLE’S breeding/rapping the locals. OWN IT!

  6. I was at many Oswald Mosely rallies
    i saw and i knew many men who were handed out the old big white £5 notes
    to disrupt upset and cause mayhem, so the police would have to disband them.
    The ex Hells Angel known as ” Buttons” said the hooligans for hire as they were called in the newspapers of the time, were Peter Rachmans heavies, pub bouncers wrestlers and imported in communist and racist types paid to cause trouble.
    see mosely in action
    oswald mosley racialism

  7. oswald mosley racialism
    sorry it did not come out try this one

  8. ”If you shut up TRUTH and bury it under the ground,… will but grow,……..and gather to itself such explosive POWER ………that the day it bursts will blow up everything in its path” EMILE ZOLA. I believe that this day is coming very soon…We all have a part to play in this moment…Shit becomes so foul that it eventually crumbles under it’s own corruption

  9. Britain – “No Country Fit For Children”

    A Satanic ShitHole if ever there was one.

  10. That pissant cop broke the Unitroid treaty of 72 right from the get go as he needed the barrier of perspect he coward behind. Here in Australia we call them the Bradstreet boys the official company name registered in Virginia US? It could be the same there in England.
    Life 101 you don’t piss people off to this extent because you let foreigners kill, maim,rape, steal and expect to hide behind a barrier while threatening to do more of the same. Life catches up with you. Something in that pigs voice told me he really didn’t believe what he was saying especially calling the bloke a racist he just rattled it off without thinking like a program.
    We can all be accused of that but when it involves crimes of murder repeatedly something isn’t balanced and will eventually right itself.
    Great vid thanks great comments.

  11. @ Realist,

    Thankyou for those few, kind words.