UK University Says Complaining About Everything Becoming a Race Issue is Racist Microaggression

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News Jan 15, 2020

The University of Sheffield in the UK is to pay its own students to patrol thought crimes, one of which is the common complaint that everything is becoming a race issue, which the university considers to be a racist microaggression.

Checkmate, bigots.

“A university is to hire 20 of its own students to challenge language on campus that could be seen as racist,” reports the BBC. “The University of Sheffield is to pay students to tackle so-called “microaggressions” – which it describes as “subtle but offensive comments.”

According to the university, examples of these microaggressions include;

– “Stop making everything a race issue”
– “Why are you searching for things to be offended about?”
– “Where are you really from?”
– “I don’t want to hear about your holiday to South Africa. It’s nowhere near where I’m from”
– “Being compared to black celebrities that I look nothing like”

In other words, pointing out that people play the race card to avoid having to defend their opinions and that ‘offense’ culture is out of control is now itself a subtle form of racism.

You’ve got to hand it to them; Not only have they seized control of language, they’ve also banned your ability to question why they’re doing so.

“Sheffield University is paying students to spy on their peers and report any “microaggressions,” comments Andrew Doyle. “One example they give is “Why are you searching for things to be offended about?” Given this sinister Stasi-like initiative, that’s a very good question.

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4 responses to “UK University Says Complaining About Everything Becoming a Race Issue is Racist Microaggression”

    My family moved to the UK in the 60s we see ourselves as British.
    This idea that migrants are necessary to the economy,
    is in itself another “ dodgy dossier”
    The migrants come in to work for 10 months of the year, then like the Irish used to on the “lump schemes” they go home and claim back all the taxes they paid all year,
    They then come back often with a different name and passport, because many borrowed heavily on credit cards, and claimed for non existent children.
    ( Norfolk police bulletins)
    Those of us who work in Social Security, see the effects on our own people,
    who are left on one side while they bring in so called “cheap Labour,”
    that often turns out to be not so cheap,
    College students who would work in the fields in droves during the summer break now run up huge amounts of debt, they may never repay, because the jobs they were trained for, are just not there, many single mum’s who would do a few weeks in the fine weather cant get the work either, and some places have a “no English rule”
    Bernard Matthews of turkey cruelty fame, advertises for workers, not in Cambs or Norfolk, but in Poland, Portugal Eastern Europe, and even in Sierre Leone.
    One Russian millionaire friend of Tony Blair and Gorgeous Gordon, is also a gang-master who supplies labour to East Anglian farms and factories, he puts 30 people to a house, they pay rent, for food, utilities, overalls, insurance, and transport to work, and finish up with around 30 quid each week, while this gang-master now owns 80 houses, not bad for a man who came here 15 years ago, and he is just one, I could name several.
    The cockle pickers who died drew attention to something the government tries to hide,
    the “illegals” and the fact that over the last 7 years the true population figures have doubled, this means hospitals cant cope, welfare cant cope, police cant cope, and the infrastructure cant cope, meaning the drains and sewers overfilled during the floods and many homes were destroyed.
    Operation Radium, the recent police initiative over 3 counties, closed 119 brothels
    staffed in the main by women and young boys, who thought they were coming to Britain to work in hotels and hospitals, and were forced into this awful trade.
    (see police gazette)
    The freedom of information act means much that our government would hide from us, we can now see, and the sheer numbers of our own people on benefits, is hidden from us
    with phrases like; “ the British don’t want these jobs”
    When the Kings lynn hospital cried out for more nurses, the Fairstead young mothers assoc who are 500 yards down the road, said they could supply 75 trainees if a crèche was supplied, they were refused in favour of nurses from Africa,
    some of whom could not speak English and some tested AIDs positive.
    Russian T B is highly contagious and an incurable killer, we are seeing it now in our hospitals across the area, and the government scared of the truth blames it on badgers.
    ( Dr Harrison, February speech to thoracic unit Norwich hospital )
    The government claims massive benefit fraud occurs each year, yet most theft is committed by the government, they make the forms so difficult that 5 billion pounds go unclaimed by British citizens, and over the winter many die of hypothermia, yet foreign nationals have solicitors paid by government to see they get all they can, and even the C A B have paid advisors, to help foreign migrants and homosexuals to claim, this is Government racism at its worst,
    and this exact scenario, was predicted by a British politician who was due to be our next prime minister, but Edward Heath, demoted him to the back benches and gave him the kiss of death, a Northern Ireland post , he died in obscurity some time later.
    ( house of commons internal papers)
    Enoch Powell.

  2. N Patel,

    “My family moved to the UK in the 60s we see ourselves as British.”
    I’m sure you do, as do the rest of the non white migrants into the UK over the years, but sadly, you are denying the British their identity by choosing to be British. Ironically, it is you, not the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh who are the real racists.

    You disagree?
    Let me explain:

    A nation is its people, not the land that they live in, although that land, has taken the name of the nation who live there. The definition in the Black’s Law Dictionary, which incidentally used to be ALL dictionary definitions (until they were changed courtesy of political correctness) is as follows:

    “What is NATION?
    A people, or aggregation of men, existing in the form of an organized jural society, inhabiting a distinct portion of the earth, speaking the same language, using the same customs, possessing historic continuity, and distinguished from other like groups by their racial origin and characteristics, and generally, but not necessarily, living under the same government and sovereignty.”


    You and I do not share common language (English is not your language. Patel suggests Gujarat and thus Gujarati or Hindi), nor customs, nor historic continuity, nor racial origin and characteristics. The British were an occupying force in your land and because they were does not make the people’s they have authority over of them. This is the biggest lie, ever told. You may have been subjects of the British Empire, or should I state, chattel, but you were never, nor will ever be British, in any way, shape or form.

    If I were to take a pear and plant the seeds into the ground, in the middle of an apple orchard, when that tree grew, would it automatically become an apple tree (relating to your parents coming to the UK, applying for residency and attaining a British passport)? When that pear tree bore fruit, would they be pears or apples (relating to the offspring of aliens, who come to the UK)?
    Of course not, the pear tree will always be a pear tree and the fruit always pears, regardless where it may reside. We can state the same for dogs or any other species on this earth, from any of the kingdoms of life. However, for some, obscure reason, anyone, from anywhere can move to the UK and become British? Britain is made up of the collective nations of the Scots, the Northern Irish, the English and the Welsh. Therefore, unless you share, racial continuity with these peoples, then you cannot classify yourself as of their nation and ergo, British.

    However, as for the rest of your comment I do agree. You are a knowledgeable guest in my land and I respect that you have the knowledge you do, on why the UK is the way it is, however, I am reminded of the saying “people who live in glasshouses, shouldn’t throw stones” and you are living in a glasshouse, throwing stones as an immigrant yourself.
    Your parents came to the UK because they could make far more money here, than in India. Therefore they and yourself, can take no moral high ground in this debate castigating others. Your parents led the way, to what is now a mass immigration crisis, which will see our land overpopulated by peoples from your subcontinent of India.

    I do hope that Rixon publishes this reply as there is no hatred promoting whatsoever. I am simply a Scot, with British ancestry (and Norwegian) who sees that the very reason they promote the ‘anyone can be British’ rubbish, is in order to destroy the very nations that exist within Britain. This is the agenda.
    It doesn’t matter whether there are people in the UK, like N Patel, who promote the way of life in the UK and respect their cultures or the complete opposite of N Patel. What’s happening with both is that they’re here and younger generations, growing up in schools, as the clear minorities, see people not of their nation AS people of their nation, courtesy of social and academic indoctrination to do so. There is, laughably a page of Wikipedia that promotes ‘Black English’ actors, itself and oxymoron, unless, of course, your E Michael Jones, who insanely believes that a Nigerian, can move to Poland and if he’s Catholic and speaks Polish, he’s Polish.

    The reality is simple and that is, you are either of the nations of the UK, to be classified as British, or you are not British, regardless if you’re first, second, third, fourth or even fifth generation of immigrants.

  3. Tough words you wrote, Harbinger, the truth nevertheless. We could never, ever, silence a voice like you to prevent hurting someone else feelings. And I’m not saying I don’t care about you, N. Patel. But free speech in politics, academy and journalism is essential, it’s the civilized way. The other way is physical violence. As the hypocritical Jew would say, if you don’t like what is being broadcasted, just change the channel.

    I see Globalism as the opposition to what I believe, a sovereign National State, which necessarily includes a sovereign currency and the end of Jewish public debt scam, worldwide. What about the nation’s people? At least they must speak the same language and share the same culture, including possible sub-cultures as well. Some nations have one particular racial character, good for them. Other nations have more than one racial character, all co-patriots nonetheless. When is the non-speaking alien admissible? It’s when the foreign alien is doing tourism, studying, doing some kind of cooperation among National States, etc. Why give him citizenship and permanent residence so easily? F**k that!

    That said I don’t have sympathy for this mass desertion of young males. They left their people, their country and family behind, what kind of selfish animal does that? If there is something going wrong fight it in your local reality as a man. God choose where one is born, respect that or be a forever alien. The Talmudic Jew is a special case because he is a forever alien wherever he is, except when in Israel (sic); he will never be a co-patriot even if he speaks the local language fluently. Actually, we know he is just a willingly Trojan horse at the service of International Jewry. Guess who is behind government policies to welcome rapefuges?

    With the Jewish media pushing multi-racial couples, particularly a black male and a white girl (white guilt is quite effective here), after the third alien generation the babies will probably be half British, half German or half French. The Globalists love when the nationality is diluted, that is when the Babel Tower starts…

  4. I think the top two post demonstrate two people being brave in different ways. As a native Englishman I’ve seen the erosion of my own sense of community while at the same time coming to terms with individual people from different races not being bad in themselves. This is a very difficult circle to square. Especially when some sort of remedy or/and fresh perspective demands that the human rights, in their truest and most original sense, are respected of non indigenous people, while the right of we the indigenous people to carve out our own destiny continue to be trampled upon.

    I’ve seen my own town of Smethwick transformed from a fantastic little place to live into an area where there are lines of clear ethnic differentiation. There are places where I am a foreigner in the land my ancestors have lived in for 1500 years. (Yes White folks have been utter bastards; including The East India Company.) Most people want to live amongst their own kind. Which beg a certain question doesn’t it ?

    I believe genetics are destiny. The native British are usually the intelligent appliers of physical action to transform the land and make stuff. We typically aren’t politicians, middlemen or landlords. Leaving aside the characteristics of Black folk and just focusing on Asian people: the latter are very savvy at navigating legal and financial issues. But a sustainable civilisation requires people to “do stuff” not just act as middlemen. Britain has never realised that our greatness was built on engineering and farming innovation together with an increasing sense of needing to distribute wealth fairly and uphold common law. Individuals extraneous to the native population may applaud and contribute to this, but the qualities that make Britain Britain stem from our European ancestry. You can’t sustain British society with just middlemen…

    Looking ahead I nevertheless believe we live in a globalised world we whether we like it or not. A reconciliation of views the top two posters may only be possible in when there has been a radical change of banking and finance that through natural forces inhibits demographic tsunamis. The West has, and does exploit the Third World. Nationalist sentiment typically ignores this, basing policy on Britain as an island. No man is an island and paradoxically no island is an island 🙂 There’s no reason that Britain can’t take a leading role in promoting genuine fair play on the world stage and thereby encourage people to be tourists rather than unwelcome long staying guests.