Prosecute officers, says Greater Manchester abuse whistleblower

Amy Walker – The Guardian Jan 14, 2020

Senior police officers should be prosecuted for mishandling a Greater Manchester sexual abuse scandal that resulted in most offenders getting away with their crimes, a whistleblower has said.

Margret Oliver. Click to enlarge

Margaret Oliver, a former detective constable who led Greater Manchester police’s investigation into child sexual exploitation, said the force had spent years trying to cover up its failures.

The Guardian revealed on Tuesday that up to 52 children may have been victims of the sexual abuse ring. Operation Augusta was shut down prematurely partly because senior officers had prioritised solving burglaries and car crime.

Some of the officers involved when the investigation was launched in 2004 are still serving, and the findings have now been passed on to the Independent Office for Police Conduct to decide if there was any wrongdoing.

“I can’t be more critical of what they did. Accountability is the answer, consequences for those failures, changes in the law to ensure that they can be charged with gross misconduct,” said Oliver.

“Based on [GMP’s] track record I don’t have any faith that they will do anything unless they are forced kicking and screaming to do it.”

Oliver resigned from the force after 15 years in October 2012. She had also worked on Operation Span, an investigation into reports of grooming in Rochdale. She later went public with claims that allegations of rape and sexual abuse were not being recorded by police.

Although she said she felt vindicated by the publication of the report, because it “officially acknowledged” the validity of her concerns, she added that ultimately greater action was needed to right the wrongs of the past.

“It’s very easy to talk the talk, what we need is action and not just from GMP, this is a national issue,” said Oliver. “This needs to come from the top of government, they need to be forced to address it properly.”

“Multiple rapes of vulnerable young children – 11- and 12-year-olds – deserve action and those who should take that action are senior police officers.”

The original investigation was launched following the death of 15-year-old Victoria Agoglia, who died from an overdose in 2003 after being injected with heroin by a 50-year-old man.

In an emotional statement on Tuesday, Victoria’s grandmother, Joan Agoglia, said the publication of the report was “wonderful, as I’ve been fighting for this all my life it seems” but emphasised the extent to which authorities had not taken concerns raised about the girl’s wellbeing seriously.

“Vicky told me about what this man had done to her. She was so bruised underneath her private parts, you couldn’t believe it. She told me that she had been beaten,” said Agoglia.

Although the operation was shut down in July 2005 because of a lack of resources, Oliver claimed the force viewed the girls as an “underclass”, adding that “these weren’t the chief constable’s daughters”.

The Greater Manchester mayor, Andy Burnham, who commissioned the review, said he had raised the findings of an inquest into Victoria’s death with the attorney general because he felt “uncomfortable” that they did not raise failures of authorities to safeguard her.

Assistant chief constable Mabs Hussain, the head of specialist crime for GMP, said: “We have made a voluntary referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct so that they can carry out an independent assessment to determine if there are any conduct matters that should be investigated.”

“Of course back in early 2000s, the priorities for forces across the UK were very different. This has completely changed and today safeguarding the vulnerable is our absolute priority.”


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  1. 2020 is going to be the year of revelation. Senior police officers are known to be in thrall to Masons and have subverted justice for a century. Sit back and enjoy the ride as the curtain is pulled wide open.

  2. “Overlooked due to a lack of resources” my a**e!

    The pole-lice are nothing but zog’s enforcers. They do what they’re told, targeting victims as if they are the criminals while actively protecting the perpetrators. They knew what they were doing then, and they’re still doing it now, today. Perverts of all kinds are protected, even from the mildest of criticism, while anyone who dares to tell the truth is penalised.

    There is no longer any law in this country. The criminals that have usurped control do exactly what they want, and their out-of-control enforcers provide the muscle.

    Decent people and victims of crime are harassed, intimidated, arrested, while the real criminals not only go free, but are often rewarded in various ways for assisting in zog’s “work” of destroying what was once our country.

  3. This kind of abuse IS STILL GOING ON IN ROCHDALE, young girls are still being picked up by Asian taxi drivers. One can see it every night outside the Asian mini market on Oldham Rd opposite Balderstone church. The police have been informed on numerous occasions but it is still being ignored and swept under the carpet.

  4. Activisor

    Fingers crossed!!

  5. This is a fantastically easy problem to solve: the dimwit “officers” in charge, whom doesn’t even know what the mandate for their “office” is, are bonded, something to the tune of £3,000,000. A simple administrativ. Process (3 mailings), billing the assurance company (the munisipal insurance underwriter), the town, the cop-shop(yes, all cop shops are private businesses) and the cop him/her self, addressed in this order, for the damages of their incompetent neglect and file suit for the bond, in high court. This will get the wheels turning REAL FAST, REAL QUICK. The insurance underwriter is found in the munisipal budget. If they try to refuse disseminate the information, that’s criminal concealment right there. Also, if the public servants insurance bond/police is refused, then they are operating in commerce with-out insurance, BIG FRAUD CHARGE WAITING!

  6. If the police don’t stop this I wouldn’t be surprised if a vigilante group took action.

    Multiculturalism has been preached to us for 50 years. It doesn’t work. Towns like Oldham and Rochdale have been invaded by an alien culture, and nobody asked for the people’s permission. It now seems the liberal attitude to minorities is more important than the lives of young girls. It has to end, and the longer it is allowed to go on the worse will be the backlash.

    Things are changing. Brexit was only the latest manifestation of a swing away from the elites who live in safety and comfort while claiming to represent the ordinary people who feel their country has been ruined by mass immigration.

  7. Margaret Oliver your life is in DANGER. You have no idea of the dark powers you are dealing with in exposing Freemasonic Jewish Kabalism. They will kill you without blinking an eye – make yourself scarce – trust me on this!!

  8. Interestingly, I remember when the English press reported way back in February 1998, that the leaders of Britain’s Freemasons had been ordered to lift the cloak of secrecy surrounding their organizations and name members involved in infiltrating and corrupting the police force there. Unsurprisingly, nothing has been heard since.
    This would account for the fact that there are around 340,000 Freemasons in England and Wales alone, where their considerable influence reaches even into the British Royals. In fact, of all the professions, the law enforcement and intelligence community, have the highest percentage of members who are Freemasons.
    This is no coincidence as Freemasonry intentionally seeks out new recruits that can be the most useful for its specific purposes. Unfortunately organized crime and the occult has long been aware of this, and the more sophisticated criminals and adepts have ever used the cloak of Freemasonry especially, in their continual attempts to corrupt the justice system and to gain the ultimate “edge.”
    “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations.” Ronayne Handbook of Masonry, page 183.

    Continual sexual abuse and murder of children, together with the ever-increasing incidents of Pedophilia around the world, all point to the involvement of a highly organized NETWORK of elitist, pro-establishment type criminals who are at the apex of principally the law enforcement, judicial and political systems. This has been proven time and time again and is THE reason why Pedophilia will never be totally eradicated.

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